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  1. Yeah, but laugh’s on you. While you were doing whatever you did in quarantine, Looch was snackin’ on that sweet government cheese. Looking forward to @Randolph Duke’s full report from his FOIA exercise. Well, the executive summary anyway.
  2. A man covered his face with tattoos and turned his eyes black. He says it cost him his kindergarten teaching job Story by Reuters Updated 11:57 AM EDT, Mon September 28, 2020 https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/09/28/europe/sylvain-helaine-tattoo-teaching-job-scli-intl/index.html
  3. Problem? solution! edit: upon closer inspection, that pic could be in the lol thread. “Action zone?” “Snack sack?”
  4. Regular light bulbs in lamps with 3-way switches.
  5. Dude realizing he isn’t just marrying what defeated him, but his MIL too.
  6. Fantastic. Only left off the part of how the Vandy parents had decided their kids would only go to aggy from here on.
  7. Et tu, Braté? edit: damnit @Cheeseweasel
  8. I've been in a lot of high-stakes negotiations. It's no fun unless someone storms out. That's when things really get moving.
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