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  1. #1 recruit in tx going to texas hnggggggg
  2. I just had an evil laugh reading this. Feels good to finally flex the program's muscles for what seems like a decade. Closest to this was when we hired herm when he was the hottest commodity but this feels like ALL the pieces are coming together
  3. NSIAP but is Jimmy Lake coming too? i thought PK and Lake were a tandem and Lake was actually calling dc plays at UW since like 2018? shit nvm lake is HC now WHOOPS lmao
  4. shit we are winning this game aren't we?
  5. my man is sold on alignment he said the same on the colin cowherd show when promoting his book yesterday
  6. exactly my thoughts seeing this tape https://247sports.com/Video/2020-5-Star-Salpointe-Catholic-RB-Bijan-Robinson-in-7-on-7-Actio-9106033/
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