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  1. Thanks. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit
  2. NAVY

    M of

    It’s been 14 hours. Can y’all get back to work with the weird shit?
  3. Hellz yeah. Is it warmer there?
  4. I feel you troph. I need some fucking space. I’ve always needed space. I can’t stand being crowded. This fucking pandemic/riot/insurrection/blizzard stay at home shit is driving me mad. Family enjoys talking about where we should go on vacation when all this is over. I keep thinking I need a vacation FROM y’all, not go somewhere with you. Fuck
  5. You have adalbertos. Never leave SD http://adalbertosmexicanrestaurant.com
  6. Ok, cool. Can they please stop with the Texas patriotic truck ads now?
  7. Has this freeze been blamed on Chinese weather make’n machines yet?
  8. Rick is still a piece of shit. Not the normalcy I was looking for, but you have to start somewhere
  9. If only hell would burn a little hotter... I’d warm my hands
  10. NAVY

    HEB Open

    Red Alert: HEB closed in Austin. I repeat, HEB closed in Austin. Commence panic
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