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  1. Sold. Now I'm gonna go buy a Hershey's Bar with my proceeds. If I can find some spare change in my couch cushions I might be able to afford two of them.
  2. Agree on Midnight Rambler, holy shit, and loved the Robert Johnson insert during the middle. Honestly they are at their best playing the blues. Can't believe anyone thought it was low energy. That's where I think you lose a bit being so far from the stage and having to rely on monitor boards that, especially if you are off to the side, are showing you only 1/4 of what's going on.
  3. Fuck that, I want the sixty gotdamn dollars I paid for the parking pass that bought me the privilege of sitting in a three hour traffic jam and that was completely disregarded and therefore useless when I got to actually, you know, park my fucking car. On edit - forgot to mention that we didn't even get to park in a parking lot. Just in a giant fucking featureless field full of potholes and such.
  4. We were off to the side, I'm way too old to do that standing room only bullshit so that may have had something to do with it. We only had sight lines to one of the video boards too. And oh yeah the whole thing about "traffic apps misdirecting people" was utter bullshit. Allegedly Waze was saying Elroy was closed which was jamming up the other entrances but we were on Elroy and it was just as backed up as every other street. If one of the Surly legal elite wants to throw a class action suit at these assholes to at least get everyone their parking permit money back I'm in.
  5. Dude he's a dog trainer. I'm sure he has plenty of poop bags of his own. I mean, I'm generous but not THAT generous.
  6. Here's my experience: Left the house in West Austin at 5PM, expecting an hour to get to the venue and then maybe 30-45 minutes to park and get to the seats.. Hit a big traffic jam on 71 Eastbound just before I-35. Apparently there was a wreck. Waited 30 minutes for that to clear. Hit 130 just before 6PM. Decided to take the Elroy exit because it was closer to our parking. That's when the shitshow started. Took an hour to get from 130/Elroy to COTA entrance. Now it's 7PM and I'm pissed because I wanted to hear the opening band. Took another hour to get from the COTA entrance to our parking spot. Got misdirected at least once. No one checked our parking permit so why the fuck did I pay for it. Now it's 8PM and I'm fucking furious because I was afraid we'd miss the beginning of the Stones set. Started walking to the venue. Got directed by a flunkee to walk all the way to the other side to enter. Was stopped by "traffic control" with about 50 other people at a crosswalk to let no cars pass. Finally we all started screaming at the "traffic control officer" to let us the fuck through because there was no vehicular cross traffic. Walked to the other side of the venue, entered, bunch of people standing around distributing wristbands, no one knew if we needed on or what color. Asked where our seats were and was told we came in the wrong entrance and now we had to either a) walk all the way back around or b) wait for an "escort". Waited for an escort while screaming at anyone who would listen about the complete shitshow that was ensuing. Now it's 8:40. Got "escorted" to our seats in the grandstand, made it up at 8:55. Stones went on at 8:59. The show? Well, the sound sucked. Vocals were distorted, guitars were too loud at some points and non-existent at others. Mick missed a few notes but was in top form otherwise with the Mick moves. That man's body is ageless. Keef looked old AF, missed a few notes. Ronnie is the coolest cat out there. Steve Jordan is an excellent drummer but he's not Charlie. It was evident from the very first song that the band is completely different and not near as tight. That "jazz drag" behind the beat thing Charlie did was missing. Steve hits a LOT harder even though he does lay off on the hi-hat on the 4 like Charlie did. Lots of breaks and endings missed. "Miss You' was the best song of the night. A ton of energy, tight, and fun. Sympathy for the Devil was second-best, I've never seen pyrotechnics used as well. Seemed obvious that the guys were moved about the fact that it was the end of the tour. Honored Charlie with a video montage at the beginning and a shout-out in the middle. Keef did a couple of his songs in the middle of the set. They were....not good. Keef and Ronnie did some great slide duet things that kicked a ton of ass. Either something was wrong with Sasha Allen's voice on Gimme Shelter or her mic. She sounded clipped and distorted. Overall I'd give the whole effort a B+ Show ended just after 11PM. We left about 2 minutes before the end of the encore, which pained me, but I figured it would be worth about an hour of time getting out of the venue and I was probably right. Half an hour to find the car in the sea of vehicles, another hour and a half to get out. So an 8 hour ordeal overall. Would I do it again? Eh probably. I mean it was probably their last hurrah.
