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  1. Pretty good movie (with love story) that came out recently on the subject. Helped me keep straight Armenia and Slovenia. Then some Slovenian won the Tour de France while the Slovakian lost the Green Jersey.
  2. I think that is wishful thinking. It is hard to get rid of someone who is well liked and does half his job very well. Maybe once Covid is over and we need to fill a new stadium... Or maybe if we suck again this year.
  3. Can he shoot a covered 3 with time running out on the shot clock? It the answer is yes, then he isn't a "Shaka" guy.
  4. Leave my belly out of this.
  5. Yeah, that NFL dude is washed up. This guy is still in his prime. It's like comparing a marshmellow to a gazelle.
  6. "a part" of our program, motherfucker
  7. Looks like he has some basketball tape.
  8. From this view it looks like "#14- far left in the picture" should break open but I would say that E. should have checked down to the outlet receiver and force the linebacker to make an open field tackle. Where did the play go? If another second goes by then the outlet route would be shutdown as well. In reality, the pass should already be on its way.
  9. Bevo

    google fiber

    I'm switching from Spectrum but Google fiber is not an option. Spectrum TV can use Roku but my issues are: On start-up it defaults to Spectrum News. It is always buffering and requires reboots which generally don't fix the problem. The video disappears randomly and often with a screen message of "do you want to continue watching". The only other option for internet is ATT which sucks ass and is too slow for my needs. So, I am switching from Spectrum Ultra to Spectrum Gig and getting Dish Network. It costs a lot more, I think about $200/mo for both, but hopefully the experience will be better.
  10. Well, if we butt heads against Kansas for an OL do we point to the Baylor game or not?
  11. Bevo

    SAE seems rapey

    I had friends that were ATO's. Generally, they liked to drink and fight. Fiji's were generally too preppy for my liking and I knew a few whose brothers went to Baylor: Just not my cup of tea.
  12. Should have been thrown up for grabs to someone big like Eagles or the TE running down the middle of the field.
  13. That should have been an unsportsman like penalty with the spearing of a guy falling down.
  14. Green and Jamison will not be on the all hands team this week.
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