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  1. Yeah. He looks stoned on pain meds to me. Zero emotion. It's TX/OU. Come on.
  2. The answer is no, those places suck. CB is great as you know. Can't really walk to town from the mountain, but the free bus is nice. Consider Whistler. Bars are awesome, everything is walkable. Skiing is amazing.
  3. PSA, I bought a used Taylor Made M1 off ebay last year. It developed a small chip/crack, I turned in a warranty request to TM. They sent me a brand new M5. Amazing customer service.
  4. She was wearing this shirt. Available at Amazon. Lulz
  5. Just dropping by to laugh at you fools. First, it was Russia collusion. That didn't work. Then it was the Mueller report. That fizzled out. Then it was racism. That didn't work. Now it's Ukraine. The Democrats are scared to death POTUS is going to be reelected, and are just throwing shit against the wall. This is very entertaining.
  6. Club Pro Guy just posted one of his best videos. Holy shit! Can't stop laughing. https://twitter.com/ClubProGuy/status/1171525080699920385
  7. Pm coming your way. Draft at 8:30'tonight
  8. We have 2 spots available. Last minute drop. If we can find one more in addition to taybo20 that would make 10. Anyone??
  9. Forgot to add: 10 team league, $100 pay-in, payouts are 60%/30%/10% to top 3.
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