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  1. Doesn’t Toronto have a reputation for the best strip clubs in North America?
  2. I have a lot of hate built up inside of me with regards to Kawhi, but you take it to another level. How do I get there?
  3. This thread sure has taken a turn into Shawn Kemp discussions.
  4. Couldn’t have happened to a more assholey asshole.
  5. The worst of it would be having a tiny dick and huge hands. Hope you have the worst of offseasons, Kawhi. Go fuck yourself.
  6. John Prine dead, goddamn corona virus, stupid ass government shit, fucking politicians, 200,000 dead, no sports, economy tanking, mass unemployment, hurricanes, fires, Chadwick Boseman, NO GODDAMN TOP GUN 2...but 2020 had a little sunshine in it. Jokic and the weird pubes guy came through. Thanks guys.
  7. You see, the Clippers are comprised of bitches, coached by a bitch, and are owned by a bitch.
  8. That thing has its own zip code. It’s fake, right?
  9. What do they have that the Bucks could possibly want?
  10. Do they want DeMar? I’ll throw in some Wing Stop coupons and a season pass to Fiesta Texas.
  11. Sure, but are LA and DeMar those pieces? Honestly, I’d love to see them back just to see what the small lineup looks like with LA at the five, but they’re not going to get anyone over the hump. We’re definitely not getting Herro, or any player worth a shit from either team. I guess if there’s a trade, the tankathon is on (a couple of years too late, but whatever).
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