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  1. My wife and grown daughter (no pics you degenerates) are going to grey-wash the brick on the exterior of our house over the next couple of weeks. She just bought a paint sprayer. This will not end well.
  2. FOIA request on an oral conversation between the official’s booth and the on-field ref. Interesting and novel legal theory. I’m interested to know how this works out for them.
  3. My guess is that you’re out at least $1,000 for those tires. I’ve had runflats before, they’re not cheap. And if they’re somewhat performance tires, you’re closer to 2k for the set.
  4. Avoid the punctuation problem. Just abbreviate, ffs.
  5. Username implies that leg bandits are the ones that need to be fearful.
  6. The only configuration for which your point makes sense is the herring-bone style lot, where the spaces are angled in favor of the vehicles’ direction of travel. In that situation, it absolutely makes sense to go nose-in because of the flow of traffic. However, backing out of that space is just as dangerous as backing out of any other configuration. Backing out is inherently more dangerous, particularly for serious injury and fatality incidents. Many, many industry groups have studied this and universally agree. Here’s one: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1369847819308812 In all other configurations, backing in is many times safer, and no less time consuming. The guy backing in doesn’t hold you up as much as Karen five-point backing out her Excursion, and is a much faster exit. Yet you focus your derision on the safer driver.
  7. We still have people on this site opposed to first-move-forward parking. No hope for the rest of the country. Also, can you imagine getting your wife to park like that? Intentionally, I mean?
  8. Nah, Napster and its clones came out in 1999. All music was free for a few years in that era.
  9. Look for copycats everywhere now. For the likes.
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