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  1. We have fully embraced the nomadic lifestyle, and I have convinced my SO that we should live in either Utah or Colorado this Nov/Dec so I can ski / snowboard. I have skied in Colorado multiple times. Wanted to see which state/area is best to live/work/ski in Nov timeframe? What, how or where can we make this cost effective? We both are fully remote for work so normal day time still need to work, but I am definitely going to take every chance I get to ski / snowboard. Need good restaurants and quality wifi so can't live in remote mountains for a month. Ideally, in somewhat of a town where SO can roam around with the dogs while I ski/snowboard. We have been doing this now for 2 months and just book long-term airbnbs so will do the same for these month(s). How early does ski/snowboarding season start? I have skied and snowboard for years but never been close enough to go regularly so likely going to bite the bullet and purchase my own equipment too. Any recommendations?
  2. wondering the same...wonder if my CFO title will qualify to handle money
  3. sorry, i mean $36k. was working in LA but spent too much time in SF also for work. https://www.surfair.com/
  4. A few weekends ago we land in a costal Balkan city. SO calls an uber. I can't hear the conversation but infer the following... Uber: Where are you located? Her: We walked out of the airport just now Uber: Like where? Her: I can see the ocean (the airport is literally next to the ocean so from everywhere you can see the Ocean) Me: Pointing to the taxi stand Uber: loooooong silence Her: I can see the ocean. Come pick us up from here Me: Give me the phone!
  5. AA is terrible. United continues to decline but at least not AA. BA and Lufthansa in same class. Turkish air 5+ years ago was great but now just ok. ANA/ JAL great. China Eastern terrible. I think that is all the airlines that I have flown business or first. Agree with LL that 1st is not worth it but definitely it is for business.
  6. I used to fly private from LA to SF. Would recommend. Yearly membership was $36 + each flight was around $600. A+++ service

    Fat People

    This. I think people under estimate how much fat, sugar, etc the American diet includes if you eat out at fast food, etc places. I can’t eat most of that food. In my house, we eat almost no sweets then eat lots of fruits and veggies. Once you get off the sugar, etc cycle, it makes most typical fast food places inedible.
  8. So are we finally admitting that the past 30+ yrs of republican policies domestically and internationally has been a disaster?
  9. 1234. I talked with our advisor and the factor driving is that IRS is not responsive to lenders.
  10. I was advising some Chinese investors a few years ago. They were evaluating coal mines for export, and we could not make the economics work. It was cheaper to ship NG than goal given the projected cost of the projects over the lifetime. I don't buy that environmentalism is killing coal. It is purely economic, and coal is no longer subsidize through the nose to make it economically competitive.
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