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  1. My dad is 85 and still farms and ranches nearly 2 sections, running 100 mama cows and 150 spanish nannies and raising livestock guard dogs for sale. His only help is my stepmom. I go down once a month or so to help with the things he can't lift and to work calves and whatnot but he does most of it himself.
  2. She ain't need no shoes cuz she ain't got no feet from the sugar diabetus.
  3. No shit. My red oak was in mast this year and it sounded like Fallujah acorns falling out there.
  4. Ten Bears


    I would kick Jesus or the pope or anyone else in the face if he tried to wash my feet but only because my feet are super ticklish.
  5. How does that presale work? Not finding it anywhere.
  6. They just announced two Dylan shows at Moody Theater for Apr 5th and 6th. Sale starts Friday. I haven't seen him in a while so I see this as maybe a last chance. Hopefully he can sing well enough. My other times seeing him has been hit or miss.
  7. 40 below Fahrenheit or Celsius?
  8. I caught a Tom Petty coverband, The Damn Torpedoes, at 3Ten the other night and they were fucking awesome. Way cooler than I expected. Basically one long drunken sing-a-long. That's all I got.
  9. I think Kris has stated that that didn't happen.
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