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  1. Stoney Creek is a huge development and they were just getting started when we moved to town. I haven't seen an update on Lupton Farms in while (off Town East). The last proposal to the P&Z did not go well. Many people from the Homestead neighborhood voiced objections to the developers plans and they were shelved. Oddly enough, we have never been to Kearney's. I love the town and the people but I also enjoy time away from the town and people. That is what is good and bad about a small community. Bank Head Brewery in downtown Rowlett is not too far. There are also places
  2. The QT and Panda Express are up and running. Whataburger is framing and they are moving dirt on the new chick fil a. They are also widening and paving Collins Rd. All of this at the intersection of Collins and Hwy 80 (south). It will be interesting to see what happens now that a few places are starting to be built on this land. They have room for a grocery store but who knows if one will be built anytime soon. Schools are great! Just remember that there are not as many options for advanced classes or AP classes in a small district. We drive to Dallas to eat and Forney for
  3. Not looking to tackle a DIY cabinet painting so can anyone recommend a cabinet painter in the Dallas area? Thanks
  4. I received my second Pfizer dose today at Eastfield College in Mesquite. Was in and out in 35 mins!!
  5. People ask me all the time about the cost of the horse? Yes, the horse is expensive but once you buy all the crap to ride, the monthly cost is no more than travel baseball, softball, volleyball or soccer. I know people who have paid way more over the years for sports than I did for all the horse stuff. It also made it easier that she just rode horses and didn't play sports!! She bought her last horse by herself, $8k!!!! My first car didn't cost $8k!!
  6. Anyone have a countertop guy in the Dallas Area? Looking at quartz, around 73 to 75 sq ft.
  7. City Guy whose daughter fell in love with horses. Ill I do is drive the truck and the write check. One of these days, I have to get comfortable with her hauling long distances but for now Ill keep enjoying the great daddy/daughter time. She started on barrels and play days around age 8, but she is a heeler now. Not a competitive roper but she loves going out to practice with the big guys. We have owned 5 horses since she was little but only one at a time. Pic is of her current horse and a pic of her practicing breakaway roping. At college (TX Tech) she working toward ranch versatility.
  8. Just returned from a week in Steamboat (skied for 3 days). We got lucky and the mountain received about 6 inches of snow on the night/day of our first day of skiing. No snow for the rest of the trip and things were getting icy by the last day. I will say the lift lines were short and on our last ski day (Thursday) they were no lift lines. 25% occupancy at restaurants and you had to wear a mask at all times at the base of the mountain. Had no trouble parking or walking through the shops in downtown Steamboat. We did eat two dinners in town and needed to make reservations just to ensure we
  9. We were driving from Illinois to Iowa and had just crossed over the Mississippi River into Iowa. We are driving through the town and pass a bait store. Wife: "I wonder why there is a bait store in this town?" Me: "Maybe because of the big river we just crossed!" Wife: "Please don’t make fun of me for this." Me: "Oh, I will share this story."
  10. We built an electric longboard for my son to ride around his college campus....😕.
  11. Just once and I will never sign up again. Is that to much too ask? We Regret... Your application was not selected for 2021 Masters tickets.
  12. Interesting. I know each mountain has some latitude in what they do, but it is my understanding that there will be no single day tickets sold this year. I know Ikon isn't selling 4 packs, either. Hope it goes through for you. So, while waiting for the last name a DOB of my daughters friend, the website timed me out and emptied my cart. When I went back to the Steamboat page, the "Hall Pass" was not listed. I call customer service, spend way to much time on hold and explained what happened. The guy on the phone said, that technically that deal had expired but they could still sell
  13. The "hall pass" isn't for every Ikon Mountain. I found it under Local Passes and then clicking on Steamboat. I just looked again and the Ikon Hall Pass isn't there anymore! I have them in my cart to purchase but now I'm nervous. I need the name/DOB of my daughters friend to finish my purchase!!
  14. Just looked into the Ikon Hall Pass. 4 days of skiing Mon-Friday. If we go to Steamboat, will will ski Tues-Fri. We really only wanted to ski for three days but at $75 a day, it might make more sense to just buy the Hall Pass. The young adults can ski 3 full days, 4 full days or whatever they choose. They are not selling a 3 day pass or single day lift tickets. I also can find a price of a single day lift ticket but if memory serves me right, $75 a day is a good deal?
  15. Booked 5 tickets on United from DFW to Denver, leaving Jan 4 and returning Jan 9, for $77 per ticket round trip. Yes, $77 per ticket round trip. Now time to find a mountain to ski and a place to stay!!! First trip where both the kids are in college and we don't have to be in school right after the new year.
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