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  1. At least we will suck in the comforts of a climate controlled stadium this year, which is nice.
  2. We are currently under contract to sell our home. The prospective buyer had an inspection done and the inspector noted hail damage on the roof. We called our insurance company who sent out an adjuster, who confirmed that the entire roof needed to be replaced. He gave us this estimate: Replacement cost value: $21k Less depreciation recoverable: $6.5k Actual cash value: $14.5k Less deductible: $2.5k Net claim: $12k The adjuster said the insurance would give us an initial check for $12k. Questions I have: 1. Are we only going to get reimbursed for the $12k since that is the net claim? 2. How does depreciation play into this? 3. Do they just pay us $12k and it's up to us to make it happen? Or do we send them an invoice of the work completed and they pay the roofing company?
  3. "What a game, huh?" -Tom Herman, probably, after starting his post-game press conference
  4. Brooks was unbearable. I'm usually one that can tune out whoever is in the booth, but his suck fest for KU is off the charts. It was so over the top that I thought maybe before the game the producers told him to be more neutral so he turned it up to 11 to remove any doubt.
  5. I fucking hate his shit eating grin after games like this. "What a game, huh?" Go fuck yourself Tom.
  6. Box scores aside, I agree with the OP. We still can't run the ball consistently, our O-line is allowing way too much pressure on Sam, and our lack of any sort of short yardage game is troubling. I get it, 600 yards, 50 points, etc, but how many drives were kept alive by Sam running for his life? The only reason we won this game is solely due to #11, nothing else.
  7. Also, it doesn't matter how bad we lose. Jerruh will never fire Garrett mid-season.
  8. It all starts up front. Just like yesterday's abortion of a game, our o-line is getting owned, especially in run blocking. We're getting no push.
  9. I'm not sure if you're completely against driving, but I've always had good luck getting in and out down MLK or some of the nearby streets. Most people are coming from downtown or other parts north, so coming up/going out from the south is usually smooth sailing. I usually end up parking in someone's lawn over by Madison HS but that might be too much of a trek for your old man.
  10. Didn't there used to be some local number where you could call and narc on litterers? I'd try that because litterers deserve to be shot.
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