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  1. Lucky. I am still waiting for my BMW to stop working so I can by a 3.
  2. At this point I’ll only lease a BMW. Just took my wife’s X3M in for yearly service and didn’t have to pay a dime. I realize it’s only a year old but there was one warranty item that was fixed and the oil changes are included. It’s nice knowing that my only cost is the lease payment and insurance premium barring some at fault accident. Also, I cannot recommend leasing a loaner vehicle from BMW enough. BMW does not title their fleet so they are considered new and don’t take a residual hit. I was able to get 15% off sticker and then BMW loyalty cash which brought my payment sub $500 with no money down except TT&L.
  3. Hopefully you can browse surly on the screen while you are shredding calories.
  4. There is a damn Ring Alert for every "suspicious" looking car.
  5. My FIL bought the MIL a new G550. I don't have any photos yet but the thing is built like a tank. I cannot wait to take that thing up to the water line. Living in Houston I should not have to wait too long.
  6. It is the Surly way. My anniversary is right before Christmas so the expensive "surprise" gift is saved for that and it is usually jewelry or a purse. This year its opal earrings and matching necklace since I was in Sydney for a few days last month. My wife does not get me any gifts for Christmas. We share finances and the only credit cards she uses are the ones she is the authorized user on (her choice, not mine). That makes it difficult to make any purchases that the other would not know about. We shop deals so when we see something we want that is discounted we just get it then.
  7. My flight to Vegas in March says it is a 737 Max 9. Looks like I'll be gambling before I even arrive.
  8. As far as I am concerned the CEO of Peloton is a genius. Sales lagging? Do the counterintuitive! Increase price, increase margin, and sell a shit ton of these bikes with a recurring subscription which wall street loves. I saw a sprinter van in the neighborhood with about a dozen of those bikes inside yesterday. Somebodies wife on my street must be fat.
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