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  1. I’m not concerned with your sympathy towards someone with $50 million+. I’m more concerned with how this works. First, who determines what someone is worth? This is a massive job and much different than calculating income, and much less accurate. And in this situation would have to be done every year. And as I said, not everyone is spinning off the liquidity needed to pay this. Different than an estate tax where the person is no longer here and can be planned for years. This would trigger a big sell off of assets each year for liquidity. And I’m wondering who the buyers
  2. Who is going to do all these valuations for personal financial statements? Its not Forbes saying this guy is worth this. I would think that most people "worth" $50 million + have a significant portion of their wealth tied up in private companies or equipment or property. And a lot of them are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them. Not what some auditor decides they are worth. Not all of those assets are just producing an excess of $1 million per year. There will be a good bit of debt taken on to pay those taxes, not that anyone here cares.
  3. Definitely would like advice on ROTR. We are going 4 days over SB. My park reservations as of now are.. Monday - MK Tuesday - Hollywood Studios Wednesday - MK We have park hopper, so figured we'd hit Animal Kingdom either Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon. Epcot may or may not be a part of this trip. Good advice on the Uber Thursday we are meeting friends at Universal.
  4. We are going in a month. Spring Break. I had the fast pass thing down, but how do things work now? Do you book rides/attractions the morning of?
  5. Arkansas staff is a complete crapshoot right now and impossible to say who is good or bad. Have two guys (Conner Noland and Patrick Wicklander) who were true freshman weekend starters on a CWS team two years ago. Both have regressed and struggled to find a role on this team (probably will start as long relief), so there aren't a lot of experienced arms. Palette, the starter last night, has been very impressive in the fall and spring practices, but was a freshman last year and has minimal relief appearances and never started a game in college. He appeared to have great stuff last night, bu
  6. Last night they only needed 45 min between the end of OM-TT and the start of Ark-UT, thank goodness. Don't know how they expect to come close to pulling off today's schedule unless they figure out how to prep the field and warm up quicker. Monday: 11 am: Mississippi State vs Texas Tech 2:30 pm: Ole Miss vs Texas 6 pm: Arkansas vs TCU
  7. First college start ever. We will see how he holds up second time through the order. Stuff looks great early, though.
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