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  1. Assuming that is an 8’ door, this guy is at least 8’6”. SEC size.
  2. I don’t see how this ends well. Admin and CDC view this as a discussion/negotiation. The players view it as a list of demands. Not requests or suggestions. Any attempt to barter or seek compromise will be viewed as a continuation of the unacceptable status quo.
  3. Again - my question is not about Scalley per se. But I am glad that civil discourse is still possible. We still have that.
  4. Agree. I’m not making excuses for Scalley. My question was more hypothetical because I can foresee many more examples appearing over time.
  5. Obviously we don’t. It looks like Utah has hired outside counsel to investigate him. But either way, he is toast. People say and do stupid shit during their lives. We all have. How accountable do we hold people for past sins? How far back do we look?
  6. That was certainly a well thought out, intelligent response. No one is condoning his use of a racial slur. My question was pretty basic - how far back do we dig on people? At what point do we forgive people for past transgressions who have not demonstrated a continual pattern?
  7. I’m not really referring solely to the above story. Just curious if a coach said something 30 yrs ago, would it be a career killer now?
  8. Is there a statute of limitations on saying racially insensitive shit? How far back do we dig on folks?
  9. Bryce knows both of the Piperi brothers, Tripp and Patrick.
  10. OU and Oregon are recruiting him hard as a thrower - track coaches on calls with football coaches. Texas and TAMU - not so much. More reluctantly agreeing to track time off. Get the feeling it would be Oregon by a mile if distance was not a factor. Excellent track program and he has always been a fan of the football program.
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