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  1. Buy once, cry once. Don't go cheap on the optics. And yes, always throw a bullet down range when you get to hunting lease / ranch.
  2. Almost mint julep season, which is one of my favorite ways to consume bourbon. Four Roses SB does really well in a julep. Buffalo Trace is good as well, although now it's made its way to the allocated/secret society list, maybe not so much any more.
  3. You guys that can get away, grab a ticket to SLC. Major storm cycle right now. 25" in 24 hrs at Alta, and most of the good stuff is closed. Next few days should be crazy good.
  4. If you have young kids, I highly recommend you skip skiing during holiday season and instead go between mid January and early March. Missing 4-5 days of school before 5th grade is no big deal, and you get uncrowded slopes and no lift lines.
  5. ousuxndallas

    Truck Nuts

    Any thoughts on the Ram Power Wagon? I'm a big fan of F150 and F250, but this Ram is intriguing.
  6. Make sure to grab a fresh coffee from Pinon Coffee Company.
  7. It's a Caldwell field pod max I believe. Very solid. Folds up and can easily carry or put into a backpack.
  8. I bought a Zeiss Conquest v4 last year on big discount. Love it. Combined with the Larue mount on the AR, and it's really solid. Bounced all around the lease this week and it stayed zeroed.
  9. Trump is the antithesis of that pussy Obama. The reasons why you guys hate Trump are the reasons we love him. He told Iran not to start shit, and when they did, he laid the wood. #MAGA
  10. 1. 7 years old, bolt action 22 handed down from my dad, and his dad. 2. 9 years old (girl), same said 22. Going on 4th generation now. Age isn't really the best judge. IMO, the kid needs to show me they can comfortably handle a BB gun, observing all safety rules (muzzle discipline, etc.). Then move up to 22. Then to a hunting caliber (22-250, 243, etc).
  11. I bought the wife some Salomon heated boots last year on sale at end of season. They are controlled by an app you download, to turn heat up or down. Shag 1% right there.
  12. We use Spartan remote cameras and they work very well.
  13. Took this guy last night with my bow. Nice old 8 pt. North Texas buck. Weighed 152 lbs.
  14. Guisado burritos with cheese, at Don Marcelino's in Del Rio. You're welcome.
  15. Did this exact itinerary last year from DFW. Stayed in ABQ on the way up, stayed in Lubbock on way back. Lubbock was pushing it a bit, didn't get to hotel until 1 a.m. Amarillo is another option.
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