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  1. I'm legally blind, ain't shit changing for me mask or no mask. Faces? lol.
  2. Buzzing about NCAA finally handing down a decision on the Briles years.
  3. Going to be moving in the next month and that means tearing down the 55. It's a freshwater planted tank. Any suggestions on how best to do this? I think my biggest problems are going to be getting the substrate out (thinking I should get it out ahead of time and go bare bottom for a short while) and then also rounding up all of the critters. Lots of little fishes - Endler's guppies galore. I've been consolidating the 20 gallon tank into this one because I don't feel like having two active tanks to move when it does happen.
  4. Be checking the "Post A Picture You Took" thread.
  5. Yeah, I'm not a drinker these days but have an annual pass to the zoo. Best on a weekday when it's just the MILFs pushing strollers.
  6. Drink beer, save turtles. Friday at 5:30 at Cameron Park Zoo. Open to the public. Brotherwell Brewing. Alcohol and wild animals. Zoo critters too.
  7. There was a street art thing this past weekend, local artists covered 3 blocks of Austin avenue with chalk art. Street was closed Saturday and Sunday, cones put up around the art to keep folks from walking on it, vendors aplenty blah blah. Heavy rains yesterday plus a couple days of traffic on top of the artwork. Providing context because it's pretty much just a snapshot without it. Probably still is even with context, lol. So temporary street art with Hippodrome theatre built in 1914. Some sort of juxtaposition of the temporary and the permanent blah, blah. An excuse to get out with camera at
  8. I'd get the Chinese kid loaded with MSG with my luck.
  9. I'll probably hit up HEB (they should be open today), I'm thinking a salt and pepper shaker set. She was slinging hamburgers at a little joint her uncle owned in Leroy, TX when my dad, fresh back from that dustup with Germany, met her and the two soon eloped. They spend the next 62 years together and she cooked a lot of good meals but nothing beat those Saturday evening hamburgers just like she learned to cook working for Uncle Buddy. She died alone this past June, at a long term care facility during the height of the pandemic panic. RIP mom. Treat her right, Mr. T. Indeed.
  10. Got invited to go shoot some pictures for a friend who was doing a scouting report on a baseball player at a local high school. Challenging. Changing lighting, umpires and shit constantly getting in the way, changing locations kept fucking with my meterinig/settings. Had fun but it had a steep learning curve. Kid didn't do anything noteworthy in the game, he's leadoff hitter and plays shortstop.
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