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  1. What year is it set in?
  2. With Likeli out and Avery in foul trouble the scoring became a problem. Pokes run a good offense but turnovers is what killed 'em.
  3. WVU plays their last 4 at home. Get yer whistles ready! Anyone tuning in to watch KU vs UTEP tonight?
  4. That's the one I'm thinking would best suit me. Got out of the house early and took a trip to the river. This is a test shot for something I want to try, a long-ish early morning exposure. This was hand held at 1/80, ISO 100 and f11 and if my maths are right I could do 16 seconds with a 10 stop ND filter and kill all the ripples. My ride didn't have time to wait for me so I didn't mess with different framing/focal length. I think this was around 12-14mm on a crop sensor. Basically I just wanted to see what the scene looked like and I got that. Next time I'll go early and start snapping sh
  5. Lightroom users, which plan do you have? I'm strictly a desktop guy but frankly it's all a bit confusing. https://www.adobe.com/creativecloud/plans.html
  6. In football the MNC plays a huge role in how conferences operate.
  7. Pop's owl photos immediately made me think of the Rush album cover for "Fly By Night", the first pic especially. Went back to the drawing board with the "people in hats". Like this effort better. Pretty good control over the spill and still had space to move around! I broke out a C stand and baby boom arm to get the light in a better position. Last try I just used an extension arm and didn't want to push my luck with the weight. Looking at these pics it's crazy how just raising or tilting the brim changes the final image. I like the 2nd one better and think if I'd just had the face turne
  8. Well in all honesty for many years they didn't. I think only TCU was worse athletically speaking (going back to SWC). Shit, I think Elon just fired up one of his rockets again. Short burn but it was a rumbler.
  9. No shit. And WVU 49% shooter hit I think 8 of his 10 attempts.
  10. That'll do it, a share of the BXII at a minimum. Holy fuck, that was exhausting.
  11. It's Baylor in Morgantown tonight, get yer whistle ready!
  12. There's probably a couple hundred class action lawsuits against universities both public and private right now due to COVID. It started somewhere and it's changing the world!
  13. It's surprising what search terms people will use. The photographer I was talking about mentioned some of the ones that he uses and they, though I can't remember them specifically, were not what I was expecting. He does fine art portraits and it would seem like that would be something you'd want to use in a tag but he said everyone does that so he uses (making shit up) "expensive high-end exorbitant lavish photos". Apparently discerning well-heeled shoppers actually use those terms.
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