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  1. Lol Abbott said to a Lubbock TV station today that if things dont improve by next week, he is going to issue a state-wide lockdown what a fucking clown
  2. Was disappointed. Got the trinity. Ribs were good, sausage was awful. So bad i didnt even want to finish it. Brisket was dry and unflavorful. Was just expecting better based on the reviews
  3. Lol this is what happens when we as a country dont take shit seriously until it hits us in the face shocking that some of yall are just now coming around to the fact that there wont be a season this year. Welcome to feb 2020, guys
  4. Any corona test that takes more than 48 hrs is absolutely worthless full stop
  5. The funny thing is, if all the schools were located in europe, there would likely be a college football season
  6. Lol, its very unlikely we have a season starting even in, say, January
  7. Here come the deaths. Usually lag behind spikes 3 weeks or so We need to have a $10,000 fine for anyone in violation of mask in public also, restaurants and businesses in violation of mask ordinance need to be fined $100,000 yes, we need to stiffen the fuck up
  8. Today, im ashamed to be an american - Jim Garrison “JFK”
  9. Lol if we dont start in sept, we arent starting in october If we arent starting on time, look for a january/feb start
  10. Yeah uh, more than 50% of adults have hypertension in 2020. and simply being overweight is a co-morbidity. Close to 80% of american adults (iirc) are overweight or obese
  11. 2nd week mostly worse than the 1st week of symptoms for most people. 2nd week is when most people who are hospitalized start heading to the hospital
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