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  1. Horn80

    AP Top 25

    The final score 46-41 is all that matters not halftime scores. Good teams do come back from bad first half’s. I find it illogical that you think the halftime score of the LSU-Bama game is more negative than Georgia loss to SC at home. Also, Georgia beating ND is hardly a quality win because they got blown out by Michigan and were very lucky to pull out a last second win at home against VT. The Georgia loss at home to South Carolina 4-6 team is far worse than Bama losing by 5 to #1 ranked LSU.
  2. Horn80

    AP Top 25

    So Georgia losing at home to unranked South Carolina is much better than Bama losing at home to the #1 ranked team?
  3. Horn80

    AP Top 25

    How the hell is Georgia at 4 instead of Bama?
  4. Texas defense show up and go “Deliverance” and tell him he’s got a Purdy mouth.
  5. Going to Breck in Feb just to hang out.
  6. Texas Total Defense ranks 109 out of 130. Enough said.
  7. Rookie makes it. Great game.
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