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  1. exactly my thoughts seeing this tape https://247sports.com/Video/2020-5-Star-Salpointe-Catholic-RB-Bijan-Robinson-in-7-on-7-Actio-9106033/
  2. can confirm it is 2:45 eastern time but we are on edt not est what does this mean
  3. you guys gotta check out the book "the mvp machine" it's great and has an good chapter on the astros - previewed here in this ringer article https://www.theringer.com/mlb/2019/6/3/18644512/mvp-machine-how-houston-astros-became-great-scouting i am 1/3 thru and can't stop reading
  4. Fuck. He was going to be a leader in the locker room for the class too.
  5. do we have a NIT banner hanging in the stadium from the 1st NIT we won?
  6. lmao that's a STRIKE? prob the most ergregious ump garbage
  7. wow wtf i am visiting austin from out of town and these things are everywhere people are riding them all over the sidewalks too. like 6 people in a row, very few on the roads. the kicker is the police are just standing on the corner of 6th and congress watching em fly by. isn't riding the scooter on a sidewalk illegal? honestly they've replaced segways
  8. Gonna miss his raspy commanding voice. He'll be missed, RIP.
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