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  1. @Mercury_Mambo it’s time for your mandatory 2 month new member check in. How’s it going? Do you love surly? Have@Derka, @Derka Derka and @Derka Derka Derka been helpful whilst pm-ing? What can we collectively do to improve your enjoyment of the site? Your feedback is appreciated
  2. NAVY

    Austin FC

    Ring isn’t going to have many friends this evening
  3. NAVY

    Austin FC

    Oh my god that had heat on it
  4. NAVY

    Austin FC

    That was beautiful!
  5. NAVY

    Bucket of rats

    Why innovate? There was nothing wrong with the current method
  6. Furk, I missed a good old fashioned Shaggy/Surly fatwa Glad I didn’t read WB post doe
  7. Hey oh! If you’re interested in what the Q weirdos are chatting about on Parlor, Reddit’s got subreddit to archive the insanity. It’s ah, well, awful https://www.reddit.com/r/ParlerWatch/
  8. There were things I liked about The Serpent. The way it was shot was very cool, but overall fuck that show. Zero characters didn’t need to be punched in the face and all the time hopping sucked
  9. Clever thread title is clever
  10. NAVY

    Sam Ehlinger

    Congrats Sam! Hook’em in Indy
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