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  1. The reason for that push for deregulation of tuition was the mountains of cash being offered in the form of student loans. Universities and even more so for profit colleges saw this as an opportunity to increase rates. It's no different than any other supply and demand equation. The problem is that student loan debt is that they can't be discharged easily via bankruptcy so lenders see it as a basically risk free guaranteed cash cow and created a flood of demand for college, which in turn drove up the cost due to limited relative supply. I'm all for free public college and forgiveness of student loan debt. Hell I took loans out and paid them all off. I don't have a problem paying higher taxes to accomplish student loan forgiveness either. I don't think this will pass regardless of the nominee, but as a consolation prize if laws were changed to allow for the discharge during chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy, I think that would go a long way to reducing the number of irresponsible loans given to students. It would also reduce the number of students that go to college, but over half of the student debt out there is held by people who never finished. I'd argue that group would be better off financially had they not gone to college at all.
  2. Should definitely be put in charge of ye olde sexual harassment training.
  3. In the section of the family photo album where Tiffany's pictures should be. Eric and Junior's sections are just more pictures of Ivanka.
  4. That would just make the swallowing louder.
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