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  1. Exactly. We had gotten what we wanted there. It's a long try. Let him kick it. If he makes it, we have time to go do the same. If he doesn't, we win anyway. Stooopid.
  2. Even the most automatic kickers miss an easy one from time to time. Let's put it this way ... do you think there was a greater chance of making that 4th & 2 or making the FG?
  3. Yep ... So when was the last one before that?
  4. Absolutely. It's a horse that needs beating. Not taking the points cost us a halftime tie and projects desperation. Kicking it tells the team you're not in panic mode and know you're gonna come back and score more points. And we see this shit over & over. Sure, go for it sometimes when it fits the situation, but not every got damn time and with the same stupid play call.
  5. Damn, if there was just some way we coulda gotten 3 points before this ... the game would be tied now.
  6. Going for it on 4th and 2 down 7-0 in the 2nd quarter at the 20 with the wind at your back screams panic. It sends the message that you have to tie the game up right now. It's stupid.
  7. Yeah I don't understand this shit at all.
  8. 10:30 I think. 8am to 9pm tomorrow.
  9. Yep. 220. 221. Whatever it takes.
  10. Stream: https://www.24hseries.com/2019/24h-cota-usa-2019/start
  11. Heh, yep. He's thinking of momentum. But hey, he's rolling....
  12. This thread is moving too fast for me to keep up with, so my bad if someone has already brought this up ... With the league making such a huge show of protecting players from brain injuries and protecting QBs in particular, I just don't see how they can justify anything short of making Garrett a prime example in this case. He took a QB's head protection off his head, leaving his head unprotected, and then hit him in the head with it. If they don't drop the hammer on this guy, they'll appear ridiculous, hypocritical, and not at all serious about protecting players from head injuries. Albert Haynesworth got 5 games for stepping on a player's helmeted head. Garrett should get twice that at a minimum imho, preferably a whole season. 6 now and 10 next year.
  13. wood

    Formula 1 2019

    Depends on what the new owner wants, I guess (if the rumor is true). Epstein said it'll be closed "most of December and half of January". Re: why everyone was taking the exit of 9 so wide, it was because, even as rough as it is out there, it was smoother & better than taking it on track .They weren't doing it as much during FP1, but by FP2 you could see there was a notable shift to everyone taking it wide, off track. The Sky guys talked about it a lot and hinted or maybe even said outright that race control was allowing it because of the big bump on the racing line and how hard the cars were hitting it, activating their rev limiters, etc.
  14. wood

    Formula 1 2019

    Yeah I've been thinking for a while that they'd be done at the end of 2020, and that's a big reason why. Quit while you're ahead after 2020, then stick around as an engine supplier again, with McLaren or RBR as your works team.
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