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  1. futureman

    RIP Bill Withers

    that's pretty cool. over 30 years old and just decided to wing it and try a career in music. became one of the greats. RIP
  2. tell me you have pics
  3. “he probably treated him like a man.” -bob sturm on how jeff fisher is not to blame for VY’s time in nashville.
  4. at least corby gave VY his due credit. well, nm. just got through the whole segment. fuck bob, too.
  5. only two guys on the whole browns' roster?
  6. yeah I looked it up and edit my post but you are quick on the draw
  7. a buddy of mine has three boys aged 4, 7, and 9. got them to watch this about a month ago. they were glued to the screen.
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