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  1. I meant if it gets so bad that I start having severe respiratory distress and will probably die anyway. Not if I just feel bad. I have to start not being able to breathe bad because my lungs are filling with fluid, but if that were to happen I'd rather die by bullet than drowning on my own blood and fluids And if it gets that bad and it's her selfish stupidity that caused me to die I might put one in her head too. Words can't describe how badly I hate this bitch now for doing this.
  2. I think my wife may have fucked us. I requested one fucking thing: don't go to stores and don't go see friends. That's it. Let me go to the stores. Let me take the risk because I can ramp up and be super OCD about this. Well she disobeyed and went to see two friends at their houses over the last 2 weeks and went to Walmart twice. Now she's had two days of feeling cold, sore throat, and overall feeling fatigued and muscle aches. I'm scared shitless. Don't feel anything different yet but seriously considering going today to buy a pistol and ammo so if this thing gets really bad for me I can kill myself before the worst symptoms of the pneumonia distress start. If I'm fortunate and don't get sick very badly I'm leaving her as soon as possible and filing for divorce. She showed she can't even put my or her own health and life ahead of her selfish desires to see her friends. That's unforgivable.
  3. So when a competitor starts kicking your ass in the ratings I guess it's only normal to start obsessing over them
  4. Especially when in effect he kept the borders open to China. His little travel "ban" was so poorly executed and half ass that it did nothing to slow contamination any more than doing nothing would have done. Everything is half assed and stupidly executed in this Fed now. Everything.
  5. They can't just fight on some random island unless it has a large enough population to have a robust enough hospital to handle any serious injuries that may occur. This is just weird.
  6. Well, you know if the republicans weren't just letting one of their greatest military assets rot away under attack from this virus he wouldn't have had to do any of that. It all goes back to republican incompetence and gross negligence under trump. Every fuck up does.
  7. No, more like trump issuing a travel ban that doesn't ban all travel to the us, then completely fails to set up proper forced quarantine procedures for all American citizens coming back home. Then even more where he failed to mention US citizens where are excluded from the travel ban forcing thousands upon thousands to flood the country all at once. Where he again failed on quarantine procedures and customs streamlining leading to every major international airport in the country being inundated with thousands of people all packed on top of each other with no testing, no PPE, and no quarantine. So yeah, you might want to just shut the fuck up and get the fuck out.
  8. Of course these fuck sticks from the idiot surgeon general to president dumbass are trying to talk about this like it's a war. This isn't a war. There's no fighting and there's no mobilizing an army. We have no way to defeat this virus except stay the fuck away from each other for a few months. But since they keep wanting to talk about it like a war we should be constantly pointing how how they've failed every stage of war preparations. This would be like if FDR failed to mobilize any army and just ignored pearl harbor hoping the Japanese would go away.
  9. Well, looks like Mayweather is going to need another sideshow event to pay for his daughter's legal troubles to go away.
  10. I'm sure he has, but idiots trying to make a joke about the difficulties of marriage all about their race are a massive part of the problem in trying to fight the actual copious amounts of prejudice and discrimination that exist in this country. those players should be kicked off the team for being insubordinate about something that's not racially motivated at all
  11. ??? He said the Trump administration's flat out lying to us about not needing masks is criminal and the American people should revolt. He also called out pelosi and de Blasio for trying to downplay it for their own personal benefit in the early stages. He's right about all of that
  12. The single move that won the cover of a Wheaties box. Amazing
  13. Leach should just make life hell for any player who publicly said anything until they enter the portal. Send the message now. Players on average are far better trained and genetically bigger and faster than ever before, but such a large percentage of them lack heart because they're spoiled bitches who have been raised to whine to get their way.
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