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  1. Dutch

    Formula One 2020

    Trailer for Drive to Survive Season 2 dropped. Can't wait...
  2. Grilled cheese (smoked chedder, sharp chedder, and Parmesan on sourdough) with homemade tomato basil soup.
  3. I’d annihilate that plate with extreme prejudice. Am I correct in assuming that is Montreal-style smoked meat (aka pastrami) piled on a bed of fries?
  4. Brisket tacos, Cholula, black coffee.
  5. Dutch

    Formula One 2020

    Alfa's testing livery.
  6. Anyone have this happen? I know all briskets are different and they’re done when they’re done, but this one was stubborn. The WSM was rolling along rock solid at 240, I wrapped at 165 like usual, and then the brisket stalled at 200. The temp didn’t budge for nearly three hours before it finally probed. By then, I had a good bit of liquid in the foil that dissolved away some of the bark. The end result had good flavor and definitely passed the pull test (which is all that matters), but is there something I could have done differently? Not wrapped at all? Put it back on unwrapped when it stalled at 200?
  7. Not to mention the mushrooms are cooked along with the beef, whereas in beef bourguignon they're sauteed separately and added back just prior to serving. Also you're sieving and reducing the cooking liquid (something I didn't see listed in the method) in BB before serving. Small differences, yes, but ones I imagine would impart a slightly different flavor to the sauce than you'd get with a traditional BB. The wine braised beef with mushrooms nonetheless looked amazing, and I fully intend on trying it in the near future.
  8. The chili, the Fritos, the lovingly cross-stacked hot dogs, the obligatory japs...Outstanding, Irish. Out-fucking-standing.
  9. Dutch

    Formula One 2020

    Chinese GP postponed due to Coronavirus (probably not to be rescheduled) and Vietnam GP reportedly in doubt also. Other reports say it's unlikely to be rescheduled. https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/article.chinese-grand-prix-postponed-due-to-coronavirus-outbreak.3g2y5Ngyrk1MbNxQB9hj4s.html https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/feb/12/f1-chinese-gp-set-to-be-called-off-due-to-coronavirus-with-vietnam-race-at-risk
  10. Preparing the next generation....the duty of every father. Well done.
  11. This post hit me a bit. My dad passed away about five years ago after a long battle with cancer and related illnesses robbed him of his final decade. The first picture you posted...man, that is the rare photograph that perfectly captures its intended scene and in so doing conjures up emotions within the viewer. The second... @Brisketexan nailed it. Any words I might add would fail to add anything of significance. What I wouldn't give for a weekend such as the one you brilliantly captured in two pictures.
  12. Brisket, sausage, tater salet, and pinto beans. Several varieties of chips with salsa and queso as snacks.
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