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Awful horrible bad shit is happening in the USA right now, if you are afraid of your fucking feelings getting hurt this isn't the website for you. ×


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  1. Don't you remember the t-shirt aggy from TOS that tore down his own fence because of the neighbor's porch light? They are fucked up too...
  2. Anyone ever figure out why Cale Gundy doesn't have eyebrows?
  3. For me, wife, and kids: $0 Premiums $35 copay for office visits, $100 for ER $600 deductible per person, $1200 max per family (out of network is $1200/$2400) $0 for generic drugs, 33% of actual cost on namebrand No annual or lifetime limits on coverage. Last I heard this coverage costs my company about $2200/mo, per family... (I think that was for 2019 though)
  4. Huh? Do explain. If they were spotted a touchdown then the last game would have been 27-31.... Advantage aggy.
  5. So the glory hole cams in the bathrooms are going to be turned into surveillance cameras?
  6. JMFP

    Trevone Boykin to TDCJ

    Yeah but still better than aggy cheerleaders...
  7. By hitting the back of Southaustin's mom's head?
  8. JMFP

    Saban and Bama

    Well Bob Stoops and Art Briles certainly agree...
  9. Dru Brown was a grad transfer from Hawaii... He's out of eligibility now.
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