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  1. There are certainly better ways to celebrate a jury selection. And does ATM play NYU this year?
  2. Good for you zetjas. I was told by my first sponsor that the steps are in the order they are to achieve the following: clarity-1, sanity-2,accountability -3-9, responsibility10-12. I had none of these while drinking nor when I wasn't drinking but no sponsor and not working the steps. If you ever make it to Fort Worth, look me up at the Harbor Club on West 5th. I am there regularly most days at the 7am meeting and will buy you a cup of 90 weight coffee before the meeting starts with this caveat: We request a three minute time limit on sharing to allow as many as possible to participate!☺️
  3. You win the internets today.
  4. Speechless regarding the talking to parents who lost children in the '99 collapse hoping their undying loyalty to ATM would have diminished the grief enough for them to approve of and endorse the revival of this turdition. “The members of the committee and I are extremely sensitive to your loss. I do not want to reopen the many wounds that you have but it is important to me to have your opinion,” Bellinger wrote in the letter, asking to meet with the families. Sweet Jesus on a joystick there is no end to the insensitive moron who wrote this letter. As a parent who has lost a child, I just shake my head in disgust at these people who have no concept of what pain still must remain for those unfortunate families.
  5. Something about the eloquence in British accent when talking like a lower class hooker makes it less improper imho. Laughed until my sides hurt and learned some new rather proper insults to boot.
  6. The closing scene makes it hard to believe that Olivia Colman played both the Queen and this character, but what a talented actor.
  7. pch

    Texas BBQ

    The smashburger at Panthercity BBQ has double brisket patties for a buck cheaper. Wonder if Will Churchill taking over has anything to do with the change in the Heimburger? As far as their lower prices on meat at Heim, same as it ever was like David Byrne said.
  8. Dallas or Arlington? Sorry for you loss amigo.
  9. Forget the burger-the rings are a meal and a half with leftovers.
  10. Multitudes of abused sheep endorse this statement. But then, animal husbandry is a required course.
  11. Good doggo Pippa. I sleep with a smile knowing you are keeping Bailey, Zeke, Callie, and Magic company. Well done with your girl Ramjet-remembering you both today.
  12. An defense attorney friend officed on the top floor of the bank one building and his office was destroyed. Some of his case files were found in Haltom City months afterward. Giant trees in his Rivercrest home were uprooted and tore up what remained of his roof.
  13. I worked summer of '77 hanging sheetrock in this building. When I drove by it the day after the tornado, I couldn't believe it.
  14. Having grown up two blocks from the original store in Corpus Christi where Harmon Dobson started WB, I couldn't agree more (sadly). When the cheese on a double double doesn't melt, it says forget about hot fresh and made to order. Many better options available these days in DFW which makes WB an afterthought.
  15. pch

    Texas BBQ

    And that's being generous with the chop.
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