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  1. Goddamn this team fucking sucks. Except for Rudy. Andrew Wiggins found his balls.
  2. Something useful in exchange for Demar, or not useful. I would trade Demar for mange at this point. Perhaps low grade syphilis. Vomit comes to mind.
  3. Three versions, huh? Isn’t that just the normal editing process? Are we so full of vitriol that we have to make up reasons to shit on the films now? Let this film come out first, watch it, and then formulate your own opinions.
  4. Oh please lord baby Jesus. I’ll throw in $3.50. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2862561-demar-derozan-trade-rumors-magic-have-expressed-interest-in-spurs-star
  5. Kermit

    Echo in the Canyon

    I got the impression watching it that Michelle Phillips fucked a lot, and probably still does on the Senior Circuit. Jakob definitely smells his own farts.
  6. Chris sounds fucking great. Better than he’s sounded in years.
  7. Fat girls? Cajun, you know I love you but Kermit would have plowed through each and every one of those girls in his youth. I’m no Vic Mackey, but those girls ain’t fat. Ugly maybe, but not fat. Just a little extra cushion.
  8. Yeah. Unfortunately. Shit is too good a word for what just happened.
  9. This team is fucking awful right now. edit: I will say that Rudy has played his ass off this season.
  10. Alleged history of violence, gets hired by the school district anyway. Only in Hays.
  11. What did that student say to set her off? That’s an ass whooping that only a teenager’s mouth could provoke.
  12. AT&T TV has always had Dallas and OKC as their channels here in the Austin area. I just figured it was due to AT&T licking asshole. Calling them isn’t going to change a goddamn thing other than increasing my bill.
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