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  1. I grew up in a kind of nobby household, but it wasn't always that way. My grandfather was a poor immigrant from eastern europe and his son was a scholarship golfer who gave up his sports career to run a mash unit in Nam. Came back and married a woman from the deep South cotton fields and from that love I was born. Sure, I wasn't born in poverty, but I knew what it was like when my parents had me take our maid back to the Ward at night in their Caddy. Well, one day I came home and there was an adopted black baby in our extra room. He, wasn't a real baby, he was a 6'5", 300lb monster, with athle
  2. Seems to me that you could put cattle on it and re-fence it and deal with the neighbor. Take pictures and when the guy tries to claim it as his own show the deed and the pictures and say that you didn't see a fence other than the one you put up.
  3. That second highlight is a 15 yard penalty for unnecessary roughness/blocking a player 10 yards out of bounds.
  4. Mototboating? I thought he just took her out for a nice seafood dinner.
  5. I did not know that. I just figured that I shouldn't be surprised that a dude named Timi was having problems spelling.
  6. Not a saint. Just a priest who founded a bunch of stuff around nice real estate.
  7. Anybody have a good read on how we are doing in OL recruiting? Supposedly, we hired one of the best OL coaches in the country. CTJ made some promising comments about some recruits a few weeks back. But, when you read the updates that you guys post, I don't get the warm fuzzies.
  8. I am thinking that this could have a seriously negative impact for males.
  9. I was on a flight a few weeks ago and on the isle across from me there was a couple with two children. The dad was eating, one kid didn't have a mask, the other kid had the mask around his chin, and the wife had her mask only covering her mouth. My ears itched from wearing the mask for so long so I took it off for a second just as a stewardess walked up from behind and said, "Excuse me sir, you need to keep your mask on during the flight". I said, "give me a second my ear itches from wearing the mask for the last 5 hours". She then said, "You need to wear your mask at all times unless you are
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