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  1. You won't even see one and somehow your windshield gets hit by a pebble.
  2. Seems pretty libertarian in thought actually. Shapiro even talked about it.
  3. Haha, you live so fucking far from Dallas. How bad is traffic in Decatur?
  4. Well it depends if you live closer to Portland or not.
  5. Exactly, way easier to park at one of the stops and just enter from DART.
  6. At what point did he say you shouldn't smoke marijuana? He States risks, and that's all.
  7. I'm American so it's Crown virus.
  8. So he has lightened up and gave some ground to marijuana, and you say as much. Here he even says that it has good medical benefits, so he's giving more ground to it. You can believe that he's only citing the worst of the worst cites, but he has changed his stance since the Joe show. This all started with someone saying that Joe always agree with his guest, I showed that it's not always the case. We weren't discussing his identity politics.
  9. Do you think that the virus scare "corrects" some of the market? This is all new territory for me.
  10. I said fuck it, and kinda have my money out for now
  11. You said that Crowder was being dishonest, I showed you that he noticed he was wrong and he says so in the next video.
  12. Yeah, just hand wave that people say that it's a miracle drug. Also here you go.
  13. Oh, so you believe that there is only one side of opinion, but in the end doesn't care if someone does it anyways?
  14. I figured you say something of the sort. I don't care if he's gay or not. I do wonder why you dislike him so much if you think he's gay?
  15. Why? Do you want to join in on the Homo Erotica as well? Seriously, in the end why do you even care if he was gay or not? If he is, fine. If he isn't it's also fine.
  16. Woah, he's in a dress for a skit! That's not even a good argument. He's also fat in it too. Must be his deep seething hatred that he can't be fat.
  17. Oh no, Charlie Chaplin is a lover of Adolf since he dressed like him.
  18. Well at least you watched it. Yeah, not the best argument, but in the end he said I don't care if you smoke. You can believe that.
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