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  1. Bruh, it's like you've never seen Red Dawn.
  2. I hear you man. Just remember life is a series of ups and downs. Enjoy the good times and even the shittiest times don't last forever.
  3. All while breathing heavily from the walk to the chair and the effort to button his jacket
  4. That would be some biblical flooding in Colombia and Venezuela if that green model pans out.
  5. Are you sure it's the remote? Your house isn't built on sacred burial grounds is it?
  6. At this point unless they release all of the body cam footage, I am under the impression that these cops busted in killing all of the children and the 2 teachers before retreating and trying to figure out how to pin it on the gunman.
  7. Should have told them they were serving a no knock warrant to that classroom. Maybe they could have found a way in then.
  8. I always (unintentionally) hit a huge slice anyway so it really would have fucked with my swing.
  9. To be fair are we sure these secret children weren't part of Jimmy's trade to Minnesota as people to be named later?
  10. I dawned on me today that when HarperCollins multiposts, he doesn't really mean to multipost. What he wants is to share his excitement of a sick meme. What he wants is to bond with the board. What he wants is quality time together. Still, it's a hard no.
  11. These cocaine orgies are starting to look more and more likely
  12. I'm pretty sure there's a limit to the amount of fertilizer I can own. So I don't think that's quite making your argument. Now imagine if there wasn't a limit and anybody could blow up a building and they happened at the same frequency as mass shootings here in America you don't think there'd be some fucking material changes made?.
  13. Let's treat cars like guns. No license required, no more registration or inspection, no more insurance. Let's get all of that shit repealed. As we saw in the Nice attack a few years ago and here in Charlottesville automobiles can be used as weapons. Therefore, all of the restrictions I mentioned earlier infringe on my second amendment right to bear arms. Also while we're at it, lower the drinking and smoking age to 18. If they are able to buy a gun they should at least have the ability to buy a beer.
  14. Which is why Zelensky should treat Vlad like the Senator in the Godfather 2.
  15. Guys the answer here is to surrender the kid to an orphanage and he will bootstrap himself just like slorch did.
  16. Fuck Emanuel, it let's negotiate. Give Russia France if they leave Ukraine.
  17. He's a pretty fucking solid dude. Has granted over 500 Make a Wishes as well.
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