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  1. It's a bit long for a motto but I do like it a lot.
  2. That's one way to get off the ship on a duty day. - SM3 Diablo
  3. Caged critters. East African Crowned Crane. Or as my nephew said, "That's one pimped out crane!". I call him, the bird, "Soul Crane".
  4. I'm about an hour and a half from starting 9 days of vacation. Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Just in time for the first real extended blast furnace this year.
  5. Eh, for adults it's fairly harmless. Unless you're a dude wanting to watch a chick shove her fist up some dudes ass.
  6. Corn is for texture. That's all.
  7. I'd be happy as hell to have one good eye.
  8. A fair number of us here were once members of Uncle Sam's canoe club so I guess that's why I remember that tidbit.
  9. He brings it up from time to time, an uncle I think it is. That and bank branches. Cherishes one, despises the other.
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