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  1. is that near franklin’s?
  2. how good is kaufman? is he better than montrell estell?
  3. it’s a beautiful little city. I love Guatemala.
  4. this was at barton springs nursery today. that parking lot is a nightmare. good thing this westlake cunt didn’t care enough to straighten her shit out.
  5. yeah that’s a no harm no foul. and does give some extra room in the adjacent space.
  6. they were around a good bit when I was in high school. at least with the trash I hung around with. but this fentanyl stuff showing up in dirty pills is relatively new. it legitimately scares me as I definitely enjoyed some vicodin back in the day.
  7. I’d head south and look at 2M. but @CoachTex is the resident San Antonio expert. perhaps he will provide assistance.
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