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  1. Zagreb was amazing Chicago is .... Can't beat SF for asian food and Michelin star spots. washington dc has better food in the burbs vienna isn't great... san diego is laughable all switzerland restaurants are trash because of price point. went to a few 2 Michelin star places last visit (less than 2 months ago) and rather just eat basically any other country.
  2. But what do you use on your balls? That is the real answer of what matters or are you a caveman.
  3. fire <next Texas football coach > . com cyber squatting
  4. I have been flying Alaska fairly often domestic. Easily best domestic airline no matter the class of service. Also awesome experience with pet flying. I have been flying more business class domestic which I dislike because think it is a waste of money. Given the airline challenges, prices have been worth it for anything over 3 hours.
  5. Same. Not at 34 yrs but only a few yrs less.
  6. 2 labradoodles from the same breeder. The bigger one is not smart but tries hard. The little one which was supposed to go to my parents and now have re-homed with us is too smart. Figures out tricks in 5 mins. on maintenance, brushing regularly is needed to prevent issues but we get away with going to groomers every 3 months.
  7. I stopped watching regularly after the Strong debacle. I tried on and off with Herman but frankly stopped caring as it seems the Texas administration has screwed up football for decades. I will start caring and watching again when we aren't a dumpster fire. Sure if there is a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday game and I have no plans then I will turn it on, but I stopped planning my life around Texas football schedule years ago. Actually, I have gone to a game in person every year still but wish I am not surprised by this latest game. We are no longer a Tier 1 team. We were good for a short-time but probably going to be battling A&M for who sucks less each year.
  8. Looks like it is becoming a trend. We got our third (2 moderna) after having J&J as our first shot.
  9. Had 2 rentals last month not be there…..
  10. Just flew Lufthansa business class from Germany again. Such terrible food.
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