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  1. I was at home when they came down our street, are you saying I can't be worried? Okay, a dude that was 100% antifa killed another dude in downtown Portland. I haven't even heard of a member of PB doing that. He's our president, unless you meant I voted for him, then you'd be wrong since I didn't. I subscribe to Wulaw's idea of voting for anyone i actually agree with, even if that person wont win. It's an abjection of the big two.
  2. "Anti-Communism" in America is, and always has been, a mask for white supremacy and fascism. Communism doesn't exist here as a political force. No you just said Anti Communism is a mask, I just figured you didn't need to go to rallies to be a white supremacists. I mean when people light stuff on fire in front of your window, you do kinda narrow your view on it.
  3. Can anticom and antifa come together for get togethers, or do you think there might be a clash?
  4. I've never worrid about PB, but I have worried about the people who started a dumpster fire right in front of my place. Who dressed in black garb, and were saying that they were Antifa. I mean Trump said that he said said he wasn't talking about Nazis and white supremacists, when he said good people on both sides.
  5. He should have said when they destroyed his character in The Last Jedi.
  6. I'm not even saying all of antifa is, but Rose City Antifa definitely has been organized more than not. On the web site they've been around since 2007.
  7. https://rosecityantifa.org/about/ They seem a bit more organized than not to me.
  8. The number of times abortion because of those two happens so little that it's barely a problem. I have gone back and forth on how I felt on it, but legally I can understand.
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