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  1. Since the wires are already fucked, just cut and strip them and run jumpers between them to see if it solves your problem. You have to fix them either way, so you might as well figure out if that's your problem before you go any further.
  2. I honestly don't think it's that terrible, but the German plate does a good job of breaking that gaping hole up. I think it'd look way worse without the plate which goes against everything I've ever stood for.
  3. Where are the weekly @Huckleberry rankings?
  4. I only clicked on the last page of this thread, so please forgive me if I'm interpreting this incorrectly, but if I want to watch a game in person, while wearing a mask, and making sure to socially distance myself from everyone else who is voluntarily there, I'm an asshole?
  5. The only way you’d know that is if dispatch messaged you and said they suspected you got bad fuel. Or maybe a fuel filter as previously mentioned. But either way, I’d never tell pax we might have contaminated fuel.
  6. Assman

    Classic Car thread

    No clock spring in this column.
  7. Assman

    Classic Car thread

    K5 update... Like I mentioned earlier, the previous owner rewired the entire truck it seems. Whenever a gauge would stop working, he'd just install a stand alone gauge separately. So what I've done is ripped out his extra aftermarket gauges, and got the OEM oil pressure gauge working again thanks to a new sender, and at the same time, replaced the entire cluster with a cluster from a '79 with a factory tachometer. The factory tach was an option from 77-81 and they are extremely hard to find. This allowed me to rip out the aftermarket tach. It took a little modification to work, but it wasn't too bad. The previous owner also wired up a toggle switch for the wipers because the wiper switch in the column was worn out. So I disassembled the column to change that out, and at the same time replaced the stalk, upper steering wheel bearings, and retorqued the tilt screws. This was probably one of the most labor intensive projects I've ever done and hope I never have to do it again. Finally, once all that bullshit was done, I installed 4 new speakers, a new head unit, and a new dash pad to tie it all together. It's coming along...slowly.
  8. I was at this game. Lindale's RB looked like a big boy, so I looked him up and saw that he's a Baylor commit. I was expecting more from a high 3-star, but MHHS also started selling out to stop the run and he did pretty much nothing in the 2nd half. Great game.
  9. Can't you guys just fly SWA instead? I got kids to feed. ChiTown, instead of pulling up directly to the plane in your Lambo, wouldn't you rather just take the Orange Line to KMDW and slum it with the poors?
  10. I saw a brand new McLaren 570/600/620 (who knows, they all look the same) going 10 mph down Lemmon with it's hazards on a couple days ago. Poor guy barely made it off the dealership lot before getting a hard dose of that British reliability.
  11. Toppin is just one of those dudes that you know is going to ball out in the league. He might not have the best measurables or whatever the scouts care about to put someone like him above others in the draft, but he's just a player. Us sliding into the top 5 and stealing him would be the most Spurs move possible. It's going to be weird seeing a rep from the Spurs up on that stage, but here's to the future.
  12. Assman

    Classic Car thread

    I finally got some time off from flying so I was able to knock out a few things on the K5. This past weekend she got new ball joints, drag link ends, tie rod ends, brake calipers, brake lines, and wheel bearings. I also got the reverse lights working. The previous owner(s) seem to have rewired basically everything on the truck, so it's been fun having to undo everything and try to get everything back to factory. The wipers are currently operated with a toggle switch on the dash, wired directly to the wiper motor, so my next project is going to be pulling the steering wheel to replace the wiper module. I'm really looking forward to it!!!11 The good news is this truck is extremely easy to work on, and parts are so god damn cheap compared to some of my other cars.
  13. Lance is going to get us some top notch prospects at the deadline.
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