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  1. MB might be a good getaway from August Austin heat tho ...
  2. Hopefully back to normal next spring.
  3. Fuckin Helobious, States authoritatively that the Disch needs no expansion, based on the one midweek game he ever went to 5 years ago, then doubles down with a batting practice pic as proof. Is there a bigger fucking dipshit on this board? What a fucking idiot.
  4. wood

    Formula 1 2021

    Agree with all of this, but I was told Pato's F1 ship has sailed. BTW he's from Monterrey, but has lived most of his life since childhood in San Antonio ... so he's almost a hometown boy.
  5. ...and while we're at it, wtf would it take to get Bob Cole outta the Disch? FML.
  6. Absolutely. Phenomenal impact from the crowds the last two weekends. Very loud, very often. Rowdy as fuck. I'd say even a little intimidating at times.
  7. Oh, and that hot-ass brunette they kept showing dancing on the LF scoreboard ... I really hope for y'all's sake that you could see that at home. After I saw her the first coupla times, I couldn't stop looking at the screen.
  8. Yeah that bomb he hit was surreal. Has it even come down yet? Just got home. What a finish, and the crowd. The crowd was nuts all night. Hookem, mfers.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised to see Alonso back at Le Mans at some point in an Alpine.
  10. LOL. Chuck Knoblauch. Now there's an aggy name I haven't heard mentioned in a long time. Scumbag, just like his brother.
  11. K, bruhhh. Hey, be a t-shirt fan of whatever team you want to. Just save us the 't-shirt fan' idiocy when you're talking to real hardcore fans of their own local team, who've been fans of them through everything, probably for longer than your dumb ass has been alive - you know, the polar opposite of t-shirt fans. It's the height of hypocrisy.
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