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  1. pch

    Dark Waters

    Going to see it tonight. Ruffalo as Brockovich should be entertaining.
  2. Went to the 7am at Harbor this morning where a host of friends (52} welcomed me as they do every morning. Watched as a newcomer picked up his first 30 day chip and listened as he shared about spending this Thanksgiving sober for the first time in his life. Reflected on all of the men who have gone before me to the big meeting in heaven and what an impact each one of them had in my sober life. Watched and listened as each person called on to share expressed gratitude for what the program has brought them. Was reminded that each day of sobriety is a day of Thanksgiving. Will be reaching out to all family members scattered throughout the country later today to tell them how much I appreciate and love them-and thanks to the program, they will return the favor. Since April 28, 1998, this miracle has been repeating itself, and it never ceases to amaze me how grateful I am today for the life I now have thanks to AA. May each one of you have a day full of joy, happiness, and serenity.
  3. While not actually a Thanksgiving prayer, Chris Cooper brings the laughter in this scene. The family dysfunction is something I'm sure most of us here on Surly can relate to and the looks on the faces might likewise remind of someone in your tribe. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you wonderful misfits.
  4. My bad. Those brain cells killed at the Oui must have blurred my vision, to say nothing of killing the brain cells which housed memory.
  5. It was Cliff & Andi's. Andi and her partner are friends of mine. She now manages Chuy's on 7th street.
  6. Looked like a Benny Hill show on the field nearly all season so would have been appropriate.
  7. Had the same feeling walking out. Cheesy dialogue throughout made it more like a B-grade soap opera than an action thriller WWII movie.
  8. You mean lame plan, right?
  9. Been there-solid pizza, fettucine alfredo, but the best damn tiramisu in DFW imho. Still prefer Campisi's but not a bad change of pace.
  10. I had completely forgotten about that location but visited there numerous times in the late 70's.
  11. It was the 2004 game but your point is well taken. 4th and 18 when Vince delivered in Lawrence.
  12. Dead heat for which is worse-Texas Defense/Ahmad Brooks announcing. Can't decide whether to jab the ice pick in my eyes or ears.
  13. 22.5 was on sale today at Nebraska Furniture Mart for $435.
  14. Pooka chanelling Darren Sproles and making this defense look like six man football.
  15. The Bud Kennedy post I saw about it said that they were getting close. But it didn't have a date. BBQ on the Brazos opens Tuesday at 10 am according to Allen Sanford, Pitmaster John Sanford's brother.
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