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  1. Am I the only person that hasn't seen Hunter's hogleg?
  2. No it says "Welcome to Jamaica enjoy your stay".
  3. That's is what I am telling HR for sure.
  4. So is there no easy way to ban porn on twitter? Had some anal pop up on my feed today while at work. I expect HR to be calling any minute. I have never looked at porn on twitter. Twatter? Sure.
  5. Then there was this little incident. I know the now-prominent citizens of Brady who stole the horse and painted it. The story I heard was that the paint definitely killed the horse.
  6. Nesmith as Zappa. Zappa as Nesmith.
  7. Reminds me of back in the day at high school kegger this one out of town cowboy was getting picked on by these 3 local dumbasses. Finally ol' cowboy says "That's it goddammit," and proceeds to knock one guy out with one punch. "That's one!" Then instantly knocks the second dude out, same way except left handed. "That's two!" Then as the 3rd dude is standing there with his mouth open cowboy does a 360 spinning backhand and crushes the side of the last guys face. "That's three! I have always wanted to try that spinning backhand." Fight lasted about 3 seconds.
  8. I took typing in high school because that was where the girls were but it probably was the most useful class I had.
  9. What model do you drive?
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