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  1. years ago we had an old guy, "Fred" who attended meetings regularly. Fred was not as well equipped as many on the IQ scale. He'd introduce himself by name and "emotional problems". Don't know that he ever shared in a meeting but he was a fixture and a sweet, gentle soul.
  2. Well, the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. I don't know that anyone has to fit the description of an alcoholic to want to quit drinking.
  3. Butch is still around I think, seems like he moved to one of the earlier hours and maybe paired with one of the other guys. They have a couple of smaller market stations they broadcast on and I think that's where they are. Barfield is sitting in a custom kayak on the Brazos hoping to feed the beaver.
  4. El Diablo

    Disc Golf

    Another shot I snapped of some random guy playing at Cameron Park in Waco.
  5. Their programming has been my background noise for years. I guess it was around 2010 or so when David Smoak came to town from East Texas and he did up the quality of the broadcasting a good bit. Just seems like a weird deal, to leave an ESPN affiliate to go to work for a Baylor-centric internet radio startup. I guess there may be more to the story. Baylor has used 1660 as their "flagship" station for most of my life. If the university is behind all of this then it would make some sense but outside of that I can't understand it. The AD at Baylor, Mack Rhoades, has been pretty progressive in his approach to utilizing the internet to further the school's branding efforts. They, with considerable derision from the olds, "broadcast" one of the OOC football games on Facebook. Maybe they're just ahead of the curve here but somehow I doubt it.
  6. March 29th, 1973, the last United States combat troops left South Vietnam.
  7. Nothing says "good friends" like riding tandem.
  8. El Diablo

    Disc Golf

    Saw this guy at the park today. Not sure how that arrangement works, I guess it's like a sling bag where you can rotate it around to the front to see what disc you're grabbing.
  9. I don't know if any of you fellow hell dwellers listen to the local ESPN sports talk radio affiliate 1660, but they apparently went thru a major divorce in the last week or so. David Smoak, his son Craig and one of the other guys left to join an "internet radio" station. Whole deal seemed weird.
  10. I can garrrantee you that @Kyrie Eleison has eaten bowfin and liked it.
  11. Got my chair delivered from the office today. At least I'm gonna die with my ass nice and comfy.
  12. Not exactly "street photography", more a snapshot of a homeless dude.
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