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  1. Indictment Paxton will shoot it down. The guy hates voters and he seems to enjoy nuking common sense reforms in the state.
  2. Just wait until Indictment Paxton gets involved. That guy has a knack for shutting down common sense reforms in the state of Texas.
  3. I would even vote for the nazi party of America or communists are us over the GOP after what they’ve put us all through since 2016.
  4. Of course it would be a hot dog that this massive homo would be enjoying. Haha.
  5. Should we be concerned? it looks like Trumpski is out hustling Biden. Trumpski is going to 3-4 events a day then having Nuremberg hate rallies at night. isn’t this the time in the campaign where both candidates should be visible?
  6. Seems like something senators should be able to plan for. 6 year terms are a long time. I’d spend plenty of time in DC years 1-3 then make sure you’re visible back home the last few years before re-election.
  7. I’m not worried about a batch of a few bad polls when Arizona has looked good in polls for months and the fundamentals of the race still look damn good there. its probably a blip on the radar or an anomaly. Biden / Kelly probably still gonna win there.
  8. Loeffler vs a Democrat might actually be winnable. crossing my fingers.
  9. I’m sure it was a big shock to him since he surrounds himself with people at work who lick his ass all day. Then he goes all around the country to his racist, super spreading, Nuremberg rallies filled with people shoulder to shoulder who aren’t wearing masks. Those people merely wish they were good enough ( In Trumps view) to lick trumps ass all day. hopefully Biden has a big surprise waiting for trump next week.
  10. Holy shit. I never thought of that. I will definitely wait too unless we hear of the shitty case being resolved in Abbott’s favor.
  11. The sad part is he fucking sucks ass at being a senator. Everyone knows it but him.
  12. I call total bullshit on the “ democrats are less likely to vote if they think trump will steal the election”. it sounds like another wish list GOP conspiracy theory cooked up by people detached from reality. Has anyone stopped to take a look at democratic fundraising lately? Numbers are going through the roof. People know this is their one and only chance to get rid of this grotesque, obese, retarded, childish, idiotic, loser of a president. I know democrats who will crawl over broken glass to vote Trump out.
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