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  1. Speaking of Aston Martin copying RBR, here's a new photo of Lance Stroll:
  2. Francisco ... negged for talking golf. Ever.
  3. Yep. VY going up the middle and powering right through some big mfers was a quintessential "Fuck You" moment ... not just to USC, but even more to the Heisman voters and sports media, imho.
  4. On Autosport they're calling it the AM-RB18...
  5. Awesome. I've always said VY' 2005 Rose Bowl performance was every bit as impressive as the 2006 edition.
  6. No replacement for Russia. 22 races in '22. https://www.skysports.com/f1/news/12433/12615908/formula-1-wont-replace-russian-gp-this-season-as-22-race-calendar-confirmed
  7. I think maybe you misread what I was saying. It was a question, not a take. I want to know what y'all think about the Stars' chances of retaining him. I have no idea how much money they have, etc. I'm not saying I think the Stars will willingly let him go. I think he is and will be a star in the league. However I do think his playoff performance diminished his leverage in negotiations for a new contract - even if only marginally. Imho that actually might boost the chances that the Stars keep him, since they might not have to pay quite as much for him.
  8. Is it a given that the Stars will be able to keep Robertson in Dallas? I guess his playoff performance won't help his cause any in those negotiations though...
  9. What year was it (right about that time, during the big drought) when it got up to 112 on Labor Day? We were out looking at new cars that day, and it was so hot it made my head hurt. Went home, watched the weather, and they said it had hit 112. Unreal. /csb
  10. wood

    Longhorn Network

    ^^ To clarify, that's streameast.xyz. There are other sites out there that go by streameast as well.
  11. wood

    Longhorn Network

    StreamEast. It's great for watching live, stream quality is awesome and consistent, and you can pause live action to the point where I have never paused long enough for it to jump ahead on its own ... and I've paused for like 1+ hour. I also use the XBox app to record games when I know I can't watch live, fwiw. Works great. MLB, NHL, NBA, CFB, NFL, Racing, & more ...
  12. wood

    Longhorn Network

    Nope, because I refuse to Spectrum. Fuck those Spectrum pieces of shit, and you can't see Astros games in Austin on Bally anyway. StreamEast ftw.
  13. wood

    Longhorn Network

    Este. Texas baseball is almost always listed and then when you click on it it won't play or it just straight says that game is blocked. And we have a paid sub. Their interface is generally an utter POS anyway and the site/app are glitchy as fuck. Yesterday my kid was in Indiana helping with some live streaming of a volleyball tournament that ESPN had exclusive rights to on Sunday. He wanted to check the live stream to see how it was looking. I could log in and watch fine here, either on the phone app or on the website, but he finally gave up after like 15 tries, using the correct login info. I've had the same experience as well, when it just wouldn't let me in, using the correct login. It's piss.
  14. wood

    Longhorn Network

    Yeah I can vouch for that from personal experience. My google fiber tv service ended a while back, and since then, I've been without LHN. It has indeed sucked. Esp for baseball.
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