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  1. Think its that the skill level in the NBA is higher than ever so if you have a guy with a hole in their game it gets exploited come playoff time. Even offensive specialists have nowhere to hide now. In the past you could have a guy like Seth Curry stand in the corner and defend some dude that will barely ever put the ball on the floor. Now you have random guys like Kevin Huerter that can abuse matchups like that.
  2. Ben Simmons next 4 years: $33million, $35m $37m, $40m. His FT% was around 32% for the series and scared to even go for an open dunk. Simmons goes the dunkers spot on every possession because he can’t shoot but gets nothing done there. Doesn’t catch lobs, doesn't roll and finish over bigs, can’t seal bigger players off to get offensive rebounds, can’t screen properly because his man always helps on the ball handler. Also, by being in the dunkers spot and still not being an offensive threat, his man is able to help contest every shot at the rim making it harder for everyone to score at the
  3. #1-3 in the NBA on defense: Steph Curry had an MVP like season and Warriors didn't make the playoffs because Draymond is overpaid. Jazz got bounced in the 2nd round because Rudy Gobert is overpaid. 76ers lost Game 7 because Ben Simmons is overpaid.
  4. Ben Simmons is a worse contract than KP. Can't provide zero on offense in today's NBA. Offense has such an advantage now. Draymond, Gobert, Ben Simmons. All bad contracts.
  5. 76ers need to unload Ben Simmons. You just cannot have a 0 on offense if a championship is the goal. I'm rooting for Seth Curry though.
  6. Flagrant fouls are so dumb in today's NBA. Makes it too WWE
  7. Just like everyone predicted pre-season: Suns/Bucks as the NBA finals favorites
  8. Clippers and Suns just raining 3s. The shooting is unreal.
  9. Teams would be falling over themselves to sign Rajon Rondo to more than a 1 year deal if throwing it to the right guy in the halfcourt and getting a couple steals was very valuable imo. If you shoot like shit you better be a goat at everything else to not be a drag on the team.
  10. Harden was 11 for 36 ~30.5% from the field in the series. 19% from 3 on 26 attempts. Would have been better off with more minutes for Jeff Green or Chamet over an injured player.
  11. Harden was ass. Should have stayed in street clothes.
  12. Gobert got played off the floor and the Jazz coach didn't realize it.
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