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  1. Revenge? Hell Garrett cutting him was doing him a favor.
  2. Grossly overpaid albatross of a contract lazy fuck running back screwing up? CHECK Other team has a backup quarterback so let's let them move right down and punch it in the end zone on the ground? CHECK Yep, it's a Jerry Jones made and Jason Garrett coached team all right.
  3. What seems likely to me is that the politicians involved in this, especially on the republican side, are so used to violating the Constitution and using the office solely to enrich themselves that the idea of the President doing it seems normal to them. It's like we've reached a level of corruption so heinous that the corrupt officials don't even realize that their actions are corrupt anymore because they've been allowed to do them with impunity for so long.
  4. It would if they were any kind of rational, but they aren't because Fox news and social media propaganda have falsely programmed them to believe Democrat = take your guns away, turn your sons gay, give your job and all your tax money to foreigners. When in reality none of the first two have happened and it's republicans and have always been republicans who give your jobs to foreigners and take your tax money and give it away to the top 1 percent. It sounds crazy and is absolutely crazy but all this right now is nothing more than a fight for the dumbest, slowest, most disinterested idiots in small little podunk swing states that control the future of all of us more well established and educated. We already see how corrupt and horrible trump/republicans are and we're voting, and the hardcore brainwashed trumpers will never listen to anything rational or real because of the reason I posted above. It's all down somehow reaching people so dumb and/or disinterested they pay attention to nothing and do not care about the future of their own country.
  5. The stats Bob was throwing out this morning about how far Zeke has fallen off were incredible. QB Lamar Jackson has 7 times as many 20 yd runs this season as Zeke. Hell, Pittsburgh's 3rd string QB has the same amount as Zeke. To think he's still over a year away from even beginning that stupid ass contract they gave him. I knew from the moment he held out it was stupid to give him a contract but even I didn't think he'd fall off to mediocre this fast.
  6. So what you're saying is a real university would have not only fired it's entire basketball coaching staff but would have also probably shut down it's basketball program if it operated like a completely corrupt organization?
  7. Stupid thing made me log in and get a verification code sent to my phone before it would let me in the queue
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