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  1. Not too hard to be a CEO coach at Texas Not nearly as important to who we hire as HC, when the real issue should be who they bring along for assistants Hell, if Herman could scrap his whole coaching staff this offseason and make good hires, he’d prolly be a very good coach here
  2. That weve gone a decade without a conference championship. Tom Herman 2-13 when trailing at half. Similar to charlie strongs 1-11 when trailing at half record at Texas After averaging almost 45 ppg, three out of the last 4 games we are down to half that average we only ran the ball 3 times in the 4th quarter... all on the last “drive” iirc
  3. Tom has this offseason and its hirings and firings to avoid being Charlie 2.0
  4. Sam single handedly kept us in this game u fucking idiots without sam, herman is gone at the end of this season and we likely have 3-4 more losses over the past 3 seasons
  5. Fuck it, give urban the jimbo deal
  6. Smash spread aint shit in the big 12. His scheme is 2006, when we playing in 2019
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