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  1. Payroll reports should show that. Then you can check it against the statement from the health insurance provider.
  2. Yes, sorry for the misinformation. I double checked the bill and you are correct: " payment of State or local tax assessed on the compensation of employees;" Directly from the bill. The 2.5x is the calculator used for LOAN AMOUNT CALCULATION, not for forgiveness. Forgiveness is 8 weeks of wages, utilities, etc. Clear?
  3. Correct. All W-2 and 1099 subcontractors can be included in "payroll costs". Exclude any amount of W-2 and 1099 wages for individuals that are in excess of $100,000/year. Also, it's salaries, wages, tips, health care insurance costs, and all federal/state payroll taxes. Add it all up for last 12 months, take the monthly average, and multiply by 2.5x. That's the max amount of the loan you can receive. For loan forgiveness, you may get up to 8 weeks of relief of payroll costs, rent, utilities, and mortgage interest expense. There are a couple of "tests" that can lower the amount of loan forgiveness: #1: are the number of your FTE (full-time-employees) for the 8-week period beginning on date of loan less than the average # of FTEs between Jan. 1, 2020 and Feb. 29, 2020? If so, this reduces the amount of loan forgiveness. #2: are any salaries reduced by 25% or more during this period? If so, this reduces the amount of loan forgiveness.
  4. Our club is open. Played Tuesday and Wednesday. Shot 85 on Wed with 3 birdies. My putting is shit right now.
  5. Just scored a bottle of Eagle Rare. First one ever.
  6. I've been using the virus break to read golf books. First up was Stan Utley "Art of the Short Game". Follows the same philosophy as his putting method. After 2 practice chipping sessions, I'm seeing a great improvement. Weight about 60% on front leg, fold, turn and hold. Strike ball first. Makes chipping easy, just need to have a feel on distance. Pitching, a little tougher, but the idea is to use the bounce and strike ground first, before ball. Similar technique to chipping, but add in wrist hinge. Send ball high with soft landing. Key is to stay forward on lead leg to prevent fats and thins.
  7. Turned out good. Moist, tender.
  8. Funny, same thing happened here with that New Zealand brisket. 14lb cooked in 7 hrs. Straight through stall. I noticed it didn't have much of that hard fat cap, just had a good amount of the soft fat that cooks off. I'm about to carve up, so we will see how it turned out.
  9. Found a New Zealand grass fed beef brisket at Tom Thumb on clearance for $3.50 / lb. Smoking it today.
  10. CB, now a Vail property, emailed earlier this week that they would refund individual tickets purchased, but no refunds on season passes or Epic passes.
  11. My club is open, Golf only. I have been practicing, but haven't played because of work and rain. Our club turned the cups upside down, as a preventative measure. Here was an email today: Beginning today, the cups on all greens will be set upside down. Once a ball has hit the cup, it's deemed holed. The flag stick is not to be removed during play. All rakes and ball washers are being removed from the course today. Should your ball land in a footprint or location previously played from, you may place the ball as near as possible to the original lie where the sand is smooth with no penalty. We ask after hitting a bunker shot, please smooth the bunker divot and footprints with your feet as best you can.
  12. Get a new driver, and take a look at new iron shafts. They have come a long way in last 10 yrs. Also, modern drivers allow you to quickly change the shaft, so you can tinker if you want. Buy shaft, try it, sell it, rinse repeat.
  13. EH Taylor BiB for $89? Good deal? Bookers for $89?
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