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  1. No one deserves to feel entitled, and making excuses for entitlement is pathetic. Both Herman and Blake kind of deserve each other honestly. Welcome to hell, boys
  2. Objectively, you're wrong. You need both. What I'm saying is there's absolutely no point in complaining about Valai as a developer of talent when he's clearly the "young, high energy, culturally/demographically relatable" part of the equation. Ash is the other side of the equation (that's the idea at least)
  3. He's also young, and hired on the basis of having good chemistry with Chris Ash. Trying too hard is to be expected for most guys in a position like that. All we really need is for him to drive the armored truck and drop the bags off.
  4. Imo, Taulia was a poor take by Bama and won't be much of an obstacle for Bryce Young
  5. I'm aware, but Watkins peaked at around a .97; and unless Bowman takes that extra step his senior year and at the AA game (he might) then I would expect him to also hang around the max .97 range
  6. Alright, don't take this as criticism of Bowman at all, but Justin Watkins I recall had as good or better return highlights when he committed. I think Bowman is rated appropriately as it is. With just a little more speed I would agree, surefire 5 star
  7. He's talking about McKinley Jackson, DT from MS... Not Landon Jackson
  8. I would consider myself a failure as a parental figure if my son ever chose to attend ATM or OU One of the consistent themes throughout the Brockermeyer saga has been entitlement. Obviously hoping for the best end result but I'm not feeling warm and fuzzy about the Hermanator successfully navigating a family like that
  9. If EJ was still covering Texas he would have "accidentally" posted the commitment article this morning
  10. From Madison to College Station... That's going to be a shock
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