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  1. we are winning out. and for the record, 9 wins in a season is nothing to sneeze at. we will stomp baylor and tech and steamroll the unfortunate team put in front of us in december. 9-4 is a good season, and another offseason with yancy and time to heal, we come back healthy and fucking loaded in 2020 likely making the playoff. I can live with that.
  2. god I wish you were right but I don’t think you are. signed an extension today, I believe.
  3. we will win out! starting now!
  4. JQJ will win a heisman playing behind center.
  5. will that be next week? two weeks?
  6. jerry was talking tough about being dug-in and willing to go into the season without him. and then he just caves like a bitch and fucks our salary cap to a goddamn running back whose best days are already behind him. one of jerry’s worst moves ever, up there with joey galloway and mojo roy williams.
  7. he’s killing it on the scout team!
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