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  1. Hahahaha ... what a dipshit.
  2. How can even that moron look at that and not see a foot on the line?
  3. It's like they think they have to run x number of trick plays a game. Just line up and whip the ass of the guy in front of you for fucking once.
  4. Yeah, AGAIN clearly a forward pass but these assholes will never realize that. Clueless as fuck. Wow.
  5. Yeah holy shit you're not in HS any more.
  6. OMFG how did his head not come off there...jfc.
  7. Ticky tac, my ass. STFU, Spencer.
  8. Holy shit this Tech QB is just awful.
  9. No, if we had picked it up, they'd have reviewed it and finally figured out that it was a forward pass...
  10. Yeah these guys are absolute morons.
  11. wood

    Formula One 2020

    Courtesy of you know who ... But to be fair, these cars are absolute pigs in slow corners and once they snap, that's it.
  12. wood

    Formula One 2020

    Jesus, somebody please stuff a sock in Karun's mouth.
  13. Seems like we've really missed Faksa, imho.
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