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  1. Albums only paint part of the picture. AM and then FM radio and singles were the way to consume music as a youngun. Growing up the only albums were my parents, so starting with one of theirs and the rest follow as in order of influence. Oscar Brand - Bawdy Songs and Backroom Ballads Various Greatest Hits albums - Rolling Stones, Beatles and Kinks (Ktel collection) Queen - A Night at the Opera After being sent a tape of George Gmarc's show in the early 80's, I started listening to British and alternative music. The Jam - All Mod Cons REM - Murmur Worked in a record store in Florida and these albums were always on the playlist. UB40 - Signing Off Parliament - Mothership Connection Began working at a place that had live country music. Introduced to TVZ, Steve Goodman and Guy Clark. John Prine - first album Leonard Cohen - Greatest Hits (average one night stand that finished with her playing this album in the morning) RIchard and Linda Thompson - Shoot out the Lights So much left out. I need a beer.
  2. Later that season, Ford exerted his leadership by confronting Barnes during a game at Oklahoma on senior day. After the 6-foot-8 Brian Boddicker botched his assignment to rebound — he had none in the first half — an infuriated Barnes told him he was done for the night. Ford then engaged his coach in an argument, insisting that if Barnes wanted to win the game, Boddicker's presence was necessary. "I walked down to the end of the bench and said, 'Brian, I'm gonna give you one more chance,'" Barnes said.
  3. I care. After watching Texas v. A&M from 2007 last night, I prefer that game over any played by Texas in the last ten years. I'll take a top 5 player every year. And I'll take a 5 star player who is a leader and will tell the coach to shut up (as TJ did to Barnes).
  4. Bringing Up Baby with my college aged kid. His take on it was hilarious. Hepburn tells Grant “that’s might wide of you”. Was that the original expression and did ‘white’ get substituted as the more common saying? Whenever someone told me that expression. I always responded with wait I’m not trying to steal your land.
  5. Heard Ferreira is starting in tomorrow's friendly against Costa Rica.
  6. “Little by little, the look of the country changes because of the men we admire.” Watched Hud for first time and it was excellent. Also saw some of Shoah - Four Sisters. Very powerful, but this is four hours. I think the full Shoah is around 20 hours. Great thing about YTTV is I can record without any cap and I can resume seeing something I don't have time at the moment for.
  7. Townes Van Zandt hurt, but maybe he had nothing left in the tank at 52. Saw Guy Clark many times and took my kids to see him at Richardson WIldflower Festival late in his career. He was great and someone to emulate when he'd forget a lyric. He'd stop and yell goddamnit before starting again. dBoon of the Minutemen was a big loss in the mid 80's. That band was great. Nice to see Mike Watt play with the Stooges. So going forth would be Iggy and Ray Davies. Nice Jarmausch documentary on the Stooges is on Amazon. Still floors me how good the Kinks were. And violent--being banned from the USA because on their first US tour the bassist beat up a union dude and then the drummer clocked Dave Davies on stage and put him in the hospital.
  8. dogbreath

    Dad music

    My college aged daughter recorded ten songs on her iPhone and sent them to me a few years ago. It was a blast to hear her on guitar and homemade percussion singing American Music by Violent Femmes, Tom Dooly, Folsom Prison Blues, In Spite of Ourselves, more murder ballads and some Irish folk songs. And last December on trip to big bend my college aged son just wanted to hear the songs he would wake up to when in middle school and early high school. Apparently I was listening to a lot of Decembrists and Iron and Wine, Flight of conchords and a bunch of songs from the tv show Ideal.
  9. 17 yo Reyna goes in at 72nd minute for Dortmund.
  10. And what makes this sadder is that Sims played really well. So do opposing coaches get nights off before playing Texas? They certainly don’t have to be concerned with contesting offensive schemes and they can put their weakest defenders on Texas non mobile wings.
  11. Although USSF has no youth coaches appointed except for Kreis for U23s and Berhalter has made more mistakes than the team has scored goals, I like this Camp Cupcake call up of U23 potential key players with regular call ups. GK Hamid, Turner, or Johnson // MarcinkowskiRB Cannon // AraujoCB Long // McKenzieCB Zimmerman // GladLB Gasper // VinesM6 Yuiell // Cappis, KayoM8/M10 (2 of) Lletget, Roldan, // Aaronson, Pomykal RW Morris // LlanezFW Zardes // FerreiraLW Arriola // Lewis
  12. Purgatory’s kind of like the in-betweeny one. You weren’t really shit, but you weren’t all that great either. Like Tottenham.
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