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  1. Elon’s “muh free speech” mission statements seem a little disingenuous.
  2. Crypto pump and dump scammers are mobilizing as we speak.
  3. 44 billion dollar safe space.
  4. Abbott continues to find new ways to suck. Impressive almost.
  5. I mean, they’re on their way to stealing elections without violence…did I say on their way? I meant well experienced. Trump losing the popular vote three consecutive times in a row and potentially serving two terms after being impeached twice. Signs the system is toast, sad to say.
  6. Or…Garland is terrible and Biden appointing him was dumb.
  7. How do you suppose that happens?!? /I’ll see myself out on the ledge.
  8. The Trump vote in 2016 and 2020 proved how unserious many Americans view our “establishment” politicians, from both parties. And they’re not entirely wrong. Many of them are clowns with no agency beyond their handlers. You’d think there’d be some self reflection on that but nope.
  9. Hugo Stiglitz


    Any dispensary recommendations for the Denver/Colorado Springs area? Like are there one or two that are can’t miss or they’re all pretty much the same?
  10. I had no idea who was responsible for it until I saw it posted in here. Getting half a dozen+ Ukraine flags that size could not have been cheap.
  11. I drove by this yesterday and it looks AWESOME! Like moving shit to see in person.
  12. This man should be hauled off in a straight jacket.
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