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  1. .n P Mppn. [emoji8][emoji3525][emoji3059]
  2. If we don't win gold or even medal, is it really that big of a deal? What exactly do we have to prove? We know that we have the best players in the world and have proved it on multiple occasions. If we wanted/put our best out there this would be no competition. Other countries need that juice. We don't.
  3. https://abc13.com/harris-county-courthouse-backlog-of-felony-cases-murder-trial-judges-not-holding-in/10904083/ Harris county as a whole has a big problem. That shit is unacceptable. Covid or no covid.
  4. My first real summer job was mowing fields. From 14-16, I think I charged $10-$12/hr. I'd mow from sun up to noon. And then go back in the evenings until dark. Even after I a legit tax paying job, I still mowed on evenings and weekends. I thought I had it made.
  5. How to say you're super rich without saying you're super rich, LOL. There are black lawn guys all over the working/lower class parts of Houston
  6. And KD is guarding Bird. It wouldn't be some one sided contest. I'd prefer a young Magic on KD, though.
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