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  1. When the live banda music at the neighbors party starts before noon on a Sunday.
  2. Shot of one of my brothers from Thanksgiving.
  3. Cleanliness is next to Godliness apparently extends to coffee mugs. Who knew? eta: I thought a rich patina was a desired trait on a favorite mug.
  4. Baptist gold bullion hoard is a real thing. It's why Jarrett Stidham left his commitment to Texas Tech and arrived at Baylor in a '96 Ford pickup.
  5. There's going to be a pecking order in the New12 and Gundy is poised to be at the top of that order. That conference will still be receiving some preferential treatment with regards to admittance into the BBC (big beauty contest) and he won't have to play his nemesis every year nor an Alabama or Georgia.
  6. OSU is going to be playing for a CFP appearance and Baylor is pretty beat up at several key positions. Still, the rematch will be interesting since it's been a while since the 2 teams first met this year and both teams have matured into what they currently are.
  7. No, I went with the same brand that I had. It doesn't have wifi but that's not really something I'd use. I just looked at the Inkbird now and they do seem pretty cool with good reviews. If it ever comes up again I'll keep that in mind. As it stands now though I've got a spare controller/probe that I'm familiar with PLUS the now functioning one in my tank. It could be a while, lol. Thanks though!
  8. "Smart by Gundy" Things you don't hear every day.
  9. Stupid 4th down plays have been stupid. It'll catch up to the geniuses eventually.
  10. Fast start has settled into a lot of back and forth. Defense is giving up yards to Tech but keeping them out of the EZ.
  11. Bears can do their part to keep OU out of the CCG by beating Tech today. Weather is a perfect 50 degrees and drippy with a chance of light showers throughout the game.
  12. Brownsville St. Joseph. TCIL champs, '77. That was a long bus ride home to Waco.
  13. THAT'S the line in the sand?!? How the hell can you expect players to buy in when the boosters won't?
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