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  1. Started listening to him when I started dating my wife. Just a spectacular chronicler of the human condition. 28 years later, my wife and I still love listening to him, and have been doing a heavy rotation the last 2 days. Listened to him all evening tonight. I hate graveyards and old pawn shops For they always bring me tears. Can’t forgive the way they rob me Of my childhood souvenirs.
  2. Really it’s the caption combined with the image that’s the lol.
  3. I think that may get you in trouble. Also not sure about the mechanics.
  4. nnm

    Dumbass Shit on Nextdoor

    Good question. It appears so. These are from my ND feed this morning.
  5. The squirrel video ^^ is awesome.
  6. Talent at TCU should not surprise any UT fan after the last 8 years.
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