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  1. Yeah, when people move inside it is because they don't have the athleticism to stop speed rushers. Sometimes it is because they don't have the height or arm length or because they seem too squatty for tackle but in those instances, I don't buy the $9.95 opinions. If he was being moved to center, it would be a sure sign that he has the ghey nttiawwt.
  2. Was Bouleware the one who tweeted about the fake flat that the recruit's dad got at A&M that caused them to miss the trip to Norman?
  3. I was just messing around anyway because surly.
  4. I don't think so. I think if you add sand to clay you get rock. I think you need peat and humus and manure.
  5. The upside for Herman is that we need results now and the only way to do that is to develop a pass rush between now and September 5.
  6. I'm thinking that between Utah and Colorado and us, only 1 team won a bowl game and USC sucks. I don't know if that makes 10 but with enough beers who really gives a fuck.
  7. Hopefully, we will win the Big 12 before we win the Pac 10.
  8. And he will transfer to LSU and develop into the first pick in the draft.
  9. Yep, with some hard cash compensation. Can't wait for the King bidding war.
  10. That's the problem. He should have gone to a team with a national audience or to a Superbowl winner. If he would have requested a trade to New England, he would have 10X the money in sponsorships and would be a more recognized name nationally. Even Gil and women who don't watch football would know of him.
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