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  1. Actually, that would be noted QB guru Eric Reid, who has been one of Kape's most vocal supporters. He's a safety in the league.
  2. This is exactly why I don’t have a LinkedIn page. So I be a racist and stay employed.
  3. And Texas will never hire a guy who dresses like that on the sideline.
  4. Don’t care as long as 0u doesn’t win another conference title.
  5. 5 years. He talks a good game and the big cigars will eat that shit up. Meanwhile we will miss multiple chances to get coaches who actually coach and win.
  6. Look at what a well coached fearless team can do against mighty 0u. Fuck you, Tom!
  7. TH is one dumb sum bitch. He leaves points on the field trying to be a badass. But then turtles up by 1 point, deep in his own territory. When the only success has come from passing.
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