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  1. *Raises hand* Most supremes come with sausage, pepperoni, onions, green peppers, black olives, and mushrooms. That's six, and I've been known to add diced tomatoes and japs.
  2. It's just as good as you remember; staple of my childhood is now a staple of my kiddo's.
  3. Instead of a set, I'd recommend getting three good knives: an 8" chef's knife , a serrated bread knife, and a paring knife. These are the only three you'll realistically ever use. Paring knife for cutting small veg, herbs, and fruits, bread knife for slicing, and a chef's knife for just about everything else. Keep the chef's knife sharp, and it will do just about everything. As others have mentioned, Victorinox makes a great knife at a great price. You really can't beat $75 for all three. https://www.cutleryandmore.com/victorinox-forschner-fibrox/essentials-knife-set-p136362?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpOTx2LKw5gIVIf_jBx3jwgdiEAQYASABEgLSAvD_BwE That said, I have a Wusthof Classic chef's knife and love it. It looks great, stays razor sharp, and is perfectly balanced. A bit more at $240 for all three, but worth it imho (and I'm no where near Surly 1%). https://www.amazon.com/Wusthof-Classic-Piece-Starter-9608-4/dp/B0058ZQUC4
  4. The cheese one is good, too. Is it as good as what you could get at a decent local pizza joint (probably not) or a homemade one (no). Is it as good as the hot slices and whole pizzas offered at the Costco Food Court? Nah. That said, is it better than most frozen pies out there? Yes, and at a better price. And most importantly, will it scratch a pizza itch at 10pm? Most def. Or if you're trying to be a bit healthy (also available at Costco). Kinda pricey for two but very tasty for a cauliflower pie. This one also was a lifesaver when I embarked on my body transformation two years ago (lost 46 pounds /csb). This definitely scratched the pizza itch while keeping me ontrack.
  5. Wolf Hot chili, while not spicy, was a nice addition.
  6. 1940 offense gonna 1940 offense. Edit. I advanced them by 40 years incorrectly.
  7. I mean fuck ou. First and foremost. TCU or Baylor might get bumped for a two-loss team. Not a OU.
  8. Some poor sumbitch was going to have to follow that stunning bit of excellence from Brown Water eventually. I’ll bite the bullet. Prime ribeye caps, salted with kosher ~ 45 mins, seasoned with cracked pepper, Himalayan pink salt, garlic and onion powder. Grilled over mesquite and hickory. Very tasty. *Note to self for next time: snap the plated pic before cutting the twine.
  9. Dutch

    Uniform Pron

    I like the “division” unis Army’s sported the past few years. Looks good. More info about the details in the uniform and 1st Cav. https://firstteam.football/
  10. Page 54 is lacking pics; here’s an attempted remedy: Toasted tort, Cheese, Stubbs Original Sauce, Kirkland Bacon Pieces (nuked till hot & crispy), Moar Chee, Bud Light.
  11. Left over taco meat, left over queso, toasted torts, onion, chee. With an ice-cold Bud Light. Edit: “But, Dutch, no hot sauce?” Queso was made with Habanero Tobasco, Troung OT, and Valentina. So... it’s there.
  12. PS: fuck you, Tapa, for charging to upload original res images.
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