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  1. that sounds accidental; did he do it intentionally?
  2. agree based on when my kids were at Clements. Indian descent probably no 1 with Chinese 2 and Pak 3.
  3. this is good to know.
  4. i like that place. you just ordered stupidly
  5. maybe the most depressing thing I've read in a while. geez
  6. pricey, but consistently good Sonoma area wines. I like them better than Kosta Browne, they are a bit more restrained, in general, than KB. that isn't anything you don't already know, though. I haven't visited them but know people who have, say they do a great job on winery visits.
  7. Euro team is rounding into form. Gonna need Brooks and DJ to carry this team, I think, with Spieth a bit out of form.
  8. this has become quite the humble brag thread. lordy.
  9. Rice was awful last year. I think they might be a candidate to be worse this year. Talent isn't really improved and new and inexperienced coaches could lead to a poor first 4 or 5 games. worth keeping an eye on.
  10. I'd say For the Love of the Game is also a great sports movie.
  11. didn't Walker do okay with Fowler? I can't recall. but anyway, I like those young dudes in the match play type formats
  12. Webb Simpson an Matt Kuchar personify the US teams that were getting their ass kicked. I'll take a young asshole like Bryson over those guys.
  13. I got some on my flight last Friday, I was surprised because I thought they had already cut the peanuts.
  14. they pimp the shit out of their shitty "direct" wines, too, but generally are more polite and respectful than the Spec's guys on Smith.
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