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  1. The best part about that time was all the people who already wanted to lie and cut in line for the vaccine, acted like they were completely justified to do so because of Abbott.
  2. The fact that you continue take my criticism of Maddow as a criticism of you is odd. I already said it sounds like you and I are on the same page. I think she (not you, unless you make it about you) is being overly dramatic, but that's what she does. Hell, there's a chance it was an act, not even a real fear of everyone she sees unmasked. Yes, she came across as pissing her pants afraid of people. You? I never said or believed that so quit making it an attack on you. As for the pedantic comment, I interpret "threat" the same way any normal person would. A real danger. The same
  3. In this context, when included with selfish and denier I think its pretty implied that the threat would be intentional. Since you demand I be literal with this. Using the definition you posted above, just about anything could be a threat. The guy that just walked by my office. Its possible he could cause me harm. But I'm not going to refer to him as threat. That would be insane. I just think it takes a certain overly pessimistic/scared mindset to view everyone as a potential threat. And to have hard time giving that up is overly dramatic to me.
  4. One post its not intended by her and certainly not by you. The next, its a totally accurate representation of how you and others feel. When you decide whether viewing people as threats is accurate or intended by you and Maddow, let me know. IMO, its insanity to have rewire your fully vaccinated brain to not see someone without a mask and immediately think "THREAT! SELFISH! DENIER!"
  5. I am responding to her overly dramatic use of the word threat, referring to people as either "a threat, a Covid denier or selfish" and your defense of her. If that's not what she meant, she shouldn't have said it. All I can go off is what people say and its seems pretty obvious she wasn't just talking about being hesitant to return to old habits. You and I sound like we are on the same page. No clue why you defended her on this. Especially when your defense is she didn't intend what she said.
  6. Hesitation is one thing. Thinking the worst of the person is another. When I'm in a situation where a handshake is possible, its kind of a "are we going to do this?" moment. Or if he stick his out, its an "OK, he wants to shake my hand, I'm not going to rude, so I'm going to do it." Its never, "What's this irresponsible Covid denier trying to do? Fucking kill me?"
  7. Its a take, for sure. Some people are excited to be back out there. I'm vaccinated and am pumped to be doing everything normal. Glad to see people and faces. At no point am I struggling with not seeing people around me as a threat or selfish.
  8. You don't prove it. We are fast approaching the time where you either are, or you're ok fucking around and finding out.
  9. I don't know. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that in two months if enough people get vaccinated, my fully vaccinated self might be able to attend a small family-only gathering for the 4th of July. That's the carrot on the stick that has to be motivating everyone to get the shot.
  10. Juts from reading his Wikipedia, he had a bad car crash in 2010 and claimed it messed him up pretty bad mentally (quote below). Since then he's had a number of issues, usually alcohol related. You can kind of guess how this likely ended, without knowing. All I know is I woke up, six, seven days later, [...] and I was — and I still am — a different person. I suffered minor TBI — traumatic brain injury. I just have a small scar, you know, on my brain, but it's in an area that makes you impulsive and emotional. I've had to learn how to control that
  11. https://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/2021/05/11/sources-hawaii-football-legend-colt-brennan-dead/
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