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  1. I'll take Bijan's neck over Vince's ankle.
  2. Well both of you are in the right place because most people on this board know everything about everything.
  3. Not sure I agree with this. Blake didn't need an excuse to look around, he was already doing it. If it is true, and I don't know if it is, then Tom is the weak one here.
  4. It seems I remember when we hired Hand most posters here saying he wasn't any good a teaching pass blocking, but was very good at teaching run blocking.
  5. Kid must really be a head case. Seems I watched him in a HS game and it looked like he has some skills.
  6. It's going to be an instant classic.
  7. If we're shutting down '21 OL recruiting talk, a parting thought. Fuck the Brocks
  8. Like Yogi said, "when you come to the fork in the road, take it".
  9. First Texas game. 1959: Texas v aggy at pyle field. 11 years old.
  10. I never would have thought of that. Edit: That's Burton's quote.
  11. Not sure this will work. I went to the espn app on my roku and found the game, but when I clicked it said it was "blacked out in my area". Plz post if you get it to work.
  12. I drinking the kool-aid on our staff/support staff.
  13. Not sure what backup site for r/cfbstreams means. Has anyone streamed a lhn broadcast from sportsurge.net?
  14. If this is a geography test you have come to the wrong place.
  15. Not really a bad concept. I would say make offers and recruit the hell out or the top 3 or 4 prospects if they are legit, but don't just take a fat guy that plays OL.
  16. This seems like a perfect time to just do away with them and set up something that works.
  17. I don't understand why anyone would want to understand it.
  18. Could be an epic head to head battle with Lamar.
  19. This is really good to hear about Sterns. He could have an All American type season.
  20. Sometimes it works. Look how Corey excelled when he switched to Linebacker.
  21. You should have known this from the past.
  22. I really hope this new staff gets it and doesn't coach that natural ability out of the players. A good coach with a good system will teach that system and get the most out of the players abilities. You can do both.
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