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  1. @Al_4_ISU I do not like you. I had to leave yesterday. I’m already miserable being back. I was in Jackson for three weeks. The good news is I didn’t catch the Rona on the flight up. Fingers crossed for the return leg.
  2. The best part of wearing a mask is no one can tell if I have a booger in my nose. Also, some women look surprisingly more attractive or exotic in a mask. Or I could just be getting more desperate.
  3. I'd recommend Jackson Hole. Real estate over $3mm is moving right now and everyone is wearing masks. It is the time to buy!
  4. I’m getting in early to complain about state income tax.
  5. Anyone made a fake immunity passport yet?
  6. My friend who works as a PA at the medical center says it has taken some people ~7 weeks to start testing negative. This seems believable based on my own personal experience. It took my Grandad over a month to test negative. Testing only does so much because the transmission rate for people who never show symptoms (asymptomatic) is very low. But people who are positive and “pre-symptomatic” have a very high transmission rate. It’s impossible to know the difference in the early stages and testing won’t catch it. Especially if tests take a week plus to supply results. This virus is a bitch.
  7. This will be interesting to see. I know if there is CFB this year I will not be attending any games in person. At least COVID is making things equitable in my house. I don't think they were able to film any new seasons of the bachelor(ette).
  8. The inn is closed. Old faithful is still operating though.
  9. Those folks in LA county need to mask up.
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