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  1. If I’m remembering correctly, my sisters wedding reception band at the Lackland officers club were military personnel playing a civilian gig. They did a bad ass version of Miami Sound Machine’s - Rhythm is Gonna Get You.
  2. Haven't been down in close to 20 years. Thinking about trying to take the family if we can find a place, so looking for recommendations. I think it will only be 4 of us. 7 and 5 year old boys. Will probably cook at home, with maybe a little take out ( I think I'll need to try that ceviche) so I'll need a full kitchen and hopefully access to a grill. Really just looking for some quality beach time during the day, and maybe some pool time in the evening.
  3. Not going to lie, people that "have to get out to the bar!" are immediately VERY unattractive these days, no matter how "attractive" they may be. That NEED just makes me ill. And I had a regular weekly meet with my brother at a local bar before this started. This bar opened up that first weekend, but now just announced they are closing again. My buddy is an Urgent Care doc. He had at least 7 positive cases last week. I believe that 4 or 5 of them had gone to bars the first weekend we opened up.
  4. Jim Copeland! I believe I worked for him at I-10 Diner in the mid to late 90's after he left Luby's. Yes? Is "Old Bandera" the Luby's in Leon Valley? That was our regular place when I was growing up. South Park Mall was where my boss usually suggested when I was working Pharma down in the area.
  5. In my youth, we probably went a couple of times per year. Dad ALWAYS got Liver and Onions. Then, I went a couple of times when I was in sales and my boss rode with me. I think it was usually when we were down on SW Military. When I got married 8 year ago and my wife started requesting Luby's to go almost weekly. I was very WTF? about it. But honestly, we had some pretty good meals, especially when our boys were babys. We would just get a couple of baked chicken meals, and make plates for them. It got old a few years ago and we haven't been. Always loaded up on fried okra.
  6. You aren't really up with the times are you?
  7. Well. Now I know why things seemed odd when I was there yesterday afternoon. Employees were probably being told one of their own was diagnosed. Damn it! Guilbeau was one of the 3 stores announced today.
  8. Guilbeau staff starting to get that 1000-Yard stare. Of course, many of them are new employees I think. Lot's of new faces.
  9. Less than the dick tuggers he mentioned. Dick tugger?
  10. Orale! I made a short move across Braun 2 years ago and stopped going to the big one. I love the Guilbeau store for the convenience of parking up front and getting out fast. My sister is still a super HEB snob. I'll hit it when I need something a little more "fancy". Still cant get eggs at ours though.
  11. They have these at Guilbeau in SA. I’ve been impulse buying so much this week. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Really dug the way they used the 80's music in episode 2.
  13. I may have found my favorite WSM cook. Burnt Pork Belly Ends. Did these last Sunday and damn they were good. I just used the first recipe that popped up on an internet search. Smoked with a rub for a couple of hours, then honey, butter, and brown sugar for a couple more hours.
  14. Pedicure. A few times a year. I had a mini pedicure many many years ago at some West 6th joint. Wife got me one for my birthday last year and I'm kind of hooked. Have a beer and chill. I'm in flip flops a lot so it probably makes more sense for me.
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