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  1. Thank you for watching the presentation of BUFU football, brought to you by the people at Acme Smock. Visiting Sooners are encouraged to take a Magnolian home with them.
  2. He's terrible. Someone will win convincingly.
  3. You know I'm pretty sure that the NCAA has not yet completed their investigation of Baylor from when art briles was there. It would not surprise me if something came out of that really soon.
  4. Baylor is not making the playoffs. I don't care what their record is. That is not happening.
  5. They'll use Patterson's sweat for lube.
  6. You ever drink Bailey's from a shoe?
  7. I wish someone would have explained to Craig James that they do not need to be lifeless.
  8. Yeah, I was hoping the way I phrased it would be a bit subtle but still get the message across. I guess some will need your way too. Thanks.
  9. Gameday crew is definitely in town, my after work Uber driver said he had a couple of them in the car earlier today coming from the airport. He said Maria Taylor is super hot even just in street clothes and that Kirk Herbstreit smells like a urinal full of cigarette butts.
  10. Yeah... Folks need to realize that espresso is made in shots for a reason. To shoot!
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