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  1. cmontexas


    Beth wants to suck Roarke so bad
  2. "Daaaad, mom wont let us read Hagar the Horrible"
  3. cmontexas


    That wolf is Case McCoy's spirit animal
  4. Either somebody really stupid did this, with a motive of I guess intimidating Wallace and firing shots in the race war butlacking the foresight to see the increased support Wallace will get as a result. And they gave up a probably dream job in a Nascar garage to do so if they get caught. Or somebody really stupid did this, with a motive of drumming up either more support for Wallace and/or extra attention for Nascar
  5. cmontexas


    Then don't watch, fucko. What? I already did though. The camera work looks different and cheaper than seasons 1 and 2. Also Casey's wife sucks. Bunkhouse antics and Costner make it watchable. Plus menopause tits
  6. cmontexas


    Camera work is weird. Looks like a Nickelodeon show
  7. Is blocks Hibbert? Its gotta be Dwight
  8. Really makes you stop and appreciate how fragile all this is
  9. This chick Ive been trying to pipe could be sending me the wyd right now and I'll never fucking know
  10. Anyone else on T Mobile dealing with this shit? 4G and internet works but cant send or receive calls or messages. Any tinfoil out there?
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