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  1. Wiggle can be overrated in the NFL unless you're exceptionally quick like the baby puncher. Delpit learned about his strength a couple times.
  2. Yea bro, and it's not like the cowboy's old head coach was bad at his job or anything.
  3. Options are like assholes, everyone has one. It's good options that are nonexistent and very difficult to find. . In the case of the Cowboys, Mahomey ain't walking through that door.
  4. For the millionth time, no sane person is saying that it would be an awesome idea for the Cowboys to set the market with Dak's contract. The bottomline is the Cowboys really don't have a choice.
  5. He does have a good sense of humor though.
  6. No worries, they got the #1 rated tackle Kenyon Green moving over from guard.
  7. Dude couldn't even block 5' 6" 170lbs DBs all year. I guess it's better than him trying to play WR ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. He'll probably wait until after the NFL Draft to really be sure the new position coaches can develop players.
  9. All we need now is his BOMC ratings bump.
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