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  1. RIP to one of the greatest Cowboys ever!
  2. Overrated teams: SMU 1981 and 1982: The Mustangs' nonconference schedule was an absolute joke(Grambling State, UTA, Wichita State and UNT). That fact didn't keep the idiots in the Dallas press(except for Blackie Sherrod) from ranking them high or demanding they play a tougher schedule. I have always said that if Eric Dickerson had to face OU very year like Earl Campbell did, he would never came close to breaking Earl's then rushing record. 1985 Penn State: This team finished undefeated, barely winning playing a Big East type schedule. They got exposed in the Orange Bowl later that year. OU was fortunate to play them and back into another MNC yet again.
  3. I was on the UT Football support staff that season. The team played an extremely tough preseason scheduled(Auburn, Penn State and OU) but it appears that our fanbase never noticed. Of course. they're not the ones playing the games either. The team was extremely worn down by the end of the season as there was never really a chance to develop depth. Playing the the SWC back then was as fun as running through a minefield back with teams just anxiously awaiting to ruin your season. IMHO, the team was not overrated. It just suffered from the bravado of the coach back then.
  4. I remember that game. Alabama had a human hitting machine in Dave Magadan who hit over .500 in the CWS. Somehow, our pitching that year slowed him down.
  5. It's good that my HS alma mater is still in the same district with the RIchardson schools. Much better fit than playing the Lewisville schools. It's been 47 years since we were in the same district with HP and 32 years since we last played them, Should be interesting. Cannot really stand the Scotties though one of my best friends was the starting QB back for HP back in the early 1980s. (His Dad coached HP from 1974-1984).
  6. Though I really do not care for Baylor and their fans, I really have to give them credit. They have rebuilt their program twice after the Briles Era emphasizing physical toughness. I sure wish that UT would return to that style of play. Like Bud Wilkinson once said "exciting football should never be played at the expense of sound fundamental football. Superior execution of the basic fundamentals will usually insure victory. The main emphasis should be on running, blocking, and tackling." That is how Baylor plays and something we should take note especially since we're joining the SEC in the near future.
  7. Remember that it took Mack Brown 8 years to win a conference title and he needed to have a once in a generation player to do it.
  8. True but being behind only 2 scores with a quarter left is better than 3.
  9. Iowa should have kicked a FG there and made it a two score game, There's still plenty of time in the game.
  10. DKR wasn't fired but he was definitely feeling the pressure from "the Suits" in the Tower to upgrade the image of the football program from a rugged. tough image to a more corporate one. That was one the reasons he resigned.
  11. I heard Sark's post game interview and he was very upset about the team's performance. For what I have heard from him, he has not told us "learn to live with it" or "you can't expect to beat RIce every time". Yes, a certain UT coach did say that and many of you let that same coach mess with your mind for six years. Coach Sark gets a least 3-4 years from me(barring serious off field incidents). I have never recruited against any UT football and I hope that most posters will follow suit.
  12. I can go with that. All the holdovers from the Deloss Dodds era need to be gone.
  13. Just posted the infamous 1992 game above. Please feel free to point out any officiating mistakes. I cannot believe that this video got past the Baylor censors. For record, one of my best friend's Dad was line judge for this game. I can confirm that he is an aggy.
  14. Jimbo got out of FSU to escape the lynch mob. He didn't just leave because of a better coaching destination. One can only hope that Jimbo does to aggy what he did to FSU. Many of the problems the Seminoles have right now is because of Fisher.
  15. Ask me this question in the next couple of years Even though Tom Herman pulled the program out somewhat from the Charlie Strong years, he did not recruit as well as needed in both the OL and DL areas. That is what is hurting up now.
  16. Knowing Sooner fans like I do, this is just a retribution for what happened in 1984. (BTW, I queued up a time in a Youtube video where a bad call went against UT in a very important call of that game). UT fans need to quit apologizing for that gamee. IMHO, our sports coaches need to go full "Bobby Knight on this type of BS. We need a stronger media relations department as well.
  17. We also blew a 21 pt lead against OU in 1995 with Mackovic as coach. Game only ended in a tie when OU missed a last second FG.
  18. I'm numb right now, Unbelievable meltdown. It was total chaos on defense. How can a team with some 4 star players look so bad on defense?
  19. RC Horn

    OU @ KSU Fox

    Stuff like this "so called" challenge after a review has been made is why i hate OU with the passion and intensity of 10000 suns
  20. IMHO, this game is a must win for UT. It will show the naysaynig press out there that UT football is going in the right direction. I really want us to break the 81 points we scored against them in 1974. I hope the team comes out really pissed off. I'm sure that the local FW press will provide plenty of bulletin board material this week BTW, I really don't care if they're a bunch of good guys to have drinks with.
  21. You have to give Coach Sark at least 3 years to implement his schemes. The offense he runs is the one that USC ran against us in the Rose Bowl. It's not a simple offense to implement right off the bat. Need to give him some time. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that Coach Sark has some MNC rings as well as an offensive assistant at USC in both 2003 and 2004.
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