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  1. Since Whataburger refuses to bring back the green chile double, I took matters into my own hands. Hatch chiles have arrived at CM. I left y’all a few.
  2. That’s awesome. Just awesome.
  3. HELL YEA!!!! 14-time FA Cup Champions!!!
  4. Recovered nicely since conceding. GOYG!
  5. Live feed is only on ESPN+. Bastards. I say 2-1 Arsenal. That we've shown up in the last two matches against big clubs (Liverpool and the semi vs City) has me optimistic. Or, like Cooter said, we'll lose 1-4. COYG!
  6. Dutch

    Pork ribs

    It's easier to find StL cut spares than whole spares. Costco, Whole Foods, Central Market all carry them. Added bonus: I can fit three racks on my WSM without trimming them.
  7. This. The hate that Leach has for aggy means he’ll be out to make aggy his bitch every year. I approve.
  8. A “clearing out the fridge before vacation” lunch sammich: the last slices of Cajun turkey, last two slices of cheese, last few Kirkland Real Bacon Pieces*, the last bit of onion, on the last brioche bun. With the remainder of a Cheez Balls can. *These are a life-changing food item. All surly bastards need at least two bags in the house at all times: an open one in the fridge and a reserve in the pantry.
  9. I streamed plenty of 2:30 SEC games last season on YouTubeTV; did something change?
  10. Where has that defensive effort been all season? Hell of a bounce back. GOYG!
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