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  1. Before my time, but I remember Sophia Loren being healthy.
  2. 50%? Surly, would just be a bunch of blank pages.
  3. Ha, the big question is if you are exposed again by a large enough viral load, can it overwhelm the immune system? Nah, just messing with you. I'm jealous in a way.
  4. Supermarkets seem to be doing well. Home Depot seems pretty crowded. I bet cheap beer sales are good. Amazon is probably doing well. Most retailers, car manufacturers, really most manufacturing, gas suppliers, elective medical are all losers.
  5. I don't see why, but he should probably have a PCR-based test to confirm that he is virus free.
  6. yes, he had an antibody based test. He is in Chicago and Abbott is in Chicago, so most likely he was one of the first to get the test.
  7. Congrats, it sounds like you made it through without any problems. I wish I knew whether I was exposed.
  8. Plus, I was wrong anyway. That Naval Hospital (Oak Knoll) closed a long time ago.
  9. I saw the Navy article came from the San Francisco Chronicle. Assuming they are in the bay area, there is a Naval Hospital in Oakland. By the way, do any of you Bay Area guys know what they eventually did with Treasure Island? Assuming it is vacant and they don't want to use the Naval Hospital and the buildings on Treasure Island aren't dilapidated then maybe that is another option. It seems weird though that we are hearing about this through the newspaper.
  10. I came across this website, https://www.treedental.com/protect-for-novel-coronavirus-sp-12.html Tell me if you think this is price gouging. It is a Chinese run company with offices in the US and China. If anyone wants to turn them in...
  11. Not dumb at all. Some foreign countries are triaging and only ventilating healthy people with no underlying conditions under the age of 65.
  12. I hear you, but is Shaka really going to be our coach next year? I just can't see us signing anybody right now. With that said, I do appreciate your posts, so let me know if I need to keep my opinions to myself: I really don't want to be a Hornfans company man or a satya negative Nancy.
  13. Who is our coach that is doing this recruiting? Our best one is leaving because presumably Shaka is a dead man walking.
  14. I don't pay much attention to that stuff anyway. I don't think I have ever gone back and checked who negged me and even if I did, I wouldn't hold it against them unless it was an obvious non-Surly troll.
  15. My guess is yes, HEPA bags could be sewn into masks. I have never tried to blow through one but assuming it is possible, A HEPA filters must retain all particles as small as 0.3 µm in size with an efficiency rating of 99.97%.
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