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  1. This is going to suck.... that said Go Horns!
  2. Biggest shit ever. Wife is all what? Go niners!
  3. But don’t forget at laugh and sing it it
  4. Life’s a pice or shit when you look at it
  5. Pan over to the empty hall of championships
  6. So aggy is China’s gloryhole cash bitch?
  7. The racism will be beat out of the chiefs. Out of shame they will be sold to the Coca Cola Corp who will rename them the Burger Kings Patrick will Grad transfer to the Cowboys and balance Will be restored to the Footballverse
  8. SF has scraped all the shit from their mean streets and will shove it up some KC ass tomorrow. The chief’s bowels will burst culminating with Andy going hermit and Years from now Food Channel’s fattest burger critic.
  9. Hell yeahz. Walking over to the baseball alumni game. Hell yea!!!
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