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  1. Thank goodness the FBI didn’t break the rules to prevent our government from going full blown fascist puppet state.
  2. She didn’t make those appointments, Obama did. She is running on what she promises to do as president, which is change the game. But yes, Elizabeth Warren should have not only blocked Obama’s shitty ambassadors, she should have raised hell about it in the process. No way would the democratic party go psycho on her for stepping out of line like that. Critical error on her part. Mistakes were made.
  3. Yo, I see you’re running on a fascist platform, I’d be willing to look the other way if I could score a sweet tax cut. Yes? Cool, I’m all in.
  4. Hillary was a Goldwater girl so this checks out
  5. It’s fair to point out the facts, people can judge for themselves. Warren opposed many of the more consequential Obama appointments for conflicts of interest. But the Ambassador To Hungary would be a weird hill to die on to buck Obama and the party over. She’s clearly compromised.
  6. Sorry but this criticism has a “but you participate in society” meme vibe about it. Warren advocating for a higher standard and the media going all “well but actually you didn’t have this higher standard when Obama was selling ambassadorships.” Curious!
  7. Warren promising not to make shitty bought appointments and then taking the heat for voting for Obama’s shitty appointment is peak 2019.
  8. Lot of Joe Biden defenders here I see. meanwhile... There’s an obvious misogyny when it comes to how the press covers female candidates. To not acknowledge this is just ridiculous.
  9. Her statement would have resonated more effectively if she left the Hillary dog whistle out of it. Otherwise it comes off as her just positioning for a job on Fox News.
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