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  1. Bevo

    Malik Jefferson

    Yep. Orlando, for all his faults, did a good job scheming for Malik so he could maximize his athletic ability.
  2. For a casual look try: For a more formal look, you may like this one:
  3. Article says Campeche, but it seems like Tabasco to me. Anyway, that is getting awfully close to the Yucatan.
  4. Machinator developed a bug and ghosted us.
  5. But, personally I didn't care about missing out on him. Aside from our DBs kind of sucking this year, and Catalon having a phenomenal junior year, at the time I wasn't confident that he would recover fully from his injury. And a slowed (from injury) 5'9" db who already wasn't considered a corner was a risk.
  6. Paxton Anderson is a TE right? And he is 6'3" 190lbs. What possible position could he play for a Div I team?
  7. What is awesome is that none of the Jamaican sprinters dope. They just are faster there.
  8. Dental office take home whitening (not in house whitening). In house whitening using a light shows a lot of immediate change but it dehydrates the teeth so as water enters back into the tooth a lot of the immediate changes will be lost. Moreover, it is a one time treatment as opposed to take home. And the dental office will be cheaper and more effective than OTC products because of the higher percentage of carbamide peroxide and low cost refills for the custom, dental office made trays.
  9. Tunsil did more than that. That is just the reason the NCAA used to punish him. After being picked by the Miami Dolphins, screen shots of texts where Tunsil was asking a Ole Miss coach for money emerged. He was asked about that in his press conference, to which he replied, “I’d have to say yeah”.
  10. Yeah, I am with you on that. I love New Orleans. My dad and mom went there for undergrad and med school. I have an MBA from there. But, it isn't safe.
  11. So you like the, "I saw his film and he is quite underrated".
  12. Small? That sounds like home schooling.
  13. Does Mrs. Armybrat know this story?
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