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  1. Things will be bad for July. August will be a little bit better. And, September will be better still. The problem as I see it is that there isn't enough time to plan. So if things are still bad in August, then starting in Sepetember doesn't seem possible. If this is true, October and November is too short of a season so things will have to be moved to the spring. As everyone knows, spring is problematic because of all the other sports such as basketball, baseball, etc. Plus, the NFL would have to delay the draft and everything leading up to it because it would absolutely destroy the college football season.
  2. George Strait could probably help also. He has some land available in Arizona.
  3. In general (ie. pre-Covid), I would much rather someone take off on vacation than illness. When you have a small staff, it is easy to figure out what to do if someone is going to be out a week in September. It is much harder to figure out what to do if someone without notice is out random Fridays and Mondays throughout the year.
  4. Your clarification was fine (SORRY MISSED THE "FAIRLY" IN PARENTHESIS - It would be nice if I could just delete this post). I replied to your post because most businesses cannot afford to have all their employees stay home and pay them for it. My patients would be pissed if they couldn't see the doctor because I didn't have any assistants or front desk workers. My guess is that they would see a different doctor who was actually working. Meanwhile, I would still have payroll. I guess this seems easy to some, but pretend it is Torchy's and all the workers stayed home because working was dangerous and Torchy's continued to pay all of its employees. I don't think they could meet payroll for very long with no customers bringing in money. Generally speaking, small businesses and medium-sized businesses need to have at least some healthy workers continue to work in order to bring in enough revenue to pay for the workers who stayed home. But, of course, all sick people need to stay home and should never be out in public. This is true whether we are talking about COVID or any other easily transmittable disease.
  5. Maybe you didn't think this through, but it shouldn't be on the employer to make a choice between staying in business and keeping all their employees on payroll while they stay safe at home. If you truly believe this, say goodbye to Torchy's and pretty much every small and medium -business. And once those are gone, say goodbye to the large businesses that sell to the small and medium-sized businesses.
  6. He kind of reminds me of Tristan Nickelson.
  7. But together they can be a force like the autobots or Dan Neil and Kasey Studdard.
  8. Don't sell your homes in Texas until you experience a winter in the high Rockies.
  9. I was thinkin' after crossing the Arctic Circle he would eventually get to Asia and then Antarctica then it is only a hop skip and a jump to Patagonia.
  10. True, but it sounds like the typical fight except one guy had a knife. I assume the difference between this and any bar fight is that the guy used racial slurs instead of the standard insults.
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