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  1. There's zero chance the UFC feeds the Goose to Usman or Masvidal. Or Covington. Won't ever happen as long as he remains the Goose. But he should get the loser of the lightweight title fight. Even though we all know he'll get the winner.
  2. I tried to give it a shot and got damn it's horrible unless gen x Davey is there. Corby is an obnoxious poison that amplifies the much lesser obnoxious qualities of both Jake and Sirois. Davey's self deprication and Gordo's passive aggressive goofy weirdness are the only things that make Corby somewhat tolerable. He poisons the whole thing with anyone else he works with to the depths of even CBS/SB Nation level horrific radio.
  3. He probably misdiagnosed getting the runs from mixing stuff like waffles, bloody Mary's, and mimosas.
  4. Yep, happened to my formerly favorite bar Hurricanes on Greenville avenue almost a decade ago. No proper insurance, fire happens, and now it's a shitty ass Dodie's. Oh well
  5. So the control freak coach who famously said he'll never give up play calling again after briefly experimenting with it is now all of a sudden, in his 2nd chance at being a head coach, giving it over to a 3rd year coach? One that he's never coached or coached with any any point? Yeah, sorry but that has Jerry demand in exchange for being hired written all over it. Mike, hate to tell you but history says that's the guy who will back stab you if you don't win it all by year 2, and at the first losing streak come year 3 will be replacing you. If the niners win it all it'll be interesting in that they followed the Patriots plan of hiring a coach and letting the coach hire the GM that will scout and get the type of players the coach wants. The exact opposite of Jerry Jones.
  6. I don't care what the dude says. Nothing will come of it and every successful program is paying out the ass anyway. We are too we just don't have the coaching yet to be successful.
  7. Junior Miller

    Black Pumas

    Well that and the bitch can't sing and seemingly has zero talent.
  8. Either Masvidal or Usman. Dominating Woodley for the belt then beating that piece of shit Covington into oblivion in the 5th is quite a year. No reason not to have that be the next fight for both of them in 2020.
  9. I remember seeing the promos for CH but thought it looked ridiculously trash so I never watched it. Should I give it a shot now? How many seasons is it and do you need to watch sequentially?
  10. Does anyone else feel this weekend's fight is a sham against a completely washed up and punchy Cowboy that's only designed to get the golden goose a badly needed win?
  11. Nate should sue the glove manufacturer after what they did to his face when on Masvidal's fists.
  12. The one thing I would do if I was Cincinnati is pay whatever it takes to get Brady out of LSU and keep him with Burrow. He got that kid to be extremely accurate and show a level that he had never come close to showing before. If you're going to make him the number one pick it's worth whatever it costs to get Brady to come along as well
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