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  1. pch

    Texas BBQ

    Truth. And NOBODY has ever been arrested for driving under the influence of BBQ, so there's that.
  2. Between this and missing the opportunity at age 7 to meet Dobie Gillis at the HEB in Corpus, I don't know how I can go on.
  3. I'd say the median age was 60 on our trip, with low end being 40 and high end 80+. It's definitely an older crowd.
  4. We just returned from this cruise (our first river cruise and first time with Viking). Truly impressive/outstanding service from beginning to end on Viking. Enjoyed Vienna, Salzburg, and Budapest. We had received information for twenty years from Viking and always said someday-now it will likely be where to next based on the wonderful experience we shared with our friends and the crew of Viking Atla.
  5. Saw this as a kid at the drive in during a rainstorm. Had the same reaction with nightmares the following week.
  6. Guy Ritchie is a favorite of mine and this one kept me entertained.
  7. 4/28/98-I stood at the turning point, asked His protection and care with complete abandon, and began working the steps with a sponsor that have given me a life I never could have imagined. There are no coincidences-I chaired the 7am meeting on 4/28/23 at Harbor, we had a newcomer, and the topic I always choose is what it was like, what happened, and what it's like now. Haven't seen him since but hope he is going to meetings somewhere.
  8. El Paseo does good work and I have taken friends there who raved about the food. Catnip enchiladas. . . .hmmmmmm
  9. If you tool over to 3001 W. 5th in FW, let me know. Still owe you a cup of our best 90 weight coffee and some good conversation prior to the 7am meeting.
  10. I worked on the Northside for 21 years and only went there once, which was enough to convince me that El Asadero, Los Paisanos, El Rancho Grande (now the Original) were better authentic options and were less than a mile from my office.
  11. Beat me to it. Great days (or so I thought) back when Caro's was next door and Johnny Day Whitten would deliver puffy tacos to the Oui and you could multi task with dinner and drink-gone. Epic fail.
  12. Closest HEB from our home is 4.3 miles in Johnson County. Would love to have one practically in our backyard and give the finger to Neighborhood Wall Mart, Albertson's, Super Target, Kroger, etc. Miss the days growing up in Corpus where there was an HEB every three miles.
  13. Late 80's through the 90's before all of the designer 'cue joints arrived, it held it's own.
  14. And Smokey's on East Lancaster-used to take a turkey there before thanksgiving every year and get it smoked for .35 a pound.
  15. Thank you for this announcement. I have driven by more times than I can count wondering if the day would ever come when they were open again. Missing the enchiladas mucho. Gonna take home some yardbird the next time I go in there as well, but Drew's is my favorite choice.
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