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  1. going through some old photos. found this one with my ex’s cat.
  2. it varies much like almond butter. there are some good brands on amazon though. and good recipes online if you have a decent blender. add a little sugar to it and it’s like pecan pie butter 👌
  3. yeah the mixing is key. cashews, peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, even brazil nuts, throw them in the vitamix, drizzle a bunch of honey over it and grind that shit into heaven. also, pecan butter is the best individual butter.
  4. damn she might’ve cracked her skull open
  5. buck burnette was the #1 center in his class.
  6. a whole dollar. probably some pretty sweet drugs.
  7. yeah but who are the top 10 westerners of all time?
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