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  1. The thing is, normal people do not understand we’re dealing with a hardened fanatical cult that will die for the Orange Jesus if he gives the order. I believe this election is going to be a catastrophic train wreck for the country EITHER WAY, and just like January 6th, it is completely preventable.
  2. So after this fails, are the Trump people going to challenge the existence of laws? And will we need weeks/months for multiple courts to verify that yes, laws do in fact exist. This system is corrupt as fuck.
  3. Imagine living in world where you need Mitch McConnell, holy shit but here we are.
  4. We will not have Paul Ryan to tell us, “He’s new at this!”
  5. You could likely find a similar case for numerous senators and congressmen. The lack of transparency in campaign finance has been egregiously exploited by bad actors.
  6. Holy shit Cheese bro https://www.cnn.com/2024/02/26/politics/kenneth-chesebro-secret-twitter-account-kfile/index.html was running the coup anonymously on Twitter but failed to report this to investigators OPPS!
  7. Right and that racism is exploited and cultivated through cleverly framed propaganda. Lee Atwater out front and all…
  8. Do we have to use gatewaypundit as a source?
  9. I actually don’t mind the Arab population positioning themselves this way at this time IF it’s in an effort to move Biden away from lockstep alignment with Netanyahu. If Biden’s election is dependent on the votes of the Michigan Muslim population then what does that say about the viability of the Biden campaign?
  10. It’s all of the above and it’s the propaganda. 20 years of Rush, Fox News, and Alex Jones coupled with a vapid materialistic society that worships wealth and domination over the content of someone’s character. Trump checks all the boxes plus he’s genuinely ignorant and uneducated which effectively resonates with the like minded.
  11. Wonder if she will bring the Romney back… Either way I’m optimistic her replacement will be more incompetent and vile.
  12. Gotta wonder if the MAGA cult is as committed as that serviceman.
  13. Trump clearly has a Nikki Haley lookalike standing behind him at this victory speech
  14. So to summarize, everything is bullshit and the Christian nationalist bullshit is much much worse than our established bullshit that holds this circus called civilization together. /Howard Beale
  15. Was coming to post that… will cross post image in death cult thread
  16. This will not happen. Who is going to charge them? Merrick Garland’s DOJ? LOL These house GOP goons have been propagating Kremlin narratives and talking points consequence free since the Obama administration. However, it’s also the same stuff you hear on Alex Jones or Fox News which conveniently gives the GOP goons and the Kremlin plausible deniability.
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