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  1. Someone get Ardoin a Playboy or Victoria's Secret. Kid's got the yips.
  2. Picked up The Hamlet by Faulkner at Half Price. Dunno if it's considered a classic or not but holy shit what a chore to read. I'm about 40 pages in and debating on putting it down for good. The Spanish chapters in Blood Meridian were easier to read than this, and I don't know Spanish.
  3. Weren't Whelan and O'Donnell the same person?
  4. He's thinking "bitch you're at Ross. Quit taking selfies."
  5. fun fact: The Six Flags Guy is actually a chick.
  6. Zubia's 1B play has been a huge surprise bonus this year.
  7. Yeah Southard came out and looked like a hoss and then we never saw him again. I wonder if he has control issues in practice or something and Pierce is scared to give him more innings right away.
  8. So what we need is Kramer and an oil bladder
  9. Oppo, as our dear friend Lowell would say
  10. If we really want a baserunner on 2nd that badly, maybe we should.. I dunno.... bunt him over?
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