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  1. Well...yeah, as the tweet says "If the XFL was as well funded as they wanted everyone to believe." That said, if they were still an active league, I think they could get the funding pretty damn quickly once CFB is gone.
  2. Just the P5 schools were paid $1.5 billion in television revenue last year, most paid by ESPN. That programming is about to be gone, and that money not paid. If the XFL could bring in top CFB talent for a season, tell me why ESPN wouldn't pay $300 million to air the games? And why wouldn't top CFB talent not play for a six to seven figures for a single season while waiting to be drafted in the spring. They wanted to play for free this year. Win, win for everyone. The tweet said Fall.
  3. So he'd play for Ohio State for free risking all that, but not the XFL for $5 million?
  4. And would be worth every penny to the XFL. If CFB was cancelled and the XFL was able to land 50 of the top CFB players at say $100 million total in contract, they would make that back easily in TV deals. ESPN would pay much more than that to replace all the CFB they are losing. Just one year deals for the players and the league. Everyone wins.
  5. If CFB is cancelled why wouldn't Justin Fields accept a 1 year $5 million deal to play in the XFL this season? Why wouldn't any player who intended to enter the draft in April? They want to play football this fall. They can't play college ball. They can't play NFL ball. That would be the only option and the XFL would've paid top dollar for access to talent they would never normally be able to get.
  6. All you have to do is read his post to understand the motivation. He is pissed about his playing time.
  7. No doubt. The infection rate for football players may actually go up if football is cancelled due to them not having an much incentive to avoid it. Honestly, the biggest problem is testing. Elementary thru HS probably won't test and will have their seasons because they won't even know if some have it. No way CFB doesn't test. And the asymptomatic positives will be what kills the season.
  8. Its really not that hard. I think back to the Oregon choir practice. 61 members, 1 symptomatic carrier, 2.5 practice doing nothing but singing and breathing at close range, and you get between 32 and 52 of the 61 getting CV-19. https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/mm6919e6.htm Then I compare that to every night I went out in college. Hours of crowded, close talking, singing, yelling, hooking up in poorly ventilated areas. With a bunch of students that are either asymptomatic, or don't know the difference between CV and a hangover. Kids who don't give a fuck if they get it, and really don't give a fuck after a few drinks. And that happens with thousands of kids every single night in hundreds of college towns.
  9. One party. 15 players test positive. Program shut down. How does this not happen over and over in CFB.
  10. Don Johnson

    2020 MLB thread

    This thing going to end before it even gets going?
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