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  1. Conservatives love government when it’s in their interests. Those aren’t bleeding heart liberals out there defending the police and the military, which ironically get most of our tax dollars and aren’t very good at keeping America safe.
  2. The parties are not inherently bad. It’s the people that have hijacked them. Elect better people in it for the right reasons to represent you and the parties will follow their lead. It’s more of a bad leadership issue than political party problem.
  3. “Better an end with horror than a horror without end”
  4. It’s unchecked greed that keeps shit broken in this country. I’m at the point where almost every political discussion needs to start there. You can call yourself liberal or conservative but none of that shit matters until power is taken from the 0.001% that have a stranglehold on our government, media, and population. Conservatives didn’t just one day decide to say “fuck science, fuck education, fuck healthcare.” These were business decisions to serve the existing power that values society as a mere instrument to serve their financial and political interests. Liberals fall for the same shit too, it’s just packaged differently.
  5. He broke many laws to obstruct the Mueller investigation and has gotten away with it so far.
  6. The push to re-open schools isn’t about education or health. It’s a business decision. Just like everything else.
  7. Trump will sacrifice your kids to get re-elected.
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