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  1. We’re going to have a federal response for violent crime when historically speaking it’s a near all time lows.
  2. Sad. i can’t imagine that being the last thought as I died.
  3. He’s just making shit up on the spot. 5 days? 5 consecutive days? 5 straight business days? and how are parents supposed to work around this as well. If this is so we can all go back to work, how does this actually help anyone? All this is going to do is throw more uncertainty into this whole mess and put more people at risk.
  4. Yeah I meant after this. He was visible at the start of this saying that olds should die for the economy. Then shit got real in NYC. Then silence. Then he was out taking a victory lap for Texas. Then when Texas started get bad press for surging cases he went and told everyone to ignore Fauci. Now that shit is getting real here, he’s back to hiding.
  5. Where’s Dan Patrick in all this? He turtled like a mother fucker. What a spineless coward.
  6. White people's take on Mexican food/ Tex-Mex not going away
  7. You mean a shit tonne or officially the tonne de merde? It's ~1.1 times that of a shit ton. But that shouldn't be confused w/ a shite ton which is 1.12 times that of a shit ton.
  8. A broken clock is correct ... Well it’s in a glass house you see ... and so it’s probably broken due to all the rocks being thrown. The two birds in the bush protect it from breaking, though. Remember that and don’t feel so bad. I well readed.
  9. When requesting arbitration after an ARB ruling, do I just east the $450 to pay for the arbitration? Or do I get that back if I win / the property value is closer to my amount vs. the appraisal district?
  10. Why are Republicans always so fucking keen to accuse people / insinuate people are diddling kids. I mean every accusation is an admission, right?
  11. This is correct. There are* This is not A shit ton is a collective noun. What are you some limey who reads collective nouns as plural? 1776 motherfucker.
  12. Well shit. I actually agree with the President on something. Virtual learning for school is terrible... especially K-5. 6-8 less so. And for high school it sucks... but can be done. College ... well. If distance learning is terrible then there's a shit ton of terrible degrees out there. That being said, just yelling into the ether that we need to open schools is complete batshit crazy. Now he's going to hold a gun to the schools' head and strip out all the requirements to keep people safe by deligitamizing the CDC's recommendations?! That's a level of malevolence towards his own people that I didn't see coming. I mean, he caged migrant children which is grade-A evil. But one could argue that he's hated immigrants for a long time. But to do this to American citizens?! Fucken-A man. This along with trying to kill the ACA during a pandemic is next level Bond villain shit. He's going to turn something we should all strive for (reopening schools) into another culture war issue like masks.
  13. Hannity sounds like a basic beta cuck bitch. Poor people are going to be better off with Biden?!
  14. I live in the suburbs! Does he want to abolish me?! Oh no! This man must be stopped.
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