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  1. Yall can have them ugly bitches. I'll take the new Under Armour girl
  2. So why was he so mystified by baby Yoda's jedi power? Didn't the Mandolorians fight the Jedi for years?
  3. Wursfest ended on the 10th
  4. So I stepped in a giant pile of my little dog's shit outside earlier today, but none of it stuck to my shoe. Like it was rubber or something. 6 hours later and it still intrigues me 10x more than any of this Kapernick story does.
  5. Campbell makes a lot of dumbass in game decisions like Herman does. I'm tired of that shit. Strong, Shaka, Herman... over it. No thanks.
  6. So it looks like the main hall will be ok. The Marketplatz is completely gone, which is fine, because all it was was a giant wooden barn. They can rebuild that in 2 weeks if they want. Hopefully they'll do something a little better and make one without such a giant clusterfuck of an entrance/exit.
  7. Well there's dickheads who will kick your ass, and there's dickheads who will make fun of your sister and say their daddy will sue you and then cry when you slap them. We have one of those dickheads already.
  8. Make sure to remind all of us to pat you guys on the back. Honestly I didn't care when he did that. I thought it was kinda funny at the time. I also didn't think that it would be indicative of what we would see years later with this prick. I was wrong about that. He's a fucking spoiled teenager.
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