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  1. ... and now COTA has removed all phone numbers from their 'Contact Us' page and have moved to email-only communications re: refunds for cancellations and postponements. If you want to talk to a real person about your MotoGP, IndyCar, or Rolling Stones refund, you're outta luck.
  2. Just heard that when people call COTA about refunds for MotoGP 2020, COTA is trying to keep their money by telling them that they are 'locked in' for 2021. LOL. As if anything is 'locked in' in the current environment. MotoGP 2021 at COTA is just 9 months away. It's anything but a given that it will happen. And wtf do they even mean by 'locked in'? Hell, as far as that goes, I'm 'locked in', too. No Moto GP race at COTA has ever come even REMOTELY close to a sellout. "Locked in". LOLOLOL.
  3. wood

    Formula One 2020

    After Perez saved their asses. Sad.
  4. wood

    Formula One 2020

    I figured he'd end up there or retire. Nowhere else to go, really.
  5. wood

    Formula One 2020

    I think they already have one foot out the door.
  6. wood

    Formula One 2020

    I'm not sure they have any at all.
  7. It was. Then I saw it already being talked about in the other thread, so I nm'd it.
  8. The ridiculous & sad thing is that so many people couldn't see how badly Fisher screwed VY and could only see how inept Fisher was when McVay turned that offense around in one off-season.
  9. Yeah, if it's petty, then I'd be petty about it, too. If that dumbass had done to my career what he did to VY's, I'm sure I'd have been a lot less restrained than VY has been.
  10. wood

    Formula One 2020

    For me, I have mixed emotions about the Ferrari shitshow, and I like Leclerc as well, and Binotto, who was one of the people I met in Austin when I was doing the Shell thing. Everyone there lives for Ferrari 24/7. I've never been totally convinced Charles is what they think he is though.
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