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  1. Brothahorn

    2020 schedule?

    What if UTEP pulls a UConn?
  2. Without sports, I've been watching a lot of Brit crime shows. And while I know it's television, I do notice how the cops are able to arrest most suspects without any threat of guns being involved. Maybe we should start letting unarmed cops handle certain crimes, with armed back up. The unarmed cop can keep their weapon in the car. Of course good luck finding a cop who will take that job. Maybe give them a taser to carry at all times.
  3. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/woman-throws-coffee-mans-face-not-wearing-mask
  4. Endeavor. Prequel to Inspector Morse. Prime Suspect Tennison. If you like the Brit crime shows they have some really good ones. Also, DCI Banks.
  5. Women who smoke, like to get poked.
  6. First two games were fun but last night was a perfect example of what worries me in the playoffs. Last two games PJ has been 5/18 on 3's. And I'm still not sold on Harden/Westbrook when it matters. Once the playoffs start the pressure will only get worse. If they are going to stay committed to this system, then Morey needs a more consistent offensive threat that can rebound/play d like PJ. I know it's difficult, but that's the system they chose.
  7. Just don't see the benefit of G5 schools doing stupid shit like this. They are not gaining enough to justify the risk.
  8. College football needs a hard reset. Let the NFL and the semi-pros develop their NFL China, while the student athletes play college ball. That applies to the coaches too. Way too much money tied up in 'amateur' sports.
  9. Maybe the victim threw one of the old school 'brick' phones at him..bet that would smart.
  10. I thought the Portland protests were about the Fed occupation, and would stop once the Feds left..LOL Even though they had been going on for over month before the FEDs showed up.
  11. Not having real fans sucks. Even if they only let a 100 in, they need people in the seats. Not CGI dogs.
  12. Alvin Gentry gonna Alvin Gentry.
  13. How much Boones Farm have you had today?
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