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  1. I have my first trip in 2 months this weekend. I've pretty much forgotten everything so we'll see how this goes.
  2. Whenever they're released, if they're released, I'll gladly risk my life so you can watch from home. I've gotten confirmation that there is plenty of money in the wreath fund so my mind is at ease. God bless.
  3. For some reason, I thought a DBA was different (I got sucked down the DBA vs. Assumed name rabbit hole) but I think you're right. I was thinking a DBA wouldn't be required here but it looks like that's exactly what I need.
  4. I'm starting a small cleaning business as a side-hustle, and have already registered an LLC with the state. My LLC is generically named, having nothing to do with my small business name. Now I want to form my small business, and have it fall under the umbrella of the LLC. What exactly do I need to do this? I don't see any sort of regulatory guidance covering this. If my LLC is named XYZ Enterprises, and my company is named ABC Cleaning, how do I marry the two? Are there official forming documents to do this?
  5. I'm in and might try to make more games this year than in years past. Tickets and the travel expenses will be the cheapest they've been in decades. If I dies, I dies.
  6. Low oil prices are a factor, albeit a small one, in why airlines are still operating today without furloughing employees. Per internal email at my airline, Jet-A costs about 50% of what it did earlier this year. So....thanks oil barons?
  7. I hope we trade down but unfortunately I don't think there's much at that point in the draft worth moving up for (as other teams see it) so I think we stay at 17 and take best available WR/DE/S/T.
  8. Four, with a combined value of the change in ChiTownDoc's couch cushions.
  9. My cars have never been in better shape due to the stay-at-home order. In the last 2 weeks I've done out of complete boredom: -4 oil changes -2 air filter changes -2 cabin filter changes -1 trans fluid drain/refill -1 coil pack & plug change -1 brake pad & rotor change -Replaced a coolant level sensor All this plus it's now socially acceptable to start drinking at 11am on a Wednesday? I think I could do this forever.
  10. Can you explain? I'm generally not an aviation nerd and do little reading outside of what SWA requires me to do.
  11. If only the Rafale had the same ISS the T-6 and T-38 with the Martin Baker seats have. It has 3 settings: SOLO: If your handle is pulled, your seat and only your seat goes. Doesn't matter if you're sitting in the front or back. BOTH: If any handle is pulled, both seats go CMD FWD: If the forward handle is pulled, both seats go. If the rear handle is pulled, only the rear seat goes. This is the setting you use for non-pilots sitting in the back for this exact reason.
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