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  1. I was lucky enough to be there last year for the final 2 rounds. At the time, I thought there was no better moment in Masters history than watching Tiger come back from the dead to win #5. However, this year has the potential to be a little more special. Could you imagine Tiger winning #6 to tie Jack in the first ever Masters to be held in the Fall? Epic shit.
  2. These stay at home orders aren't going to amount for shit until retail/home improvement/other shopping entities start making changes. People are getting bored at home and just walking around stores for hours and that isn't going to stop the spread. I realize shit happens and you might need a pipe fitting in a pinch, but you shouldn't be allow to browse the fabric aisle at Hobby Lobby just because you're tired of home schooling your kids. They should completely shut down all "non-essential" retail now, and "essential" stores need to limit the amount of people in the store at one time. This would not only limit close contact, but would discourage people from leaving the house just to browse. Grocery stores would be the only exemption from this.
  3. I think this summer will be really interesting. It's traditionally selling season, but will as many people be moving as usual? There could potentially be a lot of movement due to people either losing their jobs and downsizing or losing money in the market and wanting to downsize to save. On the other hand, potential sellers might want to sit for longer knowing their dollar won't go as far. We're in the market to buy but will be standing by to see how the market looks in a couple months.
  4. My loads from this weekend: FLL-STL: 103 LAX-BWI: 81 Everything else: 25-40ish Honestly way better than I expected. We're losing money but it seems not as fast as other airlines.
  5. Yet I just ended an 8-leg 3-day without a single cancellation or reroute. We ran into tons of crews that were on DH #3/4/5 but there we were, slaving away for every single bit of the 28.5 TFP we earned. My trip this coming week is still a go with no changes.
  6. Yep. I'm not sure what moved me more: The fact that sports were on, or reliving the feeling of rooting for a team that was actually good.
  7. The funny part is my wife has declared for years that if we got a riding lawnmower, she'd do all the mowing. One big driving force behind me trying to find one soon is just so I can call her bluff.
  8. We moved into a house that sits on an acre. I've only used push mowers in the past on smaller yards. What do I need to know? Good and bad brands? Is a zero turn a must-have? Things to look for when buying? Help.
  9. I thought we'd blow it for sure once Utah cut it to 12 in the 4th, but I was wrong. Two good wins in a row and I'm not sure who this team is.
  10. Anyone go today? I was there for about 4 hours. The AMA stuff was great but I was expecting a bigger peak behind the curtain that never happened. One thing Cat mentioned during his AMA was that the ratings that were posted in Richie Witt's column (I think that's who it was) did not include streaming, and that streaming ratings are not published with the normal ratings and have to be calculated manually. He said when adding in streaming, the little Ticket is doing just fine. Of course, he'd never come out and say their ratings suck, but I tend to believe him.
  11. I'd love to kindly ask Pop to step down, but honestly, he's the only thing going for us right now that might entice a FA worth a shit. Without Pop, this franchise is no different than Indiana or Sacramento to players not already here. I know this FA class sucks, but once Pop is gone, full rebuild mode is engaged and our hopes are squarely on catching lightning bottle again with drafting our way out of this hell hole.
  12. The Old Grey Wolf just announced on Twitter that he's on Cameo.
  13. Anyone going to Ticketstock? The Freak Show sounds pretty bad ass. https://www.theticket.com/ticketstock/
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