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  1. Now that’s a Dallas fan
  2. NAVY

    12/8 NFL thread

    Niners!! Hahhhahahha
  3. NAVY

    12/8 NFL thread

    Aints gonna ain’t
  4. NAVY

    12/8 NFL thread

    Hate all you want. Niners playing like I wish Texas could
  5. NAVY

    12/8 NFL thread

    Niners making their new bitch mad
  6. NAVY

    12/8 NFL thread

    I feel for all the Dallas fans. See what happens when your coarch doesn’t have red hair?
  7. Or maybe he’s right and every player has been hiding their true hydration levels in some sinister plot
  8. Save us Jerry Jones, you’re our only hope
  9. But but, what if OU was playing Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot?
  10. Can we expect a fresh spiraling descent?
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