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  1. I had a package show up at the house, something I didn't order. My name and address on the box but it was from some company I'd never even heard of. After I dove into the mystery I figured out the label got messed up and they had stuck a new label on it with my info. Which means I have a package out there somewhere that had a messed up label and it got sent to the wrong person too. Anyway, I FB stalked the person whose name was on the enclosed packing list.
  2. I think somehow the Fucked 8 regroup, add a couple of schools and soldier on for a little while. FOX needs inventory and while it doesn't have a lot of value the conference could provide some of that inventory. I doubt it would keep a seat at any big boy table but with expanded playoffs looming it might do for a decade or so. No telling what the landscape will look like then. Errbody just going to have to tighten their belts and do a reality check.
  3. Base looks pretty much like it did when I left it in '83. Blue jay came back, hoping he's getting more comfortable with me around. A really sickly looking dove.
  4. Playing around with the birds in the backyard and bluejays are a pita for me. Only time I see them is at first and last light. FINALLY sort of caught one today.
  5. What are the twitters saying? News orgs have just been repeating the twits for the most part it seems like so that's where I'd look. Follow the twits.
  6. Joel was praying after a particularly shitty day... It went something like this - "God, I've had a terrible day. I've been trying to save souls for you but it just seems like nothing comes from it. And so..." God is a woman.
  7. Yeah, that's a pattern that we've seen here in CenTex over the years. Our local weatherfolks have been uttering "sea breeze" for the last two weeks now.
  8. Robert Hastings will be the guest Sunday night on C2C-AM. His specialty is aliens and their interest in human nuclear power/weapons. "One of the things I say is that I'm not saying all this. I'm merely reporting what people trusted by the U.S. government to launch these weapons are saying". He gets a shout out in this 2010 CBS news article. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/ex-air-force-personnel-ufos-deactivated-nukes/
  9. I'm guessing the lady complaining was not the female coworker who texted the male Surly poster to "rock out with your cock out".
  10. May have been 12 or 13 at the time. Dumped several gallons of used motor oil on the road and proceeded to ride our bikes up to the massive oil puddle and slam on the brakes. A few guys had mini-bikes or go-karts and were burning out and cutting donuts in the stuff. Pretty deserted road in a Texas farm town with a population of maybe 50 people. Was the main drag thru town but still... It was all good until a grownup saw what we'd done.
  11. Oh he is. Goes by "Beeper" now.
  12. I don't know. I just keep hearing this in my head.
  13. Redistributing the wealth and machinery of wealth rarely happens without blood being spilled. I can't imagine such an endeavor NOT sparking much corruption and fighting between the winners and losers of the redistribution. So many urgent needs. First and foremost should be food and medicine but after that? No clue how best to proceed.
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