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  1. I don’t think 2010 will happen again. It was a perfect storm of democrats still being lazy and happy that Obama won / the economy in the middle of a very slow and painful recovery / and the pissed off tea party folks showing up in full force.
  2. Makes me wonder...... will that state ever break the gerrymander? Doesn’t feel like it.
  3. He won’t be traded. He’s a building block considering how cheap he is and how long we have control.
  4. I’m very fortunate to not have any hardcore / outspoken republicans in my inner circle. I’m not friends with the jerk who has a “ republic of Texas” sticker on his huge truck while he’s tail gating you on the highway. I’m not friends with the tea party people who have had perfect upbringings and believe their parents who tell them that colored folks are coming for their stuff. I think a lot of them mistakenly follow the GOP likes it a football team and they want “ their side” to win at all costs. I think a lot of them tie all the good stuff in life to Republican values / the Republican br
  5. What good is our state legislature? Fucking seriously. supposedly inferior states like New Mexico, Arkansas, and Louisiana are way ahead of us on this. They can’t protect us from freezing to death in an ice storm. These guys are fucking worthless. I can’t believe the people of this great state are so fucking dumb that they vote for hot wheels Abbott, potty Patrick, and indictment Paxton without even consider any alternatives. Our state leadership has gotta be bottom 5 in the country. I guess Texans love their football, death penalty, and their politicians as dumb as possible. Heck look a
  6. With New York and New Jersey being fully legal, It should put pressure on the smaller states in the region to fully legalize and take whatever tax revenue they can.
  7. At least we know Biden’s administration won’t go after states who legalize marijuana. We never got that assurance from the trump administration.
  8. It’s an interesting, but very frustrating story to say the least. every 2 years Texas veterans come to the state capitol with tons of empty prescription bottles that they use as props to show state lawmakers that these drugs are severely hurting if not destroying their bodies. Why can’t we legalize marijuana for things such as ptsd and chronic pain? Mothers of children suffering from seizures come to the capitol and plead their cases. The testimony is always strong and overwhelmingly in favor of the people arguing for legalization. Usually in the committee part of the hearing where they
  9. We have a fucking idiot who still lives his life like he’s in the 1950’s for a lieutenant governor. The problem is most Texans vote R no matter what and Dan Patrick actually wins elections in our very big and diverse state. Dan Patrick will kill anything and everything that goes against his personal 1950’s opinions and values. We are not getting legal weed, casinos, or sports betting until this creepy ugly old fuck is voted out or retires. Patrick has hijacked the state senate and molded it into the most conservative legislative institution in the country. It truly is a horror show that t
  10. It’s not as bleak as you think. yes....... South Dakota might kill the recreational initiative, but they’ve lost on the medical fight. Noem who is a crazy and miserable cunt by the way, tried to delay the implementation of the medical law for a year, presumably so she can find a way to kill it in the courts. The South Dakota house and senate couldn’t agree on what to do, so the medical law that voters voted on will go into effect in a few months. meanwhile..... for Texans who want to toke up. You will have New Mexico, Mexico, and probably Oklahoma to buy product from in the near futu
  11. This map is outdated and doesn’t take into account 2020 election results. New Jersey, Montana, South Dakota, and Arizona all legalized adult use at the ballot box in 2020. South Dakota and Mississippi also legalized medicinal. Nebraska had its Supreme Court strike down a ballot initiative that would’ve let voters vote on medical. Virginia legalized this year and now they’re trying to move up the timeline. I’d expect New Mexico and New York to legalize soon as well. why does the gop fight this? Because they’re morons who like to vote no on everything. That party is a waste and I
  12. I view Blount retiring as a good sign. The GOP probably doesn’t think they can take the senate back in 2 years and why should they? dems will be favored in Pennsylvania. The people there love fetterman, he’s a perfect representative for that state. grassley needs to retire. The guy is almost 90.
  13. It’s because we need to run a Hispanic. Preferably with a Z at the end of their name. do that and we win, but the district is about to get redrawn anyway.
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