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  1. He’s a fucking idiot. Just got home and flipped on round one. Literally a minute into ESPN’s coverage, they cut to someone waaaay off in the woods. I start laughing, because we all know who it is. Then Scott Van Pelt chimes in: SvP: “That’s Bryson Dechambeau. You’ll forgive me, I don’t recognize this part of the golf course.” Me:
  2. Season is on the line tonight and next week. I’d feel better if Tierney was in the XI. GOYG.
  3. Tierney doesn’t need surgery but is out “4-6 weeks.” Furking furk. Ødegaard a match day decision for Thirsday.
  4. Truth. My DVR is set for this exact reason.
  5. Luiz out for a few weeks; Tierney...God lets hope its not serious. https://www.goal.com/en/news/tierney-injury-could-mean-miserable-end-to-arsenals-season-after-/78ht8w0hpa5z1lwuynj3498te
  6. Well that sucked. Figures Pool would find their form against us.
  7. For your rub...go 9:1 black pepper to kosher salt. Beef ribs like pepper. Like, you can't over pepper beef ribs. As for when they're done, the man himself can explain it better than I can...
  8. Axiom dropped off the face of the Surl; bet those beans were good
  9. The wife (no pics) prefers milk drinks, usually a latte. We like them strong but not too strong: two double shots in ~ 12 oz milk (or whatever "add milk up to the base of the spout of the milk pitcher" comes out to in oz; I've never bothered to measure it.) As for myself...I like 'em all. A latte most evenings after dinner or weekend mornings. A cortado when I'm in the mood for something different? Yes, please. An affogato (an espresso pulled directly over ice cream) makes a nice dessert. And a straight espresso, nice in its own way, needs no explanation. If what you're making tast
  10. Nice... I've seen "Mississippi roast" recipes but hesitated. Going to try one now. I'd destroy about five of those sliders.
  11. Eureka has multiple models of the Mignon, and I've researched pretty heavily what seem to be the most popular two: 1. the Mignon Silenzio (50mm flat burrs) is essentially manual grind with a very generic timing "dial" on the side that most reviewers say is pretty worthless. 2. The Mignon Specialita (55mm burrs) has an LED screen with two programmable times (you need to figure out how long it takes to grind your desired dose and set that time) down to 0.1s, with one for double and one single doses. Appreciate the comments, @sidis. I can see myself upgrading to more of a prosumer
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