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  1. 20 of our 35+ was probably 0u. Name some good PAC12 teams during that stretch.
  2. I used to eat all the skin off my sister's chicken just to piss her off. Even now, if I'm cooking thighs, I will eat the skin first and finish the rest later.
  3. The McNair's are the Joneses without the rings. No matter how bad you hate Jerry, you enjoyed those 3 super bowls. I bet you did. And FTR I think they will kiss and makeup.
  4. I'm leary of people who have pet monkeys. Through social circles I know of two females who have them. I keep my interaction with them to bare fucking minimum. Something just ain't right about pet monkeys. Be a normal person and get a dog, cat or tiger.
  5. The Bucs would be wise to slow the game down as much as possible. Going downfield to Gronk on 3rd n 3 is not a good idea.
  6. Terry Bradshaw is the Lee Corso of the NFL.
  7. I'm sure he had a hand in designing the play and maybe even in the suggestion to use it. But the decision was all Reid, as it would for 30 other NFL HC's.
  8. Wow. Probably should have put pressure on the backup QB.
  9. He's never had to deal with Bill O'Brien before either. Don't underestimate that level of shittiness.
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