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  1. Would ya' fuck 'em for a chocolate bar?
  2. Major made the most of what he had, opportunity, talent, and women. Nothing was entitled or handed to him. I'll vote for the blue collared Applewhite.
  3. Cut it to make a wishbone. Now ya' got something. Wing for 2nd place.
  4. The third trip back i had the phone in my hand the entire we were there to sneak in a pict just for the "hot or not" thread. Timing just did not work out. I failed. She's been there every time.
  5. 1 order of tacos from Dairy Queen as an appetizer, then Chicken Fried Steak, mashed taters, white rice, with gravy made from the CFS, Tea, and dewberry dessert of any kind. One more thing, some cornbread.
  6. New Plygem windows for sale at discounted price! - materials - by... (craigslist.org) We have bought windows from this guy 3X. Much recommended, at go visit he has a smokin' hot daughter. Windows in the picture would regularly be priced at 800 or more each. Spent 800 total.
  7. I'll bet he never felt more alive in those last few seconds. X2 for the snake guys.
  8. Well I'm on board with the Sark. Turtle was killing me, the team, recruiting, the university. It WILL be better. Welcome Steve! If I can help let me know.
  9. ^^Smart move, my man.
  10. More non drinkers should realize this. Keep up the fine work.
  11. Finally found the old ferry boat pict I've been looking for. Not that the resident experts give a whoop. Not pretending to be a photographer by any means, just an iphone pict. I used it for a screensaver for a long time. Just got a thing for abandoned boats and ships.
  12. I'm doing the opposite, every time my dad calls wants to go to whatever I make the time. Once someone has passed there isn't any second chances. He can be frustrating sometimes but I was too as a youngster, teenager, and college student. It's just my turn.
  13. Thoughts and prayers to your family. Just for thought after some time has passed plant a tree/flower in her memory. Your family will be pleased with it's growth and beauty as it grows. I think I'll call my dad now, kinda dusty in here.
  14. Oldest son gave me a Holy Stone HS 200. I wanted something to furk around with to see if I want another one or not. Really, hadn't done anything with yet other than unbox and look it over. Flight time isn't much, which is good that way I won't to walk as far to go find the damn thing when I wreck it. It's going with me to Zap County when I leave today.
  15. TwiceHorn is right on the Orient line. Very favorable and reliable for the $$. That Spinaker(post 176) I got back a few months ago has very good so far. Recommended.
  16. Agreed he was a jerk, but I can't knock him for his play.
  17. Great story and he tells it so well. What I learned is that we the brothers and sisters of the 'Surl can come together and have a great time with all the BS, sarcasm, and good natured antics. Thujone, the prodigal son, returned with some his best work ever. Now that it is shut down, we can go back to off season and scheme on the wins and championships to come.
  18. ISU got it going on right now. Giving credit where it is due. Our ship will turn around soon and we'll be back in business.
  19. Thank you Sam. You made most us proud to wear the burnt orange again with your will to win, courage to stand for what is right, and heart of a lion. I'd stand with you anytime. Hook 'Em.
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