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  1. A couple of times through the new Drive-by Truckers album and really digging it.
  2. Midnight shows at the Continental aren't accessible anymore to this old Round Rocker.
  3. The Biggest Party in HIstory I saw it in Houston. My friend won tickets to get on KLBJs Magic Bus to Houston. Partied on the bus with Jody Denberg and Jeff Carrol. Tripped balls on shrooms for The Who and all the way back to Austin. Good times.
  4. Not sure why Stepien couldn't testify today. My dad could have testified when i was born if you could have found him in the beer joint.
  5. Fuck it let's go bowling. *Tenbears cuts grass instead. Tenbears is sqawman.
  6. We all did too and are too. The best thing for our livers and marriages might be a cancelation. *Except for the fucked part.
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