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  1. I picked a shitty night to start this technique. Edit: Unless the Jays have a decent 9th.
  2. I don't want to take away from Phil's referrals, but my wife is a Realtor here in the DFW area and has robust military spouse Realtor network across the country. If anyone needs a contact anywhere, let me know.
  3. It doesn't look like the 2 deposit method is an option anymore. At least I can't find it. Edit: Apparently you have to trick fuck the system to do the 2 deposit method now. When it asks for your bank name, type in something that doesn't exist (ex: 1st Derka Bank). If it can't find it, it'll give you the option to manually add your account info. Then they'll send you the 2 deposits.
  4. I'm a crypto noob and signed up on Coinbase Pro. When trying to make a purchase, it asks for all my bank account info to include online password and PIN. I'm assuming this is legit and completely normal these days? Have there been any leaks of personal info through CBP or their 3rd party company Plaid that links your bank account? Is there an easier, more secure way to add funds to a CBP account?
  5. The weather was perfect, the water was warm, and the women were milfy. We didn't leave the island once I don't think and everything was within walking distance. I highly recommend an outside table at Frenchy's Rockaway Grill. We were seated about 15 minutes before sunset and had a perfect view. We also did one of those dolphin boat tours and the kids loved it. The Clearwater Aquarium was underwhelming but it broke up the day and gave us something to do besides roasting on the beach. I'd say about 90% of the people on the island were families of high schoolers on spring break. Lots o
  6. I'll be there or Ames this year. I haven't been to either but they're both on my list and will knock out one.
  7. Big win. The fact that we beat a team that has owned us as of late and had to overcome the usual Big 12 officiating, is huge. BTW, fuck those officials.
  8. I prefer MILFs so it looks like I'm in luck.
  9. We got a VRBO in Clearwater Beach on the water. I expect this to be a complete shit show considering it's Spring Break for a lot of colleges but I also expect to see a lot of titties.
  10. My dad recently moved to the Tampa area so wife and I are kicking around the idea of Spring Break down there with the kids, age 5, 6, and 9. I've been to Tampa a few times, but never with kids, and I've never ventured outside the inner city. I'm looking at AirBnBs near the beach, but I know nothing about the beaches there. I know Clearwater is the biggest city on the beach, but what about all the other areas to the north and south? We'll only be there for 3-4 days, so we don't have a ton of time to venture around. I'd like to be walking distance to the beach, and having a lot of restauran
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