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  1. Ray C., Jerry T. and Sam were all role models.
  2. Does he go the The Gift in Irving? Several members there were influential in my staying sober early on and I have always been grateful.
  3. Just finished telling my story online for the first time. There were 68 people who joined and I was grateful to tell what God has continued to do for me that I could not do for myself. The app on my phone tells me I have not had a drink in 7999 days-think I'll keep coming back, it works!
  4. Went in there yesterday, the dude behind the butcher counter said a few people have inquired about buying it but they need to completely redo the butcher/deli/kitchen which won't be cheap. My mother in law lived around the corner from this grocery in the 80's and they would deliver to her home. Always appreciated the wonderful customer service provided by this FW classic.
  5. Thanks for this link. My 7am home group has been doing online meetings since Monday. Our connection to each other and the solution continues to be a bright spot in my life. When I consider how many lives have been lost or destroyed by alcohol, this current virus pales in comparison. God bless each of you as this too shall pass.
  6. What a waste.https://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/02/27/tcu-football-trevone-boykin-sentenced-to-three-years-in-prison/
  7. Did an ATV tour at Red Rocks NP and highly recommend spending the day there. Drove from Grand Junction to Zion last summer and would spend a couple of days there next time.
  8. PSA-Andy's frozen custard opened on Wednesday in SW Ft. Worth, 5328 McPherson. Triple chocolate concrete futures are a buy I predict. Still will frequent Curly's on Camp Bowie, but will be on a first name basis with the employees at this location in my backyard.
  9. Well, all things considered with the "c"word being used quite extensively, we were both entertained and laughed heartily at this movie. Saw a few leave early but I suspect it might have been their first time to see a Guy Richie movie and not appreciate the story without being offended by the cockney dialogue. I was most impressed with Hugh Grant's performance not having seen him in anything in several years. All in all, Guy Richie is still one of my favorite directors and this effort was worth the price of admission. Like Snatch, I will likely watch it regularly when it hits cable.
  10. Got that feeling early on as well.
  11. Well, that should make the wife happy.
  12. Guess that coupon will expire before they reopen, huh?
  13. Vive la résistance! and fvck Tim Love and his Food Network prices.
  14. Having lived in a small town for a year (Nocona) I can honestly say that moving there permanently would be equal to going to Greenwood Cemetery and requesting an eternal reservation.
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