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  1. They wouldn't be able to launch it due to bone spurs on the keel.
  2. Interesting that in this goodranchers.com ad she used meat and steaks but never the word beef. I'm guessing horse meat.
  3. It's going to take a lot more than a stroke to keep that dude down, if my memory from the 2020 recount bullshit is correct.
  4. Is it me or do the collar areas around the greens on this course look pretty bad all over?
  5. Did I just hear that 16 people are within two strokes of the lead? This is going to be a great finish.
  6. Looks like we found the @Neikea sock
  7. Because the winner gets more than a million dollars?
  8. Why does Under Armour insist on dressing Jordan in shirts that look like they should be in the Mervyn's collection?
  9. Cyber truck looks exactly like a car I would doodle when I was in the fourth grade after watching The Running Man movie.
  10. Calling my shot. TSLA continues to drop. Elon backs out claiming bots are higher than 5 percent of users on Twtr. Twtr stock drops below 35. Twtr bans Elon for life.
  11. Burger alarm talk not going away. Back on topic, it's really fucking cool they found out what causes sids. It's one of those things you're not really expecting but when you hear about it it really does brighten your day.
  12. When we have to move to the next version of this board, Fat Asshole is going to be my username.
  13. Agreed, but it all starts with acknowledging the atrocities, which makes people uncomfortable.
  14. The Republicans are getting rid of a women's right to choose. If anyone is going to end women's suffrage it's them.
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