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  1. Listen folks, people would clearly prefer to die of an infectious disease than discuss contemporary American politics on a sports message board in the current events forum...which, ironically, might have something to do with why we’re now dropping dead by a thousand a day. Let’s keep our plague non-political and just pretend it’s all an act of god or some dumb shit like that.
  2. The incompetence of Trump on this continues to be depressingly breathtaking. All the lives he’s passing up the opportunity to save is making this catastrophe feel like an open wound that gets the scab ripped off every day, at around 6PM.
  3. Looking forward to tyranny Tuesdays in the second term.
  4. We, the people, are responsible for our own government, the problem is we’re horrible employers. We let our employees get away with genocide and worse sometimes. We are a failed society.
  5. IT IS THE FAULT OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FOR NOT BEING PREPARED TO DEFEND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FROM THIS SHIT. China sucks but just imagine how vulnerable we are to a real biological weapon that behaves in a similar way as COVID-19? Like, we should totally have our bases covered on that regardless of Chinese government efforts in misleading or covering-up. It is on US to defend ourselves and this episode has been a total fucking fail.
  6. Drug cartels could distribute PPE better than this administration.
  7. Who needs Wikileaks when you have Trump propaganda hour every day.
  8. In just over a month, Trump went from no American will die from this... to a few Americans might die from this... to about a quarter of a million Americans are going to die from this and everyone should be thanking me because it’s not a few million. Try wrapping your head around that fucking shit.
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