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  1. Yeah I thought best case was a split this morning
  2. Tie your left shoe in a double knot, flip your hat around backwards, and stick a tee behind your left ear
  3. Dude dished out a 16 piece bucket, I was hoping he was walking back to get some fries to throw in his face to complete the family pack.
  4. If you're on the group chat, tell the kid to come on over and walk the dog. If your wife doesn't like it then she needs to put on her big girl panties and be the adult in the conversation and not ghost a fucking child.
  5. Fleshtorch sales were underwhelming
  6. Brooks doesn't want to be there and Bryson is more interested in the long drive contest after. Stricker should go ahead and announce that he's going to pair the two of them together and try to get one or both to bow out and replace them.
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