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  1. Just saw a piece on him and his wife who is on the bag this week. She's fairly rude.
  2. Hey mother fucker I wish every year was 2005.
  3. It looks like when Billy Madison had to write cursive on the fucking chalkboard
  4. Jordan and Xander Im and Brooks Homa, Varner III, and Big Cat
  5. A few of you have asked if you have to make contact or actually leg one out or whether you can squeeze out a walk or a bunt or get hit by pitch. Wisely none of you have suggested charging the mound instead of having to get a hit.
  6. Well now the low flow toilet thing certainly makes more sense.
  7. I will be shocked if we don't end up bailing out the crypto miner losses this year.
  8. They wouldn't be able to launch it due to bone spurs on the keel.
  9. Interesting that in this goodranchers.com ad she used meat and steaks but never the word beef. I'm guessing horse meat.
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