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  1. Boring sounds fan-fucking-tastic right now. I yearn for boring.
  2. I know Naija is in Chicago but for those of us in Austin/Houston area... when the Covid-19 mess finally resolves and we’re not all dead or zombies. Organize a photo walk/shoot somewhere?
  3. Spent a week with the Fuji XT3. It was both really fun and a bit frustrating. Mainly because it's been such a long time since I shot with a "normal" camera. I kinda forgotten what working with a lot of the manual controls were like... and just so many options. Waterfall in Shenandoah National Park - unedited, no tripod — propped onto of a rock Edited in VSCO app Cool gnarly looking log
  4. Yeah... partly cause I have two friends that shoot on’em and I liked the images. Also I get a discount from them through work.
  5. Hey... Trump finally has a war he can say he truly participated in.
  6. Trump and Pence... was their instructions to sway and nod every 15-20 second intervals?
  7. Rented a Fuji XT3 with a 18-55 lens. Curios/interested in getting back to shooting on a regular camera again. Took couple of shots and edited on my iPad using VSCO.
  8. What kind of weird experiment or plan is this team on?
  9. I’ll believe it when I see it (lose the state). And GOP is putting on a full court press trying to persuade that group back into the fold.
  10. I really admire the nature photos in this thread. I have zero eye/composition skills when it comes to that sort of photography.
  11. YChang


    The writing and pacing for the jokes are simply some of the best in sitcoms.
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