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  1. He didn't say which country? Maybe he's just out in the middle of nowhere?
  2. "So, you heard a loud pop and he was smoked?
  3. "Leon can't even cover a single TE on our roster. We have to find a way to give him some confidence. Any ideas?"
  4. I once moved in with a girl I was dating because I needed a place to live. I wish I would've known I could just join a cult.
  5. I would understand your reluctance, but I think it'd be helpful to know what the girlfriend told you that has you feeling the way you feel.
  6. Does this story continue in the Getting Laid 2020 thread?
  7. Just imagine if someone pointed out how many people have tripped and fallen at Notre Dame Cathedral over the years. Sure, the Cathedral would claim those people made decisions to put themselves in a situation and readily wanted to walk around, but that joint was old and wrought with hidden dangers.
  8. I suppose he could be thinking like an NFL QB and considering the score, the time remaining, should you go for two, etc etc, you know, kinda like that old guy standing next to him who didn't immediately explode in celebration.
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