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  1. YChang


    The writing and pacing for the jokes are simply some of the best in sitcoms.
  2. I’m impressed that there’s actually defense being played.
  3. Time for a new cap. Can’t wait to wear it proudly whenever I’m in the bay area. F the A’s and Fiers.
  4. Damn this show is quality so far.
  5. YChang


    My favorite sitcom
  6. Go Pokes et al... what do you want? That some of us aren't showing enough contrition? Well, this fan is fucking pissed that the team cheated. There, happy?
  7. I like it ok... about 4 eps in. Seems like it can’t decide if it really wants to be a sitcom or more of a workplace drama with some comedic moments. Also the Asian Aussie girl is strangely cute... maybe it’s the accent.
  8. Yes there are biases still with peer reviewed research but seriously?
  9. A true liberal arts education is more important than ever.
  10. What's fascinating to me that it wasn't always this way right? I think of the populist movements trying to make life better for the farmers and all the programs rolled out by FDR trying to help citizens in the rural parts of our country. Have people in these areas forgotten their history?
  11. Ah... this doesn’t seem like such a good idea. It’s getting harder and harder to root for this team.
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