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  1. That's only because it's hard to get a wheelchair through the sand
  2. Trump thinks inside the leather means any putt shorter than the length of his belt, so in this case I would have given that putt to him as well.
  3. I was kind of joking, but the same has happened with some pretty good friends and family. They can't stop spewing their trash talking points even during holidays, so I've just removed myself from the equation.
  4. Can the feds withhold funding to the states that lift the mask mandates? Didn't Louisiana raise their drinking age to get Federal highway funding?
  5. You may want to go ahead and try a hub. Hell I had to drive from austin to san antonio. Also if you are checking the heb site, refresh multiple times per hour.
  6. Well Abbott isn't walking away with anything, that's for certain.
  7. It wouldn't surprise me if the Texans fuck this up and trade it away Watson and four first round picks somehow.
  8. I'm guessing he wasn't IN the shoe that night, but probably threw beers at my group as we walked past tailgates on the way into the stadium.
  9. I figured with your username you would give up putting instead.
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