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  1. So what are the owners of Enchiladas Y Mas, Millionaires or Billionaires?
  2. Bevo


    I'm glad the FDA Commish is positive that Beta amyloid is the precursor to Alzheimers, that lowering Beta amyloid levels decreases the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and that Biogen's product is the one to use. However, I think we need some evidence that he is correct. So far, evidence points to him being wrong.
  3. Bevo


    I didn't read the article, but why does Medicare need to pay for it? Do politicians in MA carry that much weight and does Biogen have that much money to lobby for it? As an aside, the cancer drug market was less than $5 billion back in 1999. Now it is $175 billion. There are many better treatments now but $170 billion growth in 20 years is too much. Sometimes, end-of-life decisions need to be made.
  4. I thought there was never a bad time for an erection.
  5. I didn't watch Gatson's tape, but I just watched tape of Vondrell McGee. He kind of reminds me of a player somewhere between Priest Holmes and Hodges Mitchell.
  6. That is a great group: It also consists of guys I seem to always forget about. I could easily see Williams and Boardingham in the class.
  7. I thought there might be ties but I didn't see any. It was probably the only Texas thing his dad had in his closet. Meet Larry Turner-Gooden, the jewel of Arizona State’s next recruiting class By Doug Haller Mar 3, 2021 3 TEMPE, Ariz. — Arizona State landed its biggest commitment in years last week, securing a pledge from Larry Turner-Gooden, a four-star prospect from St. Bernard High in Playa Del Rey, Calif. According to the 247Sports Composite rankings, Turner-Gooden is the No. 6 “athlete” and the No. 57 overall
  8. Well, one guy on here was saying that Chicago has changed. I doubted it but it never hurts to ask. Plus his brother is a sportcaster in Columbus so I can always get some OSU updates at the same time. If you want I can ask another friend of mine from the South side who is in charge of minority relations at UT. He hasn't been there recently due to COVID but he still has family there. My guess is that it is the same as NY when crime was high there. Some tourists might avoid it but as a whole people still will do the same stuff that they always have done. And they probably should - crime in touris
  9. It sucks that he is rated as an athlete. On 247, there are all different body types as "athletes" so comparing one to another is pretty pointless. I wonder how he rates compared to our other corner targets. By numbers alone, he is higher rated than Allen and Guilbeau.
  10. So, I got off the phone with my buddy. He said car jackings are way up (He got car jacked a few years ago) and murders are up but that nothing has really changed in the city. He says Michigan Avenue and that area are just as crowded as ever. During COVID everything was pretty shut down but now everything is opening back up.
  11. I thought he was going to look smaller and scrawnier than he does. Still, it seems like his offense isn't that different from what he ran back then and what he looks for in a qb is kind of similar to how he played. Make the right decisions/reads and then deliver an easily catchable ball.
  12. Any pics of Sark when he played at BYU or in the CFL?
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