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  1. I think OSU led Josh Fields was 2-0 against aggy, so he was kind of undefeated in that sense.
  2. Gotta be plaintiffs lawyers behind this invention. Or, married men. Or, men. Wait, maybe women thought this up to ease their burden. Since this is the food forum, does it cook too?
  3. While this position seems to have been made popular by repetition, I'm not sure it makes much sense. Riley has taken 1 grad transfer in Hurts. Mayfield had been on campus a year before Riley was hired. Riley recruited Murray as soon as he was hired, but he obviously went to aggy for a year. Most programs in the country would have taken Murray as a transfer with 3 years to play. When Murray left early the options were true freshman Rattler, RS Freshman Mordecai, or Hurts. I'm guessing Riley (any coach) would've preferred another year of Murray and then transition to RS Freshman Rattler/RS Soph Mordecai instead of Hurts. Looking up the QBs recruited under Riley: Kendall I'm guessing would've played if Murray wouldn't have transferred in. Any coach choosing Kendall over Murray probably isn't a very good coach. Robison looks like he got kicked off the team in less than a year. Mordecai was/is depth.
  4. Congrats. Out of curiosity, how old is she?
  5. Do body shop folks go out to fix dents in houses? Or, do you just drive your house over to the shop?
  6. That five year old from Utah that stole his parents car to drive to California and buy a Lambo with his $3 has 11 years to get his shit together.
  7. IIRC, aggy has a conference winning percentage around 50-57% in every conference in which they have played. For simpletons: it don't matta da confrence, da aggy just da same.
  8. It would tell me Seegars is the only LB that would sign with Santucci, Elko, and Fisher.
  9. Fred and Rita are from Harligen. I forget how I'm kin to them. Hope they're okay.
  10. Gonna need a Capture the Flag rules expert to weigh in here. Did she win at the point she grabbed the flag or lose because she dropped the flag. And, got shot. Multiple times.
  11. Be careful not to choke on your aspirations.
  12. IIRC around 25% of cops fire their gun during their career. I wish it were even lower. I don't believe cops are "super well-trained" and I'm guessing you don't believe it either. I believe they are trained. I believe their training and experience allows them to separate themselves from the masses related to law enforcement activities. I believe even if "super well-trained", a percentage of cops are going to panic when the trained for event actually occurs in real life. I'm sure our trained, well trained, or super well trained military have a percentage of members who panic when training meets real life. I'd guess there was someone in your law school class that trained for three years, finished in the top 10, or at least 20% of the class, and failed the bar. I think it's possible to be trained or well-trained and also be a real life human who feels the physical and mental reactions to a real life stressful event; or, if it makes you feel better, be a "regular old chickenshit like the lowest common denominator" when practice is over and the lights come on. But, I understand there is a percentage of the population that occupy the extreme ends of any spectrum on topics. A minor percentage of folks will believe cops can do no wrong. A minor percent of folks will believe cops are gutless chickenshits. The majority will fall in the middle and understand their are good cops, bad cops, good cops that make bad decisions, and even bad cops that do good things.
  13. The real story of that 1975 season is the lost opportunity Ole Miss had. They hadn't lost a game heading into their opener at Baylor and fell 10-20, but they prevented the Bears from raping anyone in Waco that day. With the opener dropping them under .500 for the first time all season, they were bummed to return the State of Texas just one week later to play at aggy. The aggys hadn't played a game yet, so they were well rested and able to scout Ole Miss the week before at Baylor. Ole Miss arguably had the second best defense on the field that day with a slew of All-District High Schoolers, also ran SEC players, and future Raising Cane's Assistant Managers. However, the offense was still trying to catch up and they failed to score in a 0-7 loss on a completely normal sad and depressing day in College Station. The best 0-2 team in the country had to hit the road for the third week in a row and fell to a powerful Tulane team that would've finished much stronger than 4-7 if they caught a few breaks, the ball bounced their way, and they weren't completely shitty. The Rebels vaunted "Second Best Defense on the Field" held Tulane to only 14. The offense found it's footing after being shutout the week before, and that foot was the kicker's as he booted a FG in the 3-14 loss. After the MSUCC (Mississippi State University Conspiracy Committee) arranged for Ole Miss to open with three straight road games, you knew they'd turn it around in the home opener with a rousing 24-8 win against the 4th best team in Mississippi, the Southern Miss Golden Eagles. Not even 5 year old Brett Favre could keep the Golden Eagles from falling to the rising Rebels. Of course, the NCAA couldn't allow the Rebels to get on a roll, so they're back on the road to Bama. If it had been played at home the 6-32 score would very likely have been reversed. Ole Miss then ripped off a 1 game winning streak against UGA before losing their only home game of the year to South Carolina in a game that I'm sure we all know was poorly officiated. Those trials and tribulations really brought the team together to finish the season on 4 game winning streak in which the offense excelled, even breaking 20 points one time. A failure in the bowl system not to have 40 bowl games is the only thing that prevented the Rebels from going bowling. It's safe to say they would've won their bowl game if they were good enough to play in one. Sure, they were 6-5 on the season, but they outscored their opponents 16-15. Four of their five losses were on the road. Only three of their five losses were by 10+ points. It's safe to say if they could've played all home games they would've made it very interesting. As it turned it, 1975 was a Lost Opportunity for the Ole Miss Rebels.
  14. Well, yeah, if they wouldn't have lost their last two games by a combined score of 51-6 they would've been undefeated national champions. And, you obviously failed to mention veteran film actor William Lundigan died two days before their bowl game and I'm pretty sure the aggys were all broken up about it.
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