  7. My dog's trainer says he wants them. So he's getting them gratis unless someone buys them in the next two days of which I put the odd at about 0.00000000000001%.
  8. Yeah it did cross my mind that I might have to pay someone to go to the game for me. Buying season tickets this year was the worst fucking financial decision I've ever made, especially after letting them keep the nut last year instead of getting a refund. At least I did manage to unload my OU tickets before the meltdown so I've got that going for me which is nice. I will be blissfully season-ticket-free next year for the first time since 1988.
  9. OK after seeing the going rates for tickets, never mind about the $90, just make me an offer.
  10. So you can watch the shitshow in style. Section 5, Row 45, Seats 27 & 28, SanJac garage parking pass included. I'd like to get $90 each which is face value but if no one is that much of an idiot, make me an offer.
  11. My great-uncle Herman Hochman was the bad-assest of all the badasses out there. I've posted his story before but I'm gonna keep posting it as long as I have breath to draw. He died in his early 90s. I believe the last of his "gang" , J.C., died just last year at a very advanced age. My uncle always carried a deep and abiding love for the Italian people, and told me before I visited Italy a few years ago that if I saw any redheads to say hi because "they might be kin". So apparently fighting wasn't the only thing he did over there. https://www.airforcemag.com/article/valor-behind-enemy-lines/
  12. Along these same lines, I was thinking today about the probably hundreds of thousands of children who have lost one or both parents to Covid here in the U.S. Many of those families are now going to struggle financially and economically. And we have the current Republican fascist machine bombarding them with propaganda that their plight is all the fault of the Socialist/Democratic/Communist/immigrant/intelligencia/elitists. The targets of this disinformation are going to become increasingly radicalized. And when you consider how many of them probably come from anti-vax, anti-science, low-information and "pro-freedom" families, I can't imagine it's going to take much work to push them down that path. Please, someone tell me I am an idiot for thinking this is probably gonna happen.
  13. Germania Ampitheater, Section 105 Row G Seats 11 &12, will throw in parking pass. $100 each.
  14. Eh maybe we are not arguing. But I don't think Trump is a target and I believe I said as much earlier, that he may very well be a lightning rod for shit that was already out there. He is not an anti-Semite per se or in the classical sense but the fact that he has a Jewish son in law and daughter does not negate the fact that he openly supports and embraces fascist white nationalist ideals, and that the actual, you know, fascists, white nationalists, and neo-Nazis have been emboldened because they can say and do shit out in the open and have politicians still rally around them rather than condemn them for the disgusting racist shitbirds that they are. Also the fact that Trump "supports Israel" just plays into the whole evangelical end of times thing that has to happen for the rapture as opposed to preserving Israel as someplace Jews can go when the anti-Semitism starts becoming a thing as it inevitably does. So OK I'm out, Shalom.
  15. Right. I addressed your question as to where the rise in anti-Semitism is coming from by saying both the far left and far right, post an article to that effect, and you agree with the article but not me. Oh, maybe you're right, if it's neo-Nazis this stuff should be happening in small Texas towns. Like San Marcos: https://www.statesman.com/story/news/2021/11/04/jewish-hays-county-residents-face-antisemitism-follow-austin-discrimination/6285536001/ And you're right. The MAGAs and their embrace of the Trumpist/Facist/neo-Nazi/white nationalist ideology is long gone: https://www.azmirror.com/2021/09/23/gop-officials-will-appear-alongside-white-nationalists-nazi-apologists-at-rally-to-support-insurrectionists/ https://www.cnn.com/2021/11/04/politics/kfile-kari-lake-nazi-symapthizer-qanon-figure/index.html Anyway yeah, time to shut up about this. Can't argue with people whose minds are already made up.
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