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  1. Shooter, wouldn’t that be flip-flop and sock? 😉
  2. So, like I said, when you pass one of them, congratulate the driver for having had sex.
  3. More “wtf” than “hs,” but there’s no thread for that.
  4. All the marginal schools that depend on the payouts for being body bag games for P5 schools are even more screwed. Without the big payouts of non-con are cancelled, their already screwed up budgets are eviscerated. When the dominoes start to fall, it’s going to be even more of a crap storm, stretching years. I will not at all be surprised to see a number of economically marginal schools drop CFB. And those are the same schools that can least afford to have students stay away. So if they go to an online-only model for the fall or a year, and students decide to avoid the big price tag and instead take online classes from the local juco, boy, it’s going to change everything in higher ed. For example, why in the world would someone pay $60k for SMU online (I get that it’s overpriced anyway, but still)?
  5. I have never understood the purpose of those stickers. Are we supposed to congratulate the driver for having had sex?
  6. He is a person of color who is requesting that aggy recognize its history of celebrating white supremacy?
  7. Can you help me find my shoes?
  8. So when is the next rally/protest of the “gallant negro killer?”
  9. Well, @Grade of D as in David, he did a nice job on the stoops special going into Oklahoma
  10. nnm

    Saban and Bama

    TIL what TIL means. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=TIL
  11. The University of Chicago did just that in 1939. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/08/23/university-chicago-made-one-college-footballs-boldest-plays-it-quit/
  12. nnm

    Dumbass Shit on Nextdoor

    This should go well . . .
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