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  1. Does it matter? Cop was clearly using lethal force with her vehicle. She even backed up to achieve ramming speed. If this was one of our soldiers in Iraq mowing down a bunch of disgruntled civilians with her hummer, I wonder what the reaction would be?
  2. Yeah, some pissed off people banging on a vehicle definitely deserve to get murdered by law enforcement. Y’all are some psychos.
  3. Hugo Stiglitz


    Russia has a preternatural affinity for empires and emperors. Even when they went full communism it didn’t take long for them to allow Stalin total control. Lenin was no angel either.
  4. Looks like a kriss vector sbr
  5. This was one of my last threads on tigerdroppings from November 2017. It was concerning the Qanon conspiracy theory and some research done on how it got started and the possible purpose of it. https://www.tigerdroppings.com/rant/display.aspx?sp=73613507&b=2&s=1&p=73613507 From the thread: The motives behind #FollowTheWhiteRabbit are ambiguous - here are some possibilities. . . (1) Raise the hopes of Cult 45 that they're witnessing something HUGE and then crushing them (2) Groom the masses to accept/support/not protest unconstitutional actions against "establishment"
  6. Chris Wray has the hardest job in America and my confidence in him is not high.
  7. The way the attack on the Capitol keeps getting framed and reframed is annoying af but here’s the way I saw it: Trump played the role of military general sending his loyal insurgency troops into battle against the heart of American democracy at the Capitol resulting in the murder of six people. He even cheered them on while watching from the White House. It is quite possibly the most treasonous conduct witnessed on American soil since the Civil War and should be treated as such, possibly worse.
  8. Alex Jones pushed the envelope on fuck around and find out.
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