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  1. While you’re getting ready to watch Ozarks, do you go grocery shopping at Krogers and eat at Benihanas?
  2. Don’t know how y’all are eagling or even birdying this one. I was very happy with par. Wordle 337 4/6 Easy peasy Worldle. https://worldle.teuteuf.fr/ Daily Quordle 118 quordle.com
  3. Big dude was kinda like “I don’t have time for this. See ya.”
  4. Solid par on Wordle. Wordle 336 4/6 Somebody changed the name of this country and didn’t tell me. #Worldle #120 4/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr And done in by the dreaded common letter pattern in Quordle. Wasted four guesses in the SW/4 and there was no way to recover. Daily Quordle 117 quordle.com
  5. I bought my first computer in 1986. It was an IBM clone, made by “Leading Edge.” It had 64k RAM, no HD, dual 5 1/4 floppies, and no modem or network interface. In 1988 I had a computer science roommate that helped me add a 20MB hard drive. I couldn’t imagine ever filling that thing up. In 1994 I was finishing my thesis and still using that computer. I was about 30 pages into the thesis. The hard drive crashed. All gone. Had to start from scratch. And @Parliament, I’m X, not boomer. Get off my lawn.
  6. Kyle about to get doxxed. aggy researchers in high gear IDing his dad.
  7. We built a cart like this and went down a long dirt road hill that we lived on when I was a kid. We used bike wheels and discarded lumber. No other houses, carts, or people around though. For a bunch of reasons I’m lucky to be alive.
  8. I don’t think OSHA has jurisdiction in that venue.
  9. Decent morning all around. Wordle 335 3/6 #Worldle #119 3/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr Daily Quordle 116 quordle.com
  10. The goatheads are the hard stickers that can easily puncture a bike tire, and hurt like hell on bare feet and when you fell into them. The ones that get stuck in your shoelaces (and in your horse’s mane and tail) are grass burrs Or cockleburrs. Growing up in the country in NM, we constantly dealt with all of those spawns of Satan. In addition to prickly pears, cholla cactuses, and various and sundry other stuff that seemed designed to make you miserable. But we loved it.
  11. Wordle 334 2/6 Surly about the new spelling of this country. Nobody told me about that. #Worldle #118 4/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr Kind of a slog on Quordle. Daily Quordle 115 quordle.com
  12. Less and less juice as the years go by. Getting old sucks thread is that way——>
  13. Sounds like you were lucky the bump didn’t make the gf bite down.
  14. What is with the guys that brace their hand agains the wall to use the urinal? In the office building mens room today there was an older guy with both hands braced. What the hell is so difficult that you need full leverage and no aiming to accomplish?!?
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