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  1. ousuxndallas

    Truck Nuts

    Ordered my F250 a few weeks ago, received the VIN already. Getting excited. King Ranch Tremor. Looking forward to the increased payload vs the F150.
  2. It is truly transformational. Learning to swing the club around your body vs straight back /straight forward is a very big step. Your natural athleticism gets unleashed, and your natural instincts know how far to pitch/chip/putt the ball without too much mechanical thought. Really frees you up.
  3. ousuxndallas

    Truck Nuts

    20" X D wheels with 275-65-20 BFG KO2s.
  4. ousuxndallas

    Truck Nuts

    My 2012 FX4 has Bilsteins all around. Big fan. They lifted truck about an inch. There are 2 to 3 settings on them, so you can go up or down an inch or two. No need for a level. Add bigger tires, probably gain another 1/2 inch.
  5. This thread has me kicking around the idea of adding a pool as well. Found a GIANT rabbit hole by downloading Realtime Landscaping Architect (free). It lets you design a pool and then view it in 3D. Once you get the hang of the features, well, it's a giant time-suck. You can add spas, diving boards, features, change the depths, stairs, etc.
  6. Back to back 76s. Playing boring golf, lots of GIR, lots of fairways. Not making a lot of putts, but solid ball striking. 3 rounds ago, I noticed I was getting a bit long in my backswing. Shortened things up, and dispersion is much better.
  7. Read it, practice it, embrace it.
  8. Got a 14 lb going today. Just pulled it. Will show pics once it's done resting. Cooked from 7 am until 5:30 pm (10.5 hrs). I cut away most of the hard fat cap, I think that helped speed up the cook.
  9. My Smoke got wet, similar to CMan, the display went out. Let it sit for a few weeks, now it works again. Still having issues with one of the input readings, isn't accurate over time. If you take a one time reading it's fine, but starts to increase out of control for no reason over a few minutes. The other side works fine, I use it to monitor my smoker temp. About to pull the trigger on a Fireboard 2, or maybe a Therma Q.
  10. Bought a bottle of Noah's Mill today at Specs. Limit 1. What's the consensus on it?
  11. So, what's the consensus on remote thermometers? My Smoke was great, lasted 3 or 4 years, not bad for $99. Need to replace it.
  12. Still have a 1.75 of Weller 12 I picked up last summer. Haven't opened it yet.
  13. Tale of two 9s today. Shot even par on the front (1 birdie, 1 bogie), then a smooth 44 on the back for 80 overall. Golf, man.
  14. Pretty good cook over Memorial day weekend. My damn Smoke thermometer gave up the ghost halfway through, so had to do it the old fashioned way by touch.
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