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  1. It's always been my dream to have some land in retirement where I can just peace out and just be left the fuck alone. To that end I own 10 acres about 15 miles west of Kerrville near Mountain Home where I'll be two hours from Austin and an hour from San Antonio. Now I'm vacillating between getting the hell out and leaving the state to the MAGATs, vs not letting them run me out of the state I've called home all my life. Biggest pros of staying: I can keep my own doctors (I've got a lot of them due to numerous health issues), I will still be within reasonable distance of my family & friends, I can attend concerts and visit all my favorite restaurants whenever I want. Cons of not moving: Well, we all know what they are: the heat, the fires, the traffic, the assholes running the state. I do have some criteria for a new residence: Has to be within an reasonable distance of a major metro area with good healthcare, good restaurants and good music, has to have access to outdoor activities - mainly hiking and biking, has to have trees (no prairie wasteland), can't be too high an elevation (migraines, although maybe they would pass), can't have frigid winters or blazing hot summers, at least for six months out of the year for either, has to be within two hours of a major airport, can't be smack dab in the middle of a bunch of fundie Republicans even if it's in a blue state. I'm sure I'm missing plenty of pros, cons and criteria, but that's what I've come up with on short notice. Like many of you, my Austin house is worth a ridiculous amount of money so replacement cost is not an issue. Find me a place, go.
  2. My goddam fucking back surgery got moved up a week. gotta miss Jack White May 25 and Old Crow Medicine Show May 31 in Austin. Take my tickets, please. Details in For Sale. I did score a ticket to JW in Iriving a couple of days before at least. Been waiting to see him a long time.
  3. Due to unforeseen circumstances I can't attend these concerts. Jack White Sec 113 Row A Seats 15 & 16, Old Crow Medicine Show Mezz 4 Row B Seats 319 & 320. Not interested in making a profit but I would like to recoup what I paid. PM me.
  4. Am I the only one who notices the striking similarity between the language of the propaganda being used currently by the Russkies and the language of the propaganda being used by the supporters of "everyone's favorite president" starting in, say, 2015ish? Surely I'm not.
  5. Whoops wrong 27th for Yola. I'm in the clear beeyotches. Gonna break the bank for this one.
  6. Foo is playing Moody on April 27. I already have tickets to go see Yolo that night. Anyone want to buy some Yolo tickets?
  7. Oh you. Believe me you don't wanna. Surl at its finest tho.
  8. I lived in Austin at the time (still do), knew the stepmother of of the girls. I have never seen a person in such pain. Haunts me to this day. She's not married to the girl's father anymore.
  9. Ted Cruz didn't find it "offensive and insulting" when only white men were considered for appointments. Apparently skin color only matters when it's the wrong color. Fuck him sideways.
  10. First floor, slab. The slab is about 13 years old, poured during a remodel. We had to have the old foundation leveled 6 years ago, don't know if that matters at all.
  11. Nah man, I have nice polite lady shit. Speak to my husband.
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