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  1. So You’re saying that your wife enjoys Earl Campbell’s sausage?
  2. This. 30 yard Go routes on 3rd and 3 along the sideline are not necessarily going to help your passing %.....
  3. Get some wireless headphones and go hide out in the toilet like an adult. It’s not rocket surgery man.
  4. 8 team playoff will happen. I don’t think it’s great for college football, but it’ll happen and it’s not as if I’m going to stop watching because of it. Another 3-4 years of Texas having no chance to even sniff the playoff will. Hell, I missed games this year for the first time since I worked shift work and lacked a DVR. Anyhow.... Highest G5 auto bid is a bridge too far fore me. Highest ranking undefeated G5 gets an auto is ok by me. I just don’t want a weird situation where a 1 or 2 loss G5 school gets in over a more deserving 1 loss team that doesn’t get to play in its championship game a la Texas in 2008.
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