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  1. Lol tickets were $2 on StubHub before the game and everyone got to sit in the lower bowl
  2. New grad assistant for the DBs has a great name: https://goblueraiders.com/staff-directory/wolfgang-shafer/230 https://athletics.ithaca.edu/sports/football/roster/wolfgang-shafer/13539
  3. This is kid is amazing: https://broncosports.com/sports/baseball/roster/grant-kerry/7215 Hometown: Wynyard, England Played Australian Rules football at Wesley College in Perth, Australia Played for the Lethbridge (Alberta) Bulls of the Western Canadian Baseball League And ended up playing rightfield for Boise State in their inaugural season
  4. https://247sports.com/player/christian-leary-46082014/
  5. https://247sports.com/Player/Jaydon-Blue-46085418/ Must be on his insta, which has an interesting profile pic
  6. This dude walked it off for the Rebs
  7. Yeah but you see Stowers can throw the ball very very far. He has no idea whether it's going to go to a wide receiver, a safety, or a cheerleader, but it goes very far.
  8. Milroe above Stowers is a joke/travesty/etc etc. They're really lusting after the Ryan duo, though.
  9. What a beautiful day out there
  10. Any hint of a hot seat from the AD in public is bad for the program. Especially ahead of a season where, if it goes well, things could be totally fine. No reason to torpedo recruiting.
  11. Way to piss off Longhorns AND Aggies, 247! https://247sports.com/Player/Kaidon-Salter-46055521/
  12. Google says chance of rain is 40% at 4, 50% at 5, 60% at 6 and holding steady thereafter.
  13. Excellent plan. Nobody closes late-cycle like Herman @Katfid54
  14. I think it's just a Louisiana kid who's going to LSU and wants to have some fun with his biggest offers while he can.
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