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  1. I'm sure there are several 8-5 teams out there where > 0 juniors would get drafted.
  2. Kind of shows where we are as a team where not a single junior would get drafted.
  3. Assman


    Former home of the Ft Worth Fire.
  4. I obviously can't post classified info and I don't know the specifics of Iran either way, but some countries use "Two shot doctrine" meaning they're going to fire two missiles at it either way. I can tell you there's no way they knew the extent of the damage after the first shot.
  5. Nashville, Albuquerque, and NOLA are perfect. I like LAX but this will be the first plane ride for all 3 of my kids, so < 2 hours in the air I think would be best. I was also thinking ATL, MEM, or PHX but not sure what those cities have to offer for kids.
  6. Anyone have a guess at what the big announcement is tomorrow morning? Think they have na afternoon drive crew already set?
  7. I think the proper protocol here is to slip another man in with a string tied around him, and when the two men become co-dependent, you rip the second guy out, and hopefully the first one comes out with him.
  8. My wife and I are looking to get away for Spring Break and take the clan with us, which includes 3 children under the age of 8. I fly SWA for free, so we're looking for a SWA location that has a couple days worth of shit to keep the kids occupied. We'd like to avoid big spring break crowds if able, so we're just looking for places to go that might not necessarily be frequented for spring break. We're looking for a city that has maybe a cool children's museum, aquarium, zoo, or other somewhat interactive experiences. This will be our first time taking the entire fam on a plane, so we're wanting to keep it low-key and easy. Sup?
  9. Just knowing the region, country in question, and the early reports, this is probably going to be a short or medium range radar-guided system (SA-6/8/11/13/14/15 etc) or it could be one of their house-made systems. Iran has a pretty robust IADS so there's really no telling but the chances of it being a run of the mill MANPAD are low I'd say.
  10. There's no way I'd do anything immoral and/or admit to anything on a public message board for my wife and her eventual divorce attorney to find.
  11. There's a very small chance this was an IR missile.
  12. How do you H-towners feel about Christine N? I met her a few years back at a bar and spent the rest of the night with her. She was the nicest hot chick I've ever met. She bought me drinks without even asking before I bought her anything. Total power move. I saw she moved to Houston a few months back.
  13. Yes. I'll gladly cancel my rooms in BR if this is the play. I just don't want to drive on game day.
  14. Did we ever determine who won the OSU week? I've asked about 3 times and got no response so I'm assuming this whole thing is just a front for a money laundering operation.
  15. The Rant was saturday morning from 10-12 IIRC and was made up of Gordo, Gen X Davey, and Corby. It was the best show to ever bless the airwaves of the little Ticket.
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