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  1. And Dez Bryant got suspensed for a year just becuase he knew Deion...
  2. El Brazo is too fabulous not to have his own river...
  3. Well, shit.... Rumor is ACL... https://kfor.com/2019/10/31/osu-wide-receiver-tylan-wallace-injured-in-practice/
  4. JMFP

    Fire Tom Herman

    Would make things more interesting.
  5. JMFP

    Fire Tom Herman

    No, I think if they were only giving up 12 points a game that would mean the defensive players would have bought into the system and would listen to their coach. But that isn't what happened. If Texas was giving up only 12 points a game this thread wouldn't exist, in seriousness anyway. I also think if it wasn't King Bob's brother then Riley/OU would have accepted his resignation and not paid him dick instead of firing him the next and paying out his contract. Point is Mike wasn't fired midseason just because of poor performance, other shit happened. I think some of you guys are giving Belly Tat too much credit for dumping Stoops. He fell into a lucky situation where Mike was going to have to leave. They gave him a good bye blow job by firing him instead of letting him resign and then by denying any rumors of the fight.
  6. JMFP

    Fire Tom Herman

    Mike Stoops got fired midseason because he got in a fight in the locker room with a player. I don't think Riley would have let him go at that time otherwise. I think you guys are giving Riley too much credit for having nuts big enough to fire King Bob's brother... And even if the fight with Bolton was all bullshit, Mike Stoops tried to resign but Riley fired him instead so the school would pay out is contract. It worked out pretty well for Riley but the notion that he fired Stoops just because he ran a shitty defense is not really what happened. https://www.news9.com/story/39246368/mike-stoops-out-as-defensive-coordinator-for-ou
  7. Isn't the $60/year just for espn+ ? I haven't dug into it too much but I thought espn+ subscription just got espn+ content and not all of espn? My bitch about streaming is that I like switching over at commercials and halftimes to check in on other games. It's been a huge PITA in my limited streaming expierence doing that....
  8. If boosters are willing to pay a player's tuition then that defeats the scholarship limit rule. Schools could oversign and then be bailed out by boosters...
  9. Sorry to go off topic but... Holy shit they have a Chad Briscoe on secrant! https://www.secrant.com/rant/sec-football/just-want-yall-in-formed-i-relapsed-for-sec/86070299/
  10. JMFP

    XFL: The sequel

    Wasn't it already stated they won't take felons? Edit - maybe he wasn't actually convicted? I don't remember...
  11. https://totalfratmove.com/alabama-football-is-the-best-car-dealership-in-the-country/
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