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  1. Splitting hairs because she’s just a week ahead Bernie in this milestone. Also, # of donations isn’t as big a deal as # of donors.
  2. Bernie dropping out would have been a nightmare. They need him to stick around while they kneecapped Warren and elevated Pete/Amy. It will be interesting to see what they do with Bernie now that he’s up.
  3. As much as I dislike Greenwald, I’m glad my candidate is sticking up for him because it’s the right thing to do.
  4. You’re just an insufferable troll at this point. Nothing wrong with being radical. The best presidents in US history were radical. Bernie’s weakness is he doesn’t pushback well against the perception that he’s an extremist. Extremist, whether real or perceived are bad because they further polarize the population. We saw the rise of the tea party because Obama mostly ignored the false perception created about him. Bernie would let the same shit happen again because he doesn’t do empathy well with those that disagree with him and neither do most of his supporters. He’s also not physically or mentally up to the job of addressing the challenges we’re facing after Trump that go beyond class warfare. He’s a bad candidate for this moment, but still better than Trump.
  5. Bernie’s ideas aren’t far left at all. It’s the perception that he doesn’t mind letting the GOP create about him without the deft way to push back, he DGAF. AOC handles this criticism better than anyone. In other words, Bernie doesn’t put much effort into normalizing his positions because his attraction is being a radical asshole.
  6. Yeah, Bernie hasn’t been effective in this area, it’s his whole attraction, the “I’m mad as hell” routine. He’s going to need AOC and Liz to do the heavy lifting trying to build bridges and heal if he were to win.
  7. I’m sure the GOP backlash to a Bernie presidency will be mild and nothing to worry about. I’ve come to terms that I’m just watching the same movie over and over again.
  8. WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, are a group of over 140 Asian American and Pacific Islander leaders who have come together to endorse Senator Elizabeth Warren to be our next President. We are a diverse group of professionals, creators, innovators, community organizers, advocates, academics, andactivists. As Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, our long roots stretch back to dozens of nations around the world, yet our homes are in states across America — its coasts and its heartland, the north and south and island west. We love this country and believe in its promise. But we see its flaws and vulnerabilities, the deep-seated ills of inequality, racism, and xenophobia that have existed in this land since before our nation itself, which have been laid bare in this present moment as starkly as any in our history. We also see the major crises this country faces both abroad and at home, from climate change and rising authoritarianism, to political polarization, unchecked gun violence, economic disparities and corruption, and endemic poverty. This is why we passionately support Senator Elizabeth Warren for President: because she recognizes the gravity of the threats we face today to our democracy and security — and the major structural changes that are required to confront these issues. And we hope that you will join us in supporting her campaign.
  9. Gonna be fun watching the Bernie and Trump trollbots fight each other on twitter.
  10. Everything Trump does and says is with his political survival in mind first and it’s idiotic to think otherwise.
  11. Been hearing this for literally a year, when people here were writing her obituary over the DNA test. Excuse me random message board poster if I’ll wait for actual votes to come in.
  12. I actually think Bernie can win, doesn’t mean he will, but I also SEE Trump tweeting pro-Bernie messages.
  13. A few good polls and the Berners are ready to size up the drapes in the Oval Office. That’s not how this works
  14. The Republicans must be jizzing in their pants this morning.
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