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  1. I worked out of Intercoastal City for a spell when I first got my AB license. You could get work there but advancement meant marrying someone.
  2. What analysis are you using to conclude which teams belong where? Past performance?
  3. I know pointing the finger at a time like this does no good but dammit if we're all going to die I think it's only fair that we lay the blame squarely where it belongs - at the feet of that pussy Truman.
  4. This logo brought to you by the Bobby Knight Basketball Academy.
  5. Kinda like a clam shell but not exactly. A bit uneven but I'm pretty sure I know how to fix that. I started off using the shoot through umbrella and the last couple of days have been messing with the reflector umbrella. I think I like it better, definitely for the directional aspect.
  6. Shit, something I had not figured on was the amount of power that the flash trigger I have mounted on the camera would be using. I've taken hundreds of shots without needing to recharge before I started messing with the off camera flash. I do remember now talking to the gal who shoots the horse shows a while back and she was bitching then about the drain it put on her batteries but I had not experienced that myself until now. Yeah, it eats 'em up. I had not bought an extra just because in a normal day I couldn't imagine needing a fresh battery. With the D3500 yeah, the batteries were much smaller and wouldn't last all that long so I have a spare for that. I may have to reconsider getting one for the D7500 too. Looks like another $60 is going to be leaving my wallet soon. Oof.
  7. Ebay was nice enough to let me know that the item sold for $110.
  8. Yep, it's pretty much a ghost town at night and the area that has nightlife attractions has always seemed safe to me. As far as walking and possible PI? Well, it's Waco...
  9. Next year will be interesting, no doubt. Regardless of who the starting QB is the O-line sucked balls for much of Rhules time at Baylor. That was the one area that required the most work at creating depth and I think next year should bear fruit on that front. O linemen don't grow on trees and Baylor had I think 4 scholarship players at that position to start 2017. Decommits, graduation, transfers etc... ate their shit up.So it's possible that the O will be a bit of a strength while the D, which carried the team this year, takes a step back. Hard for a program to be good on both sides of the ball at the same time, especially when you're going thru coaches like I go thru underwear (every few years).
  10. Even with all the construction on I-35 you can get to most anywhere from anywhere in 10 minutes. This ain't Austin. In other news, Union Hall is having their grand opening this Saturday. Chow time!
  11. I'm of the opinion that there are a lot of coaches who could have done just as well as Self given the recruiting riches that were provided by virtue of the KU brand. Scott Drew comes to mind.
  12. Are they just dust in the wind now?
  13. I murdered your moms pussy, it was pretty awful. Lay off the caffeine, Beavis.
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