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  1. Still younger than several Senators including McConnell and Bernie. These guys do not give up power because they’re too old.
  2. I hope you’re right but I see no evidence to indicate it. Biden’s a polished career politician and the perception will be “stakes too high for Biden not to run.”
  3. I expect Biden to lose re-election so I imagine the republicans will certify their new king
  4. The winner getting certified and republicans refusing to certify are not mutually exclusive. Point here is republicans will fuck around and the finding out isn’t guaranteed.
  5. It’s predictable what is going to happen. Biden isn’t getting anything through the Senate. Republicans will win the house in 2022 and open investigations into fake scandals targeting the Biden administration and Trump’s perceived enemies. Biden will run for re-election and Republicans will not certify the results unless their guy wins, doesn’t matter if it’s Trump or DeSantis.
  6. Poorly but the democrats aren’t exactly the U.S. Pacific Fleet in this analogy.
  7. They are more dangerous because they are losing power and not reforming. They are being rewarded when they cheat and there are no meaningful consequences when they lose and get caught. Their agenda is to beat democracy to death until they win or die. It’s a kamikaze movement.
  8. The Republican Party disagrees. He is exactly who they want to be. The Party is the five alarm fire, not Trump.
  9. We have 100,000,000+ eligible voters that do not vote already, so go ahead and give everyone of them a free ID and automatically register them to vote, I love this plan.
  10. The communist party was the main opposition to Yeltsin (and Putin in 2000), it was problematic. Russia’s democracy was weak, we didn’t help much, and the institutional support wasn’t there. We just experienced a point when the military felt it needed to confirm the results of a Presidential election via press release. That is not great.
  11. Well, Putin came to power using media manipulations, blackmail, and false flag operations. No accountability early on paved the way for Putin to shakedown and compromise the oligarchs with no institutional checks on his abuses of power. Followed by a generation of assassinations, jailing of political opposition, revisionist histories, rigging of elections, and suppressing dissent. Before Trump mobilized an insurgency that successfully stormed the Capitol but failed to stop the certification, he was tear gassing peaceful protesters, shaking down state election officials, blackmailing fore
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