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  1. NIL free agency in CFB? I don't think that makes the sport better or more interesting.
  2. Dick with ears knows how to generate clicks, I'll give him that.
  3. We were supposed to be getting a "huge upgrade" at HC last season, too.
  4. Well, the biggest aggy joke ever is the A&M now stands for nothing. It just writes itself.
  5. Well, this ain't your daddy's WAC. Chicago State? Seattle U? Not football schools, but woof.
  6. Travel for Lamar is much more cost-effective in the Southland. I won't be surprised if SFA, SHSU, and ACU return, as well. Why travel to NM and Utah for "meh" games?
  7. Stevie Wonder meme was a link to your Oklahoma State baseball uniforms that feature OK prominently and "State" in the bat/tail. Not unusual for A&M/State universities at all, which is the point you've made abundantly clear.
  8. aggy is aggy no matter who is in charge?
  9. That was one ugly shot, but fuck aggy so it was greatness!
  10. Joey Freshwater bangin' on Jumbo
  11. "National Championship" is too cumbersome to type and/or he's speaking aggy to mock them. I like to think it's the latter. fuck aggy
  12. Bitch, whine, AND cry. Never go full aggy
  13. I had some clueless aggy fan brag about how A&M's record is better than UT's over the past decade. My response?"Now back out their FCS wins and you'll see Texas Football beat more FBS teams." Fuck aggy
  14. For perspective, #00 was our Drew Pearson, Cowboys fans. RIP, Kenny
  15. If you consider "Poultry Science" and "Parks & Recreation" viable curriculum, most D1 schools already gotcha covered.
  16. I always thought of Au-barn as the aggy of AL.
  17. Washington "Commanders" showed off their new uniforms today. Faux perforated jersey numbers are cheesy. Overall look is "meh" to me. This is what DC deserves for changing a classic team name.
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