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  1. Lol Cheney voted for Trump twice, went along the entire time until she nearly got killed. At least Flake went out with a “fuck this Trump guy” Senate speech and then handed his seat to the democrats.
  2. *No source on that, pure conjecture made in jest
  3. If the Republicans held the House or the Senate, you can bet there would be near instantaneous hearing involving Garland and Wray on this. I’m not saying democrats should do that but that is what will happen after the midterms if Dems do not win both House and Senate. The investigators will be investigated/put on trial.
  4. Scott Adams is a poor man’s Jordan Peterson.
  5. The history of the FBI is not great.
  6. So this is a huge deal for the hearing impaired. Way to go Joe!
  7. Me thinks Trump is trying to bait the Feds into correcting the record or they actually did confiscate his passports.
  8. Trump now claiming FBI seized his passports in search. Big if true but who the fuck knows with this guy.
  9. I’m not trying to bash Garland here but to act like he and Mueller aren’t cut from similar cloth is a bit ludicrous.
  10. Mueller actually sent some high profile people to prison.
  11. Law enforcement is not capable of containing fascism. This needs to be understood.
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