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  1. Pete’s running through some pretty prestigious pussy.
  2. Uh...is a strip club either one of those?
  3. That one over Gary Neal was nice, but it’s Gary Neal.
  4. The best in-game dunk I’ve seen is that reverse dunk on Mullin and the Pacers. The Weis dunk is a close second.
  5. That song is fucking genius.
  6. One day, she’s going to poke someone’s eye out with that thing.
  7. Yacht Boi’s designation is killing me.
  8. Yes. That’s why they keep Karening.
  9. Gym Jordan getting dragged into this when he’d rather be ignoring it.
  10. This is the weirdest hill to die on.
  11. I love that Kyrie is in the middle of stirring this shit and he’s not even going to play.
  12. Kermit

    John Prine - RIP

    It’s probably the only part of her that hasn’t had any work done.
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