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  1. I don’t think Dems should approach politics like Republicans but with literal fascism coming at light speed, I’d prefer they’d run a screen or trick play since it’s getting late in the 3rd quarter, down by two scores. Running it up the middle with a concussed Joey B. isn’t going to put more points on the board. There’s time to right this ship but it’s going to be hard. I don’t think we recover from the Trump movement in my lifetime anyway but what got us here was voters treating politics like it was a spectator sport without real world consequences.
  2. Voters are very stupid and easily manipulated. I honestly don’t know if Kamala would win but I think the odds are better than white knuckling an inarticulate Joe Biden. Hulk fucking Hogan out front was speaking at the RNC for the guy leading in the polls for Christ sake.
  3. They absolutely are comparable, but they shouldn’t be. For instance, do most fans give a shit if a five star QB cheats on his tests, does drugs on the reg, or beats his gf? Nah, can he win a National Championship? That’s all that matters in today’s fucked world of team oriented politics.
  4. I would say Zuck is the WORST but then Elon came along
  5. The primaries are never “rigged”. They are however, strategically manipulated to produce a most likely predetermined outcome.
  6. I’d just like to see the Democrats go out swinging, if they’re going to go out. Last time Dems went big on an objectively risky youthful candidate was 2008 and it was among their greatest success stories. It’s crazy ironic Joe Biden was the super safe VP choice of the most successful President in the 21st century (so far).
  7. It’s not so much the person as it is the posturing. The democrats have basically played defense for the last 12 years and talked themselves out of doing anything remotely bold or ambitious because it might upset the people who were never going to support them anyway. And almost anyone other than Biden would have been better in 2020 if it could have avoided this mess we find ourselves in today.
  8. Could the Democrats have mismanaged the Trump era any worse? I mean, they will never have a more easily beatable schmuck to run against. They could have gone hard AF and done so much more but they decided to run/crown Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden twice. The missed opportunity against this clown movement of racist imbeciles is incomprehensible. Sad! /Doomer post
  9. I don’t carry a gun because Jesus will protect me. I wish all true Christians were blessed with the faith I have.
  10. Why is Grindr out of service in Milwaukee? Are there a bunch of closeted homosexuals in the Republican Party? Is that the insinuation?
  11. If democracy is on the ballot in every election, is it really a democracy? Cake or death challenge every four years isn’t much of a participatory system of government.
  12. I knew 2024 would be fucked but it’s crazy living through two ongoing coups simultaneously.
  13. Biden’s biggest failure was neglecting the rising fascist movement which will destroy him and many others. Obama made the same mistake with the tea party but him being the first Black President, I imagine, made it more politically difficult to combat with a frontal assault. Biden had all the white privilege in the world and his administration decided to do as little as possible to stop Trump’s GQP movement. No expanding the courts, no real push to dismantle the electoral college, appointed possibly the weakest attorney general in history, and didn’t do much to tangibly improve the lives of everyday working folks during one of the more difficult times in American history. Yeah the stock market and the “economy” are doing great but only the rich give a shit about that stuff and only a few make a connection to politics. There’s also a laundry list of stuff he campaigned on in 2020 that he made no real effort to even advocate for, such as a public option on healthcare. And most notably missing from Biden’s agenda was a robust anti-corruption legislation package, which would have been massively popular across the political landscape if marketed properly and highly needed. You can say Biden did some good things as president, and that’s true but on the whole he catastrophically missed the moment with his presidency and that’s partially why we’re in this dark place.
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