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  1. Damn, Boston. You're not supposed to struggle like this at home.
  2. https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2022/05/21/video-woman-confronts-hoarding-baby-formula-shortage-autumn-guyer-intv-ebof-vpx.cnn/video/playlists/top-news-videos/
  3. True. I don't think Kuminga even played last night. Also, I predict Draymond doesn't finish game 3. He gets tossed or fouls out.
  4. Good Ol Skeet..LOL And where the hell do you find 'loose' cattle these days?
  5. It's an alive snake. While you trying to figure shit out, he gonna eat you whole. Kill them all, let your god sort them out.
  6. Thread title is misleading. Actually, things are going great for these grifters and their political masters. They grifted millions of dollars, political impact and social influence from soft serves and simps. They will never be held accountable for the thievery. So things are great for Patrice and Hugo. Both of those bitches will be back in 2022/2024 to make more money and scare more simps/soft serves. Now, before the soft serves/simps start crying about that one person/organization they supposedly know..as I specifically said in the original bloodsucker thread(@hugostiglitz.), BLM(Patrice and Hugo) don’t give a damn about black lives. Unless there is money involved. #politics #politics #followthemoney Yeah, yeah, we all know someone who has been working their ass off to solve the problem. But those folks/organizations never get the money/attention that the thieves do. And that is the problem. The organization that got all the money, attention and political influence never gave two fucks about black lives. It was all about politics and money. But that's what the people wanted. Easy, soft serve ice cream shit. Not actual problem solving. Meanwhile 3 young men are dead this year that I mentored or knew. None of you front-running political chickenshits will say their names, march for justice or give a fuck. Because their deaths don’t fit your bullshit politics.
  7. Well at least this time when I have to sit in line for gas, I won't have those hot ass pleather seats like mom's Monte Carlo. I don't wanna sound like surly's loveable paranoid nutcase, but it's going to be ug-lee this summer. I have a feeling lots of folks are going to find out some inconvenient truths.
  8. Well that doesn't sound very good.
  9. Buddy sent me this. Confirmed it with my mom. But as you say times have changed. Kids used to sip beer for ringworms.
  10. When was the last time Kawhi played in a NBA game? And now he got commercials?!
  11. I know we're not supposed to hit a kid. But it would extremely hard for me not to have booted that lil fuck off my porch.
  12. I don't think Rajon likes Chris too much.
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