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  1. I thought he'd reached general knowledge level of board noteriety, but here we are.
  2. Let's go win the whole goddamn thing. Hook 'em Quinn!
  3. What do you mean? Touchdown to tie, extra point to win. That safety put them in good position.
  4. Troy Omeire killed a man in Reno just to watch him die
  5. One quite nerdy addendum to this whole thing, does anyone know any good books either about North Carolina and the Carolinas or by Carolinian authors? One of the fun parts about living in New York is the sheer quantity of great literature and history set here (I just finished Brooklyn: The Once and Future City, which is a marvelous local history, and the Great Gatsby and Rules of Civility make me happy every time I read them), and it'd be fun to dig through the equivalent. My family on one side is from Mississippi, so I've covered most of the great authors of the greater South - Faulkner (a whole lot, he's my favorite author), O'Conner, (Wise Blood, loved it), Warren (All the King's Men, a bit ambivalent though the quality of the writing is obviously second to none), Morrison (happy I covered a different kind of Southern experience there but God was Sula a slog to get through) - but none as it happens were from the Carolinas.
  6. Bobby Taylor, come on down and collect your edit of yourself as a wax figure in a Sooner jersey, a couple of smaller pictures of yourself in your Katy jersey, OU's stadium, and the horse mascot, with a muddy red and black background. Why on earth every Texas and OU recruit doesn't have TFB do a video for them (or a livestream hat dance if they're old school) is beyond me.
  7. You've pretty much got the gist of it. Very similar to Ossai in that he grew up in a maroon house because aggy apparently does a great job of convincing Nigerians that their school is the smart, practical pathway to good work and good jobs. Both staffs were concern about his lack of speed but aggy bit first. I'll happily admit that if you look through my posts, though I never said Slomeire, I was definitely agreeing with those who did. Credit to the kid to working his ass off to develop his speed and agility - that kind of thing isn't easy. Just for fun, here's 247's writeup on him:
  8. It's from the the Spongebob meme @Hank_Hill posted. It's used when an authority figure or someone who's supposed to be knowledgeable says something dumb. In this case, it's Roach saying LJ doesn't affect Wheaton, followed by all the OU people changing their Wheaton CBs to OU. It was more cutting when Tom Loy, the usually pretty good at his job Notre Dame reporter, was also supposed to have added his CB to the pile.
  9. And, as a Chelsea fan, goddammit Sergio Reguilon is a Joorabchian client. Hello Arsenal. https://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/chelsea-fc-transfer-rumours-news/2020/8/13/21366191/chelsea-arsenal-best-positioned-to-sign-real-madrid-left-back-sergio-reguilon-report
  10. Declan Rice vacationing with childhood friend Mason Mount as well as Didier Drogba 👀👀👀 And JT's being a troll
  11. Totally. It's working hard to be the Duke of the West, and a lot of their newer grads reflect that, but they'll always take that certain group of moneyed kids to do the big college version of keeping the lights on. But every major college does that. I had a high school classmate who was a really solid dude but an unenthusiastic C+ kind of student. Got into Harvard. Turns out his family (the Ayalas) pretty much run the Philippines. Can't depend on it too much. Apparently Iowa is really struggling without their usual cohort of wealthy Chinese kids. https://www.press-citizen.com/story/news/2019/11/11/international-student-enrollment-drops-university-iowa-again/4169992002/
  12. I knew a San Francisco girl whose dad bought her into SMU. She spent her spring break money home from Mexico on a boob job and then got daddy to buy the flight anyway. As an outside observer, I didn't hate it to be honest.
  13. Go get it, Collin, if only for recruiting's sake
  14. I'll pull you out of everyone's ignore ghetto just so @golfclap can speak his piece
  15. OU getting a loudmouth somewhat-but-not-overwhelmingly talented DB? It must be, well, ever year. Motley, Radley-Hiles, and McCutchin salue his respect for tradition. Dwight McGlothern sheds a single tear for his people in Baton Rouge..
  16. When a kid ditches us for, well, a few $EC kind of reasons, I'll get upset. When a smart kid from an immigrant family picks Clemson, yeah, I get it. Purely business in the "I need to get NFL-good at football" sense.
  17. Hell yeah, lets get every Houston Nigerian childhood aggy fan whose name starts with O.
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