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  1. You know, when an attention whore gets married they often like to yap nonstop about married life on social media. She hasn't said a peep about it. He leave her already?
  2. If you download the Origin portal I think it's like 5 bucks for SimCity 2000
  3. Sneaky devil. Gotta keep a sharp eye out for these fuckers when you're inspecting your peppers. But hey at least he's balls deep in that pollen. Might be why each jap plant has like 15 peppers on it right now.
  4. We're on our 3rd pressure cooker, and it's an actual Instant Pot. The 2 before were off brand. 1st one worked about half the time. 2nd one exploded and nearly burned my wife's face off. Spend the extra money and get the Instant Pot brand.
  5. Titicaca Krakatoa would be a cool band name
  6. I honestly believe Scott Elder has some sort of mental handicap. Which begs the question, why would you buy a car from him? I guess if you "bring home 400 a week" and wanna drive a 25k car, you're probably on the same level as him.
  7. Do we know any type of schedule? I've looked and couldn't find shit
  8. Taking this to a serious note, I've never felt right about the way I treated Taz. We were both unstable alkies at the time but the difference was he had a family and I was a single guy that had nothing to lose... so I baited that dude and really pushed him. I know that later he stayed in touch with Doc Holliday who I was friends with and I told Doc that I wouldn't mind talking to the guy in person to smooth things over but Doc didn't think it would be a good idea at the time (that was probably 7 or 8 years ago). Doc let me know that he was doing fine. Maybe it's a kindler gentler NL but that one has always stuck with me.
  9. I've always wondered about this line. Isn't that the shittiest tip of all time? I mean you'd be better off not tipping at all and hoping she thought you just forgot. But then again, he is aggy. Come to think of it that would make a good gameday sign. "Aggy only tips .25 on a $10 bill" .... some would get it .
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